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The colors of Chau Moc

Translated by Bing
For me, Moc Chau is a special land, the first Northwest flower season in my life. Northwest came out of the lyrics of "spring to plum blossoms," present before me gently and into my memory without a loud and rushing one.

What comes first is always something that is not easy to fade. Returning from Moc Chau that year, my soul had a beautiful umbrella dedicated to the Northwest. There are seasons of white flowers, mountains and winding roads. Then when I left, I secretly promised to see Moc Chau again later when the flowers bloomed. So every year in the white plum season, I also visit Moc Chau. 

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Moc Chau in winter days crept up to walk not too brightly, nor magnificently overwhelmed like the roads in Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Lai Chau. Moc Chau to me is so wistful, pure. The land was like a girl after hibernation who had just woken up, a little apprehensive, but full of life. The delicate color scheme of nature with different color patches, making the land both wild, feminine and romantic. The green of the lawns, the tea fields, the white of the mustard plum blossoms, the yellow of wild anemones, the red of the persimmons dangling from the trees are the colors that come to mind when I think of Moc Chau. 

Moc Chau is pure white. Unknowingly or unintentionally, nature has dotted the land of Moc Chau with so many white flowers, such as mustard flowers, plum blossoms, apricot blossoms. 

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From May 12, white cabbage covers both sides of the road, hillsides in Lang Luong village, Ba Phach. In the distance, the hills of mustard blossoms are like a giant white carpet. Looking at the hills covered with flowers, on which the village roads are like threads cross, there are sightings that will sometimes be difficult to describe in words. Or the photos taken cannot tell all about what is in front of you. 

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When the color fades, dreams and plums begin to glow throughout the mountains and forests. The most abundant plum blossoms in Mu Nau, Phong Branch village (Tan Lap commune), Pa Khen sub-district, Na Ka plum valley (Moc Chau Farm town) ... Viewed from above, the plum valleys are a snow-white color. Up close, the petals of the white plum blossoms were delicate, each cluster pressed against the simple wooden folds.

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The white color of Moc Chau is also the color of mist on the roads, waiting on the tile roofs in the village. It was just sunny, and soon it was drenched with dew and all of his shirt and hair. This country meets 4 seasons in one day, which cannot help but surprise us. 

In the mist, I heard the children playing. Simple and peaceful life in the mountain village. 

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Moc Chau is the green color of lawns and tea fields. The lawns are green and open and stretching. Moc Chau is the land of dairy farming. Therefore, surrounding the farms, along the roads are green lawns. The grass rose to fondle. The grass leaned in the wind. The minutes I stopped by the road, I felt strangely peaceful. 

Photo: Bui Quang Thuy

The days when you wake up early, standing in front of the lawn, the air is filled with the smell of wet earth and dew. The dew settled on the grass and the mustard blossoms resembled jade seeds. The mist was like a dim veil, gradually lifted by the sun, to better see the distant mountains. That atmosphere, that scenery is indeed a luxury in the city.

The Moc Chau in me is also the yellow color of the anemone. The late autumn and early winter days are when yellow colors color the roads. That vibrant wildflower banishes the gloom of misty days. 

Photo: Internet

Moc Chau is also the red color of the persimmons dangling from the tree, the brown color of the earth, the clear blue of the sky. 

Photo: Hoang Thuy Linh

My visits to Moc Chau were all improvised alone. The wanderings help me get closer to life, to the clouds, to the sunshine and wind. After such times, I understood that my soul belonged to the roads. Of course, I'm not advocating going somewhere to discover yourself or having to go alone for silence. Each person will have different choices, a different way to understand themselves. And no matter where I am, walking or standing still, the shift in the way I see and feel life is the "trip" that helps me find myself. Go not so much to get to a new place, but to have a new perspective. 

Moc Chau is a town in Son La province, about 200km from Hanoi. From Hanoi to Moc Chau, you will pass by places such as Thung Khe, Mai Chau, Ba Khan pass,...  Moc Chau has a cool climate all year round, each season has its own beauty, so you can come to Moc Chau at any time.

Article: Le Phuong

Image source: Multiple authors
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