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Hang Tau, hiding like a European sky in Moc Chau

Translated by Bing
Hang Tau is located in a valley nearly 20 km from the center of Moc Chau. There is a green lawn, the wooden houses of the Hmong people form an isolated cluster, surrounded by mountains and forests.

Returning from a trip to explore Hang Tau (Chieng Hac commune, Moc Chau district), Nguyen Hong Duong (24 years old, Hanoi) decided to keep the most original photos, without editing, because he was so impressed with the wild beauty of this land.

This place is likened to a primitive village because there is no electricity, no internet, no phone signal. The natural landscape in this valley each season has its own beauty. In spring, on the way to Hang Tau, visitors will meet plum blossoms blooming by the corn fields. But in the rainy season, the road to the valley will be extremely bumpy, slippery.

In fact, Hang Tau is a cultivation and agricultural production area of about 1 hectare, with 20 Hmong households. Due to its pristine and charming scenery, the village has been known to tourists in recent years. According to Hong Duong, the specialty of this valley is the sound of poultry, cattle, birds singing and every weekend there is also the sound of children playing.

"Everything is very original, the natural sounds when combined together give listeners a sense of peace, not noise," Duong said.

Coming to Hang Tau, visitors can experience the simple life of the Hmong people, can participate in farming, breeding, digging bamboo shoots and learn how to embroider people's dresses. If you stay overnight, you will enjoy baked potatoes by embers and listen to insects chirping.

This destination has not been accurately located on Google Maps. Visitors who want to come here can search for "Evil Number" and continue to ask for directions. Mr. Hong Duong shared, the road to move into the village is quite difficult to walk. Visitors need to use motorbikes to move more than 7 km of bumpy rocky roads, overcome many steep sections and slippery mud if it rains.

About 2 years ago, the Hmong ethnic people in Hang Tau have gradually turned to tourism. They collect tickets to Hang Tau for 30,000 VND per person. There is also a motorbike taxi service of VND 150,000 for two ways. Visitors can buy chickens from people and have them prepare them, but do not bring food into the village.

According to VnE

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