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Let's look back at the journey of Vietnamese Banh Mi from the time "baguette" appeared in Saigon (1859) and gradually became a dish that conquered many diners from many countries around the world.
Where to eat Hoi An specialties that are both delicious, guaranteed quality and cost-effective is the question of many tourists when coming here. Let's explore Hoi An's cuisine to see what is so special that attracts tourists.
Not only is Vietnam increasingly popular with tourists for its scenic beauty and delicious food, it is also one of the cheapest countries in the world for a vacation.
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Sapa is a popular tourist destination, so it is very developed with many different types of vehicles for you to choose from.
With the way of drinking coffee in Vietnam, only the brave dare to try black coffee, the rest should try brown coffee (coffee with condensed milk) with a more fragrant and mild flavor.
The best time to travel to Phu Quoc is October - April next year because this is the island's dry season.
5-star beach resorts, campsites in green spaces, where will you choose to stay when coming to Vietnam?
Coming to the coastal city of Nha Trang, don't forget to enjoy these delicious dishes!
Moc Chau Plateau has begun entering the season of plum blossoms. The poetic scenery with plum flower gardens blooming white, sophisticated and wild attracts tourists from all directions. At this time, you can see plum trees with flowers on the side of the road, halfway across the hills or valleys encircling the town.
Come to Tam Vi, enjoy a meal with the authentic taste of traditional Northern Vietnamese dishes.
Phu Quoc has the most beautiful coral reefs in Vietnam with an area of up to 480ha, in which there are more than 360 species of hard coral and dozens of soft coral species living together. Around May, June, the sea of Phu Quoc is warm and calm, without rain, extremely suitable for welcoming summer trips, playing and diving to explore the ocean.
No need to go here and there, all delicious Hanoi dishes are available here. Only 200m in length, but this is the world of countless street foods that you still see in books and magazines that you know about Hanoi. The foods are all decades old and have traditional flavors.
A trip to see turtles laying usually starts from 4pm to 6am the next day, stays overnight at the island, requires patience and a bit of luck.
Thuy Tien Lake Water Park is located about 10 km southwest of Hue city center. Due to not being used for a long time, everything inside the park is rusty, old, and overgrown, giving people a creepy feeling. The park is a check-in place that receives a lot of attention, especially for those who are adventurous, want to hunt for strange and somewhat ghostly destinations. The park is not for timid hearts.