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Detailed travel itinerary of Hoi An 2 days 1 night

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If you are planning to explore and travel to Hoi An 2 days 1 night, do not miss the detailed schedule of what to eat and play in Hoi An in the following 2 days 1 night of Migo.

If you can visit the dear Central Vietnam, visit Hoi An ancient town to feel all its beauty and you will understand why Hoi An is so loved by domestic and international tourists. Traveling to Hoi An 2 days 1 night will be easy to fully explore the very unique beauty of the scenery, culture and people here. Join Migo to the detailed schedule below.

1. Best time to travel to Hoi An

Hoi An travel 2 days 1 night What is the most beautiful season? It is known that the climate in Hoi An is divided into 2 seasons: the rainy season and the pronounced dry season, specifically:

- Dry season: lasts from January 1 to July of the year

  • Month 2 - 4: The weather is pleasant and cool, so it will be the most wonderful and ideal time to travel to Hoi An
  • May 5 - 7: the time near the end of the dry season. During this time, you should go to Cham Island to scuba dive, watching corals will be great.

- Rainy season: from May 8 until January 1 of the following year. At this time, Hoi An is prone to being submerged in water, people mainly travel by basket boat. Therefore, coming to Hoi An at this time, you will experience the feeling of swimming a boat between the extremely interesting streets.

2. The most detailed 2 days 1 night Hoi An travel itinerary 2022

Day 1: "Traveling" around Hoi An ancient town - Cua Dai beach

First day schedule:

  • Morning: Sightseeing, walking around Hoi An ancient town
  • Afternoon: Cua Dai beach bathing
  • Evening: Walking the Hoai River, Lantern Street in the Old Town...

Hoi An Ancient Town

Coming to Hoi An, it is definitely impossible to ignore the famous old town. You can stroll around the old town on the first morning in Hoi An, sip a cup of coffee and try the specialties here.

  • Hoi An Market

It is the largest market in Hoi An, specializing in trading a full range of items, from consumer goods to food, souvenirs, lanterns, conical hats to serve the shopping needs of locals as well as tourists.

  • Bridge Pagoda

Cau Pagoda has long been considered the "soul" of Hoi An ancient town, definitely a place where anyone who comes to Hoi An will bring themselves bold photos of Hoi An street.

  • Ong Pagoda

Ong Pagoda is a famous Hoi An tourist destination, attracting many tourists to visit. The pagoda was built in the seventeenth century, during the most prosperous trading period of the port with the most typical architecture among the pagodas and temples in Hoi An.

  • Small alleys in Hoi An ancient town 

In Hoi An, you will encounter small alleys, including alleys that are just one person away, long and attractive that you can look at and take photos with the most bold yellow color of Hoi An.

  • Check-in café Hoi Street

One of the places you cannot miss in Hoi An is Faifo Coffee - the café with the most beautiful virtual living view in Hoi An. You can come here to visit and rest at noon. 

Cua Dai beach bathing in the afternoon

After spending a whole morning playing around the old town, in the afternoon you can move to Cua Dai beach to swim, have fun and have a snack at the palm trees along the beach.

Cua Dai Beach currently does not have as many entertainment and water sports services as many other places. Therefore, if you are in a group or family, you can prepare a little more snacks and fruits to organize a small "picnic" by the beach is also very interesting.

Experience Hoi An ancient town at night

It is no coincidence that many people praise Hoi An ancient town as "the most beautiful perhaps at night". That's because at this time, this place wears a shimmering, fanciful shirt like a colorful painting.

  • Evening stroll of the old town

The old town suddenly became quieter and quieter with old houses roofed with mossy tiles adorned with the vibrant colors of lanterns at night. You will feel like you are lost in the city of light, both quiet and vibrant of modern life.

  • Stroll along the banks of the Hoai River and release lanterns

The highlight of Hoi An ancient town at night is probably the 2 banks of the Hoai River with the yellow lights from the rows of houses shining into the river, creating an extremely poetic scene. At this time, you can experience sitting on a boat, releasing lanterns on the Hoai River and watching the old town in the calm water.

  • Discover folk games

In order for visitors to have the most interesting experience, most of the night market or the beginning of Nguyen Thai Hoc street will often organize interesting folk games such as blindfold games, smashing roundabouts, singing hut songs... attracting a large number of tourists to participate, contributing to better understanding the folklore of Hoi An people here.

Day 2: Have fun at VinWonders Nam Hoi An - Vinpearl River Safari

In addition to the old town, Hoi An also has another super attractive place for you, which is VinWonders Nam Hoi An Entertainment Complex. Vinpearl Nam Hoi An has an area of up to 50ha with 5 main subdivisions, so before going, you can refer to the Vinpearl Nam Hoi An map in advance to schedule an effective entertainment schedule, Save travel time. 

Zone 1: Junction Harbour (open from 8:30 - 20:00)

Coming to the intersection harbor, you will feel lost in the context and atmosphere of the busy trading ports right in the heart of Hoi An in the sixteenth - seventeenth centuries with 2 interesting destinations, namely:

- Riverside Old Town: This street recreates the typical architecture of Hoi An ancient town with ancient houses with yellow walls, mossy red roofs ... extremely peaceful.

- Avenue of Dreams: you will have thousand-like photos at a complex of modern European architecture with roofs like dancing on the banks of the Amsterdam River or soaring roofs from Russia.

Zone 2: Land of Adventure

This is the area that many tourists love with more than 20 outdoor thrilling games and nearly 100 extremely interesting indoor games such as the tallest 85m free fall tower in Vietnam, super speed vortex, cable-stayed bridge ... As can be seen, the land of adventure is a place that will test your courage, through which, you can conquer your limits.

Zone 3: Folklore Island

Folklore Island is considered the "soul" of VinWonders Nam Hoi An. Where are the traditional craft villages of Vietnam or you can experience the unique art forms recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage such as singing then, singing quan them, ca tru...   

Zone 4: Water Park (Open hours: 9:00 – 18:00)

Vinpearl Nam Hoi An Water Park is a complex of vibrant and passionate water games, this place will help you dispel the heat on summer days and enjoy the most refreshing and cool feeling. 

Zone 5: Vinpearl River Safari

Vinpearl River Safari is the first and only river wildlife conservation park in Vietnam. This place will give you the opportunity to discover many rare and seemingly extinct animals in the wild, on the world's conservation list such as Belgal tiger, antelope, antelope ... and some unique experiences such as:

- Take a river boat ride to explore the wild natural world

- Take pictures with cute parrot birds and rare animals

- Participate in interesting activities with animals such as feeding elephants, feeding giraffes...

Above is the entire latest 2 days 1 night self-sufficient Hoi An travel schedule 2022 that Migo wants to share with readers. Hope to help your upcoming trip to explore and fully experience the beauty and interesting things here. 

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