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Tucked away in a remote area of Northern Vietnam, Cao Bang province is bursting with majestic natural scenery and cool climate all year round. Its mystical charm is made up from the gentle Quay Son river, Lenin stream, Ban Viet lake; the immense Trung Khanh forest with the red maple leaves; the unique Angel Eye mountain lying beside the Nam Tra lake; the spectacular Ban Gioc waterfall, the prosperous villages of ethnic minorities and the precious historical relics.

Best Time To Visit Cao Bang

If you want to enjoy the magnificent view of Ban Gioc waterfall, you should go in August and September. If you want to see the buckwheat and wild flowers in full bloom on the steep slopes, you can go in November and December.


From Hanoi to Cao Bang, there are only two means of transportation: automobiles and motorbikes. If you are a adventurous and adventurous person, you can backpack Cao Bang by motorbike along the Hanoi - Thai Nguyen - Bac Kan - Cao Bang highway. Hanoi - Cao Bang Route is about 300km and too hard to go.

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Journey to explore the flow of Thang Hen lake water - 3 days
Cao Bang
The Thang Hen Lake complex is located in the UNESCO Cao Bang Non Nuoc Geopark in Quoc Toan Commune, Tra Linh District, Cao Bang Province, the lake has an altitude of more than 1,000 m above sea level, is the highest mountain lake in Vietnam. Thang Hen Lake is like a pearl in the mountains with magnificent and poetic scenery. This place is as beautiful as a charming painting, the lake surface is like a jade glittering mirror, neatly located among the green forest canopy of the mountainside.
Tour Operator: Vietnam Expeditions
From US$ 265.00 /Pax
Northeast Vietnam: Ba Be Lake & Ban Gioc Waterfall - 5 days
Cao Bang - Bac Kan
Let’s create a never-to-be-forgotten adventure at these two hidden gems in Northeast Vietnam: Ba Be Lake & Ban Gioc Waterfall. During the tour, you will discover off-the-beaten-track areas, enjoy a meal in the middle of a huge lake, have intercultural exchange with ethnic local communities and so much more.
From US$ 699.00 /Pax

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Ha Lang, a new destination with beautiful burning grass hills like movies in Cao Bang

Located about 70km east of Cao Bang city center, Ba Guang grass hill located on the border between Khum Din and Bac Vong villages, in Vinh Quy commune, Ha Lang district is a new "virtual life" coordinates attracting many travel enthusiasts and photographers to visit recently. This area is also known as Vinh Quy grass hill, impressing visitors with its beautiful wild scenery, long burning lawn and extremely fresh and airy space. To reach Ba Quan grass hill, visitors move from Thanh Nhat town (Ha Lang district) to the hill area about 6-7km, to the junction of Khum Din village, 3km from the People's Committee of Vinh Quy commune, turn right onto a small concrete road. Visitors continue to drive more than 3km to this grassy hill area. The communal road here is considered relatively dangerous and difficult to travel, visitors should choose to travel by motorbike, especially digital cars or high-roar cars. To reach the panoramic position of the space, admire the most beautiful burning grass hill, visitors have to hike about 15 minutes from the foot of the hill to the top. Guests are advised to bring warm clothing, sneakers  (or specialized hiking boots) and drinking water. Arriving at the top of the burning grass hill, visitors feel like all the hardships in the process of moving almost disappear when they are immersed in the large, fresh space and surrounded by the same mountains. Many travel enthusiasts who have come here said that the burning grass season in Ba Guang grass hill is not fixed because it depends on the weather and temperature each year. Normally, when it is cold below 15 degrees Celsius, the weather is dry, the grass here gradually turns yellow. Each season, this place has its own beauty. In spring, the green grass blooms, in winter it turns burnt yellow, creating a beautiful scene like a miniature Mongolian meadow. The time to take beautiful photos here is from early morning, at dawn or afternoon, around 14-17h. At this time, the sun is gentle, the sunlight is abundant, visitors can take the most poetic and romantic photos. To match the context, visitors can choose light outfits with striking colors such as white, red, blue,... and limit yellow items because they coincide with grassy hill colors. In addition to Ba Guang grass hill, visitors to Ha Lang district at the end of the year can check-in wild anemone hill (Thai Duc commune), see poinsettia flowers (Quang Long commune) or camp, picnic on Vinh Quy pine hill (in Khau Lua village) not far away. Photo: Thai Duong AC, Tran Manh Hoan. Reishi HKD According to Dan Tri

Nature & Adventure 05/11/2023

Ha Lang, a new destination with beautiful burning grass hills like movies in Cao Bang

From November to January every year, Ba Guang burning grass hill in Ha Lang district becomes a destination for visitors to check-in, take photos and camp,... thanks to the wild, beautiful scenery.

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Located on the same road as the famous 15-storey Khau Coc Cha pass, Na Qi pass has 20 gentle bends, poetic scenery but not known by many people.
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The season of September and October is called the golden season of Chongqing, Cao Bang because rice will change to a new yellow shirt, autumn colors cover the fields with a gentle, warm light that makes the fields become especially shiny in the moments of sunrise and sunset.
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