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Tucked away in a remote area of Northern Vietnam, Cao Bang province is bursting with majestic natural scenery and cool climate all year round. Its mystical charm is made up from the gentle Quay Son river, Lenin stream, Ban Viet lake; the immense Trung Khanh forest with the red maple leaves; the unique Angel Eye mountain lying beside the Nam Tra lake; the spectacular Ban Gioc waterfall, the prosperous villages of ethnic minorities and the precious historical relics.

Best Time To Visit Cao Bang

If you want to enjoy the magnificent view of Ban Gioc waterfall, you should go in August and September. If you want to see the buckwheat and wild flowers in full bloom on the steep slopes, you can go in November and December.

(Feb - Apr)

Spring drizzle

Nice and warm

Pear branches dotted with white flowers

Fog covers the pass

Young rice seedlings in the fields

(May - Jul)

Sudden showers

Hot and dry

Water flows into the Quay Son river

Lushly green rice in the fields

The mountains are endless

(Aug - Oct)

Sunlight shines the pass

The sky is blue and the wind sings

Chestnut harvest in Trung Khanh

Golden ripe rice by Ban Gioc waterfall

The most beautiful time of the year

(Nov - Jan)

Frost and snow in Phia Oac

Fog covers the pass

Extremely cold at night

Ha Lang is a hill of burning grass

Leaves changing color at Ban Viet lake


From Hanoi to Cao Bang, there are only two means of transportation: automobiles and motorbikes. If you are a adventurous and adventurous person, you can backpack Cao Bang by motorbike along the Hanoi - Thai Nguyen - Bac Kan - Cao Bang highway. Hanoi - Cao Bang Route is about 300km and too hard to go.

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Journey to explore the flow of Thang Hen lake water - 3 days
Cao Bang
The Thang Hen Lake complex is located in the UNESCO Cao Bang Non Nuoc Geopark in Quoc Toan Commune, Tra Linh District, Cao Bang Province, the lake has an altitude of more than 1,000 m above sea level, is the highest mountain lake in Vietnam. Thang Hen Lake is like a pearl in the mountains with magnificent and poetic scenery. This place is as beautiful as a charming painting, the lake surface is like a jade glittering mirror, neatly located among the green forest canopy of the mountainside.
Tour Operator: Vietnam Expeditions
From US$ 265.00 /Pax
Northeast Vietnam: Ba Be Lake & Ban Gioc Waterfall - 5 days
Cao Bang - Bac Kan
Let’s create a never-to-be-forgotten adventure at these two hidden gems in Northeast Vietnam: Ba Be Lake & Ban Gioc Waterfall. During the tour, you will discover off-the-beaten-track areas, enjoy a meal in the middle of a huge lake, have intercultural exchange with ethnic local communities and so much more.
From US$ 699.00 /Pax

Immerse yourself in Ban Gioc waterfall natural masterpiece

Ban Gioc Waterfall is located in Dam Thuy commune, Chongqing district, Cao Bang province, has long been known as one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls in Vietnam. The falls are also on the list of waterfalls in the top 10 most magnificent waterfalls in the world located on the border between the two countries.    For those who have had the opportunity to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall, the fact that this waterfall is likened to the foreground that nature bestows on the mountains and forests of Northeast Vietnam is not exaggerated. Ban Gioc Waterfall is nearly 90 km from Cao Bang city and nearly 400 km from Hanoi. Ban Gioc Waterfall has a height of 53 m, divided into 3 floors and has 2 waterfalls all year round, of which the widest and highest main waterfall is located in the border area between Vietnam and China. From a height of 53 m, large bodies of water cascade down through many beautiful green moss-covered limestone steps. In the middle of the waterfall there is a wide rock covered with trees, which has cut the water into 3 streams like three strips of white silk. If you come to the waterfall when the sun is already high, visitors will be able to watch the rainbows appear continuously, adding to the magical beauty of the falls.    Not only possessing the majestic and magical flowing water, the scenery around the waterfall area is still quite wild. In addition, ethnic minorities in Dam Thuy commune in Ban Gioc waterfall area also retain many unique festivals and cultural beauty. Visiting here, especially around October every year, on the occasion of Cao Bang province organizing Ban Gioc Waterfall Festival, visitors will have the opportunity to exchange cultures, know more interesting things and experience unique tourism culture with indigenous people.    In particular, the ripe rice season is the time when people harvest glutinous rice right next to the waterfall. Visitors will be immersed in daily life, enjoy many specialty dishes, blue rice with grilled chicken, crispy golden grilled pork with typical taste.  Photo: Le Trung Anh Photo: Nguyen Duc Thang   People in the area said that Ban Gioc waterfall will usually be majestic and most beautiful in the ripe rice season, 9 and 10 months. Because at this time, the scenery and young water of Chongqing, Cao Bang are gentle and cool, which is also the time when visitors will be most satisfied.   The sub-waterfall is located deep in the territory of Vietnam, on the occasion of October the water flows quite large, creating a majestic beauty no less than the main waterfall. If you want to ride a motorbike by yourself Ban Gioc Cao Bang Waterfall, you can go in the direction of National Highway 1A to Bac Giang Lang Son Highway. Then follow National Highway 4A to reach Dong Khe town, continue DT208 to Hoa Thuan town turn left onto National Highway 3. From here, you go about 21.3km more and then turn right to Dam Thuy to reach the waterfall. In mid-May 2025, Travel+Leisure magazine has listed the 21 most beautiful waterfalls in the world in 2024, including Ban Gioc waterfall of Vietnam. Ban Gioc Waterfall ranked 17th, being the only representative of Vietnam on the published list. According to VnE Photo: Multiple authors

Nature & Adventure 23/05/2024

Immerse yourself in Ban Gioc waterfall natural masterpiece

Ban Gioc Waterfall consists of a series of small cascades located between the border of Vietnam and China. As an impressive display of the power of water and grandeur, the waterfall flows incessantly through reservoirs, down floors and cascades over cliffs in the shape of horseshoes.

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Coming to Cao Bang, you should spend time resting in the homestays, enjoying local delicacies and exploring interesting local culture.
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Cao Bang bacon is a long-standing traditional dish of the people here, famous for its unique and rich flavor, imbued with the identity of mountains and forests. This dish has become a famous specialty, attracting visitors and loved by many people.
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