About Moc Chau

Anyone who has ever been to Moc Chau must never forget the high mountains covered in clouds, the blooming season of flowers, the clear streams in the fragrant fields and the brocade robe swaying in the Xoe dance of local people.

Best Time To Visit Moc Chau

Moc Chau is a beautiful scene all year round.

From January to March, the plateau is imbued in green of tea hills, pink of peach blossoms and cherry apricots, white of plum blossoms and apricot blossoms,...

From mid-May, plums begin to ripen.

Persimmon ripens from August to December every year. Cauliflower season in Moc Chau begins in November. In December, brilliant yellow wild sunflowers adorn the plateau.

(Feb - Apr)

Extremely cold

Plum blossoms bloom white in the valley

H'Mong people celebrate their Tet

Fog spreads on ground at night

Trees wake up and spout

(May - Jul)

Blue sky, golden sunshine

Cool and pleasant weather

Picking plums in the garden

Fog spreads on ground at night

Tea hills are lushly green

(Aug - Oct)

Cool and fresh climate

Golden sunshine pours honey

Persimmons ripen on the branches

Independence Day in the misty valley

Warm late night hotpot

(Nov - Jan)

Pale sunlight penetrates the dense fog

White mustard flowers in the valley

Extremely cold nights

Brilliant wild sunflowers on the plateau

Camping by an open fire


Moc Chau is nearly 200 km from Hanoi. If traveling by motorbike, you should follow the old National Highway 6 because there are many beautiful scenes along the way, but you should pay attention because the road is also quite degraded. The journey takes about 4-5 hours.

Explore Moc Chau

4 resorts in green space in Moc Chau

The Nordic Village Would you believe that just 1 breeze is enough to carry the aroma of pine when you stay at The Nordic Village? Here in addition to the accommodation area, restaurant and garden, we also have a pine hill with green pine trees poking into the sky, creating a dense green curtain, covering the top of the hill like a natural sheet of space. Every step you take to the top of the hill, the sound of pine leaves makes a soft sound and blends with the sound of the breeze. From the top of the hill, immense views open, allowing you to admire the majestic view of the valley, and the peace of a spatial natural world. Address: Hua Tat village, Van Ho commune, Van Ho district, Son La, Vietnam Phone: 081 820 2345 https://www.facebook.com/thenordicvillagemocchau/ Photo: The Nordic Village Moc Chau Retreat More than 3 hours from Hanoi by car, Moc Chau Retreat is a true "seclusion" resort destination because the resort is surrounded by a tree-rich garden space, gurgling streams and green bamboo groves. Viewed from above, this place is like a miniature village in the middle of Chieng Di village, Moc Chau Farm town. The houses in the resort are built mainly of natural materials such as stone, bamboo, palm leaves to create a feeling of closeness to nature. The rooms are equipped with balconies with garden view, mountain view, private bathtub ... In addition, the resort campus has an additional fish pond, swimming pool, virtual living nets, outdoor dining area for BBQ. Accommodation rates here are from 650,000 VND/room. Due to being located in the Thai village, guests can easily enjoy typical dishes of local Thai people, experience cycling through rice fields, tea hills, hand-pick tea, strawberries, citrus, plums ... Address: No. 195 - Chieng Di Village - Moc Chau Town, Son La, Vietnam Phone: 094 574 72 07 https://www.facebook.com/mocchauretreat/?locale=vi_VN Photo: Moc Chau Retreat The November - Moc Chau The November Moc Chau is one of the famous 3* homestays located in Moc Chau. This place is not only a place to stay and rest but also provides a variety of other quality services from dining, restaurants to bars, along with romantic and poetic garden view rooms. Under the fresh, pure air of Moc Chau, ivory white houses with wood colors are built at this homestay. This place is really romantic, warm, an attractive check-in place for you. Address: No. 88, Lane 3, Subdivision 34, Dong Sang, Moc Chau, Vietnam Phone: 098 426 16 89 https://www.facebook.com/thenovembermocchau/ Photo: The November Moc Chau Muong San  g Retreat Possessing a rare beautiful location, nature endowed with a mild climate, rich flora, open views, Muong Sang Retreat is really suitable for developing a type of healing tourism combining nature experiences, exploring the national culture of the Northwest region and health care, spirit. That is the inspiration for the Muong Sang Retreat team to devote all their efforts to caring and "packing" the gift of nature for each visitor. The peaceful rustic natural scenery at Muong Sang Retreat combined with therapeutic yoga, meditation, Trekking tours according to the needs of each group will be a "medicine" to heal the soul and re-energize each visitor when visiting. Above all, visiting Muong Sang Retreat, tourists can also collect seasonal vegetables and fruits, watch indigenous people get honey, ride horses, milk cows, play folk games, exchange arts with Thai people, light campfires ... All will create a Muong Sang Retreat that is both close, peaceful and the most enjoyable experience. Address: Muong Sang Commune, Moc Chau, Son La, Vietnam Phone: 081 256 4114 https://www.facebook.com/muongsangretreat/ Photo: Muong Sang Retreat Spy Huang

Getaway & Resorts 14/05/2024

4 resorts in green space in Moc Chau

On hot sunny summer days, when honey ripens red on the branches, groin should come to Moc Chau valley to be immersed in the cool air and hand-pick, enjoy the sweet fruit.

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Known as one of the three tall, rugged peaks in Ta Xua special use forest (bordering Bac Yen, Son La districts and Tram Tau district, Yen Bai), Sa Mu - U Bo with a height of 2,756m is becoming a new trekking destination for young people.
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The white color of plum blossoms has "changed" the flower hill 77 in Moc Chau town, signaling that the plum blossom season has returned.
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