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Boundless in its generosity, Ha Giang has been hailed for the breathtaking majestic mountain scenery, turquoise rivers winding through valleys, breathtaking twisty mountain passes, colorfully traditional costumes of 22 ethinic minority groups in Northeast and so much more.

Best Time To Visit Ha Giang

* From January to March is the spring time of pastel pink peach flowers and pure white plum floral, it comes with refreshing air and clear blue sky.

* May-June, this place is beautiful in the green of corn, buckwheat and rice fields.

* In September, rice crops are ripe and turn yellow in the whole region.

* From October to December when the acres of green fields blossom simultaneously with purple and pink petals of buckwheat flowers, and shimming yellow mustard flowers.


At the starting point from Hanoi, you can go to Ha Giang by shuttle, Limousine, car or motorbike. Riding a motorbike will help you see the majestic Ha Giang in the most wonderful way. The winding, craggy Ha Giang roads are inherently challenging for drivers. But while admiring the beauty of the plateau, all your tension will fly away.

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Best Ha Giang Loop: Package tour 4 days 3 nights - from Ha Giang
Ha Giang
Discover the wonders of Ha Giang Loop in just 4 days. Our unique route showcases stunning landscapes. You can depend on our experienced English-speaking guide and skilled driver to ensure a safe and seamless expedition..
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Amazing Motorbike Tour to Ha Giang – 6 Days
Ha Giang - Hanoi
This is one of our favorite Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours. This 6 day Ha Giang motorbike tour will take you to the most remote areas in Northeast of Vietnam where you can see the unreal beauty of nature in Ha Giang – Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark…beside you will have a great chance to see 2 of most beautiful lakes in Vietnam which know as Ha Long bay on mountains, Thac Ba lake and Ba Be lake in the Ba Be National park…in addition, you will have interesting experience about the Vietnamese culture after some visits to some colorful hill tribes during the tour. The ride is a great mixture of on and off-road and we can be flexible to make easier or harder depending on your expectation or the weather.
From US$ 130.00 /Pax
Essential Ha Giang - 5 days
Hanoi - Ha Giang
This 5-day tour to Ha Giang offers you a good view of the region driving along the main road, visiting typical places that can not be missed when visiting the province. The tour is type of driving one, most of your time is spent in the car for driving from A to B but we will do our best to give you good paces so that you won't feel tiring of doing something. Accommodation is expected to be basic but the top of the areas will be used for your best comfort possible. Food is very local, too. There is no western food to expect except bread, fried eggs for breakfast at some places. Meals are at local food stores but we always choose the most acceptable one.
Tour Operator: Custom Travel
Price: Contact us

Latest Stories from Ha Giang

Sung La, where flowers bloom in rocks

After 300 km of long journey by car with a good night's sleep, early in the morning, the "war horses" are ready to hit the road, surpassing 100km of long distance to spread themselves with Ha Giang geopark. The weather will be pleasantly cold and the morning dew is still hanging around, embracing the mountain. The harvest season has just passed, only straws are left, faintly fragrant. Passing Yen Minh, the cars really go deep into the land of the rocky plateau. Mountains after mountains, seemingly endless roads, far away, then suddenly turn and green valleys appear like in beautiful pictures. From the middle of that uphill slope, Sung La captivated us, in the endless “wow”. From above, you can see the rows of strong china-fir reaching up to the sky. The fragrance of roses pervades the whole valley. The beaten-cob constructions stay dormant in  the sun, the low stone fences, the persimmon trees in the garden are already fruitful and firewood has been piled up in the corner of the kitchen, ready for the coming cold winter. In the attic, the color of dried corn mixes with the color of soybeans. The Hmong in Sung La grow buckwheat and mustard on high hills, maize and rice on flat land at the bottom of the valley intermingling in the green of the maize and rice, the lilac of the eggplant flowers and buckwheat flowers and the yellow of the sun, and the dark green of the china-fir.. The blue shirts and pink shirts stand out on gray rugger rocks. Their footsteps briskly across the highlands. In addition to maize, rugger rock is also used in the daily life of ethnic minorities. Rugger rock is used as a yard ground, fence, and wall. The fences surrounding the houses are not taller than a man, iridescent in the sunlight. Delicate buckwheats are planted after harvest season in September every year. In the past, the seeds of the flower were used to make cakes, now most of them are used as animal feed. Young buckwheat leaves are used as a green vegetable, and taste frugal when boiled. Only the flowers are not used for anything, but exciting many passersby. Buckwheat becomes the representative flower of autumn. When the slanting rays of sunlight are still spreading all over the valley and the weather is too cold, we come to Sung La, to sit by the stone fences and get drunk in the fairy scene. Sung La Market this Sunday morning welcomes curious visitors from far away. After "Pao's story", the name Sung La has been mentioned a lot every time someone has the intention to visit Ha Giang. The house used for filming received many guests. Everyone wants to stop by once, to see the flower fences with their own eyes and to hear the sound of the lip lute behind the illusory stone fence.     Article(s): Ngan Hang Photo: Internet

Nature & Adventure 07/11/2023

Sung La, where flowers bloom in rocks

The best time to go to Ha Giang is in November when the rice is in the harvest, buckwheat flowers bloom all over the fields and the rainy season has passed. And March when spring is full of peach blossoms, plum blossoms, and radiant mustard flowers.

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Thèn Pa, located at the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole, still retains intact many traditional features of the Hmong people such as living habits or wall houses with yin-yang tile roofs.
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Ha Gun ancient house of the Vu family (Lung Apple commune) is considered one of the oldest houses of Ha Giang that is currently deteriorated, in need of preservation and restoration.
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