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Save now the address of 4 beautiful homestays in Moc Chau for the flower hunting season

Translated by Bing
Flowers on the plateau are already in full bloom. The slave family members eagerly pulled together to Moc Chau, found themselves a lovely homestay as a resting place to start the dreamy "flower hunting" journey.

MAMA's House

✽ Address: Ban Ang 3, Dong Sang, Moc Chau

MAMA's House - Mother's House, right from the name gives people a sense of familiarity and closeness like children who have been away for a long time to return home. With a unique design that cannot be confused with other homestays in Moc Chau, the lovely houses peeking out in the middle of the apricot garden on the hillside always know how to delight visitors.

In the dream season, the whole building will be covered with a white flower. Just open the door of the room slightly, you can enjoy inhaling the pure scent of flowers and grass of the mountains and forests. In front of the small courtyard, there are more green vegetable beds, guests come to pick vegetables to make a hot pot meal, grilling is really good. Perhaps look no further, Mother's Home is a place with everything you need for a memorable trip.

Photo: Fb MAMA's House

The November

✽ Address: No. 88, Lane 3, Subdivision 34, Dong Sang Commune, Moc Chau

Located in an alley, where a gurgling stream passes, The November space is as beautiful and gentle as a romantic drama.

The November aims for a simple but equally sophisticated style, which seems to lead you to the sky in distant Europe. The rooms here are made from wood material, both in harmony with nature, close and cozy. The closed walls are wooden, the floors are made of wood, even the aisles are small wooden slats lined up squarely. The room is small but everything is available, cleverly adding extremely different brocade motifs. Standing in any corner, you can easily take a satisfactory photo.

Photo: Fb The November - Moc Chau

Le Chalet travels

✽ Address: Hamlet Pó Pip, Ban Mon subdistrict, Moc Chau town

True to the meaning of the name "Le Chalet travels" - House by the lake, in the middle of the homestay is a clear, blue swimming pool.

In Le Chalet travels, there is a mixture of many different design styles but still ensures a harmonious and eye-catching combination. The overall architecture is modeled after typical houses in Bergen, Norway, the house and walls inspired by Santorini paradise painted pure white as the main color, combined with brown wood furniture create a feeling of smoothness and softness. Inside each room is fully equipped, from bed, wardrobe, air conditioner, television to personal belongings, snacks, there is also a private toilet with an open view of the pine forest. Too ideal for a short vacation to Moc Chau flower hunting!

Photo: Fb La Chalet du lac

The Fairy House

✽ Address: Lane 14, Ban Ang 2, Dong Sang Commune, Moc Chau Town

The Fairy House or fairy garden in the middle of the highlands. Interwoven between the green layers and the vibrant flowers are houses with all kinds of lovely looks. Each house has a unique creativity, telling different fairy tales. In the spacious grounds of The Fairy House, you will feel like you are lost in the world of Aladin or Cinderella, but still a little familiar with stilts, leaf roofs.

No need to go far, you can "hunt flowers" right at the space of The Fairy House because this place gathers all the flowers of the four seasons. In spring, Lunar New Year has red peach blossoms, pure white plum blossoms. At the end of the year, the winter solstice again has wild anemone flowers in full bloom that cause memories. In addition, this place is only about 500m from Ban Ang pine forest, very convenient for you to move to attractions.

Photo: FbThe Fairy House Moc Chau


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