About Ninh Thuan

Ninh Thuan is blessed by nature for its unique beauty consisting of Hang Rai, Vinh Hy Bay, Dinh Cape, Binh Tien Beach, Ca Na, Nui Chua,... as well as the architectural works of the ancient Champa Kingdom and traditional ceramic village Bau Truc or Po Klong Garai Tower. The burning meadows, the wandering sheep, the rock mountains or the sand dunes, all of which have made an alluring Ninh Thuan and left a lasting impression on visitors.

Best Time To Visit Ninh Thuan

The rainy season running from August to November is just in time for the ripe vineyards and the biggest Kate festival of Cham people. November to February next year is the season of northeasterlies, suitable for marine sports such as kite surfing, paragliding, etc.

Dry Season
(Dec - Mar)

The whirlwind season

Gentle breeze

Fast winds and high waves

Spring drizzle

Sunny clear sky

Dry Season
(Apr - Jul)

The heat lasts for a long time


Diving to see astounding coral reefs

Gentle waves lapping the shore

Best time for water activities

Rainy Season
(Aug - Sep)

Weather changes suddenly

Mild sunshine

Nice and pleasant

It rains the most of the year

Rainy Season
(Oct - Nov)

Weather changes suddenly

Cool and pleasant weather

Rough sea and big waves

Grapes swinging on the trellis

Kate Festival of Cham people


For those who want to save time, travelling by air is always the most convenient. Ninh Thuan does not have its own airport, but right next to it is Cam Ranh International Airport of Khanh Hoa Province. If you are an adventure lover, you can travel by motorcycle to see the beautiful coastal road.

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Convenient resorts for kitesurfing lovers in Ninh Thuan

Casa Laguna homestay A small homestay in front of My Hoa beach, where kitesurfers from all over the world gather to play. Casa Laguna is located next to Sorrento, which you can conveniently visit. Casa Laguna has 3 bedrooms and 3 separate toilets, rooms with air conditioning, refrigerator, tv, water heater. Open stove and oven, washing machine, clothes dryer ... Suitable for groups of friends, family or individually. Address: Village, My Hoa, Ninh Hai, Ninh Thuan Photo: Casa Laguna homestay My Hoa Oceanfront Home  The house is designed in a modern style, located one step from the sea, here offers 2 bedrooms and 1 comfortable living room with a spacious garden for parties, BBQ. In particular, the house has a beautiful setting with a gate overlooking the sea, which always glitters in the brilliant sunshine, windswept wind and vibrant kitesurfing activities. If you want a quiet private space for your family, this is a perfect choice. Address: My Hoa Lagoon, Phan Rang- Thap Cham, Vietnam Phone: 098 301 61 82 https://www.facebook.com/windchimesstudio1510/ Photo: My Hoa Oceanfront Home MyHoa Lagoon - Kiting Town  Experience world-class kitesurfing in a friendly and casual atmosphere at My Hoa Kite Town. Nestled in the heart of Binh Thuan, My Hoa brings you a shallow, flat lagoon, perfect for starting your kitesurfing career or participating in your Freedom Game. My Hoa Lagoon is protected by coral reefs, giving you endless opportunities to ride big waves or speed up your Big Air riding abilities with Cape Town-like Kickers.   Address: Street 702 My Hoa Hamlet - Vinh Hai Commune - Ninh Hai District, Phan Rang- Thap Cham, Vietnam Phone: 094 464 11 77 https://myhoalagoonkitingtown.com/ Photo/Video: MyHoa Lagoon - Kiting Town  Tooth kite center Besides excellent kite flying conditions and authentic surroundings, the staff and people at Phan Rang Kite Flying Center also make your stay stand out. Service in the center is very good. You always get assistance when launching and landing and even in busy situations, the Beach Boys are always in control of everything and you feel safe. The storage capacity is very good and of course you have fresh water to clean your equipment, showers and toilets. The restaurant has fresh food, reasonable prices and fast and friendly service. Address: Provincial Road 702, Village, My Hoa, Ninh Hai, Ninh Thuan 840000 Phone: 090 771 16 56 https://www.facebook.com/PhanRangKiteCenter/?locale=vi_VN Photo: Tooth kite center Farobe - Farm and Homestay  Farobe is located in Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district - the concentration of onion cultivation of the whole province of Ninh Thuan. So during your stay in Farobe, do not forget to visit the vast Onion fields and save impressive photos. With the characteristics of Ninh Thuan sea, when the waves are calm, it is a great time to go kayaking with your family. In Farobe, there are always free kayaks of all colors for you to choose from. The crystal clear water and vast blue sky will make this experience extremely memorable. When the sea water dries up, visitors will be able to catch snails to catch clams by themselves. This will probably be an unforgettable memory for young tourists in the city. Being immersed in nature, learning from nature is also the best way that parents want to give to their family's angels. The strong sea breeze, large space and majestic beauty facilitate kite gliding activities, providing a unique and exciting experience Address: Provincial Highway 702, My Hoa Hamlet, Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District, Phan Rang, Vietnam Phone: 035 996 6566 https://www.facebook.com/farobefarmstay/ Photo: Farobe - Farm and Homestay  Spy Huang

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Convenient resorts for kitesurfing lovers in Ninh Thuan

My Hoa Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ninh Thuan, it has the advantage of strong winds, year-round sunshine and clear sea. Especially, when the Northeast monsoon is active, My Hoa becomes a popular attraction for domestic and foreign tourists to come here to participate in kitesurfing.

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With panoramic sea views of Vinh Hy, homestays are highly appreciated for their splendid scenery, located right in the center of town, convenient to travel and worth staying for a few days when coming to this attractive tourist destination.
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Through many historical events and the ravages of time, Pô Klong Garai Tower still retains intact artifacts and traditional values in Cham culture.
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