About Hoian

Paying a trip to Hoian, you will be dazzled by the ancient temples and towers at Tra Kieu, Khuong My, Bang An and mingle in the crowd in Vietnam's once bustling trading port. Moreover, you can relax on white sand beaches, or explore the World Biosphere Reserve of Cu Lao Cham Marine Park.

★ World Cultural Heritage Site Hoi An Ancient Town (1999)

★ World Cultural Heritage Site My Son Sanctuary (1999)

Best Time To Visit Hoian

Hoian is the intersection of the North - South climates. The beautiful time to visit Hoian is from December last year to September next year. In addition, visit Hoian on the 14th, the full moon of the lunar month every month to see the red lanterns scattered all over the street with a very unique view of Hoian.

Dry Season
(Jan - Mar)

It's chilly

Nice and cool weather

Light drizzle

Bustling Tet and Spring

Vegetables sprouts in Tra Que garden

Dry Season
(Apr - Jun)

It's hot during the day

Gentle waves lapping the shore

Stroll the town under blazing pergolas

Enjoy delicious food

Suitable for recreational activities

Rainy Season
(Aug - Sep)

It's hot during the day

Sudden rainfalls

Sipping coffee by the ripen rice fields

Lanterns are glittering at night

Walk the night street

Rainy Season
(Oct - Dec)

The weather is cold

Thunderstorm is coming

Muddy and slippery

Rising tides and flooding

Rowing to see ancient roofs during flood season


You can land at Danang International Airport and travel to Hoian by taxi or public transportation such as bus, motorbike or tourist car. If you prefer to enjoy the scenery, the train or private vehicles are other options with the time ranging from 15 - 18 hours.

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Walk on one of the most beautiful streets in the world in Hoi An

Tran Phu Street in Hoi An has just been honored as 1 of the 71 most beautiful streets in the world (ranked 45/71) by the prestigious architectural magazine Architectural Digest. According to this prestigious architectural publication, Tran Phu Street in Hoi An is chosen by many tourists to visit for many reasons, but most of them are because they want to see the monthly lantern festival held in this street. Tran Phu Street is located in the center of Hoi An ancient town, about 1km long and 5m wide. The starting point is at Cau Pagoda and the end point is Hoi An market. In French colonial times, this was the main street of Hoi An and was named Rue du Pont Japonais, meaning Japanese bridge town. Along Tran Phu street, in front of the ancient porch, people plant paper flowers with many colors. Confetti bloom all year round, making the street always vibrant and an ideal check-in place for visitors.   On Tran Phu Street, there is a famous historical site of Hoi An, the Guangdong Assembly Hall. With Chinese-style architecture, this is a place that attracts many visitors to explore when coming to the old town. In addition, on this road there are many other relics such as Quan Cong Temple, Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall, Five Bang Assembly Hall, Hainan Assembly Hall,... all are on the even-numbered side of the road. This "heritage path" is not simply a place for visitors to stroll but also a great place to experience. This place is also a "virtual living paradise" for young people. "This is the 2nd time coming to Hoi An and every time Tran Phu Street has held me the longest. There are many monuments to visit, many food stalls, shopping and a series of beautiful check-in corners," a female tourist shared. This street is planted with a lot of trees, shading visitors on foot. After walking the street, visitors can choose Hoi An market located at the end of this street to enjoy the specialties of Hoi Street. On weekends or holidays, Tet, visitors often have to "inch step by step" to be able to visit this route. When sunset falls, Tran Phu Street is as beautiful as an oil painting, dressed in ancient and contemplative beauty. This route also has many rooftop cafes where visitors can take photos and enjoy the panoramic view of the ancient city that is more than 400 years old from above. According to VNN

City & Culture 18/06/2024

Walk on one of the most beautiful streets in the world in Hoi An

Tran Phu Street in Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam) with a series of heritages and brilliant confetti trees on both sides of the road, has just entered the list of the most beautiful streets in the world.

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Cu Lao Cham Island is a cluster of islands located 15 km off the coast of Cua Dai, one hour by train from Hoi An ancient town. This beautiful island attracts visitors because of its clear green beaches, exciting snorkeling areas, and delicious food.
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At one of the most beautiful beaches in the world An Bang, you can choose from many beautiful resorts by the sea, with quiet, comfortable and secluded space.
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