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Ninh Thuan is blessed by nature for its unique beauty consisting of Hang Rai, Vinh Hy Bay, Dinh Cape, Binh Tien Beach, Ca Na, Nui Chua,... as well as the architectural works of the ancient Champa Kingdom and traditional ceramic village Bau Truc or Po Klong Garai Tower. The burning meadows, the wandering sheep, the rock mountains or the sand dunes, all of which have made an alluring Ninh Thuan and left a lasting impression on visitors.

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The rainy season running from August to November is just in time for the ripe vineyards and the biggest Kate festival of Cham people. November to February next year is the season of northeasterlies, suitable for marine sports such as kite surfing, paragliding, etc.


For those who want to save time, travelling by air is always the most convenient. Ninh Thuan does not have its own airport, but right next to it is Cam Ranh International Airport of Khanh Hoa Province. If you are an adventure lover, you can travel by motorcycle to see the beautiful coastal road.


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Delicious food to try when coming to Ninh Thuan

Cake - Ninh Thuan pancakes Considered a rustic dish, the appeal of Ninh Thuan cake is capable of "cutting down" all the most demanding diners. The delicious taste of the dish is created from terracotta molds used to cast cakes, combined with rice flour and "topping" ingredients such as shrimp, squid, deep-fried pork skin, quail eggs ... to make the filling. When molded, the cake will be covered with a layer of fragrant green onions, served with peanut fish sauce, sweet and sour pepper fish sauce or meticulously prepared fish stock, helping to add flavor to the cake. Pacific resort pancake area, address: Pacific resort – Yen Ninh street – Khanh Hai town – Ninh Hai district. Homeland Pancakes, address: 133 Tran Quang Dieu Street – Phan Rang Thap Cham City Dishes from the thong Dong living in the hot sand area in Ninh Thuan is processed into many different dishes such as grilled thunderstorm, thong salad, stir-fried lemongrass chili ,... With pre-processed thunderstorms, then take them to make attractive thong salad or fragrant grilled thunderstorm. Dong can be eaten with vermicelli, rice paper rolls, baked rice paper and raw vegetables that are very tasty and attractive. Hoa Thien Ly Restaurant, Hai Shanghai Lan Ong, – Tan Tai Ward – Phan Rang City – Thap Cham. Phan Rang chicken rice Phan Rang chicken rice is cooked with flexible, fragrant rice. Before cooking, the rice is rinsed, marinated with ginger, garlic pounded to create aroma. Wanting an eye-catching plate of rice, often the cook adds a little turmeric powder to the rice. Chicken to make Phan Rang chicken rice is also quite special. It must be a native chicken raised in conditions of four seasons of intense sunshine. Free-range chickens should be tough, fragrant, not as flaky as industrial chickens. The type of dipping sauce that forms the unique flavor of Phan Rang chicken rice is: fish sauce mixed with chili pepper puree or with salted dried roasted chili peppers. Ngoc chicken rice, address: No. 10 Tran Binh Trong street (on the side of Phan Rang market) – Phan Rang Thap Cham city Khanh Ky chicken rice, address: 61 Tran Quang Dieu – Phan Rang Thap Cham City Ninh Thuan lamb Ninh Thuan is famous for the largest grazing sheep herds in the country. Therefore, Ninh Thuan lamb specialty is also a delicacy that many tourists are interested in enjoying when coming here. Thanks to the way of grazing in the natural environment, Ninh Thuan lamb has a sweet, firm, nutritious taste and low fat and low cholesterol. According to nutrition researchers, lamb helps tonic blood, strengthens the tendons, benefits the lungs, helps reduce asthma or many respiratory diseases.  Quan Tri Tam, address: 174 Thong Nhat – Phan Rang Thap Cham City. Ninh Binh mountain goat and sheep restaurant, address: No . 6 Luong The Vinh – Phuoc My ward – Phan Rang Thap Cham city.  Phan Rang pork cake Don't be surprised if you come across many eateries selling pork yolk cakes throughout Phan Rang - Thap Cham City, as it is a very popular specialty dish here, just like Ho Chi Minh City. HCM has broken rice. The plate of pork cake is attractive because of its simplicity, authenticity but possesses a rich flavor that captivates people. Layers of hot and fluffy cakes, spread with a little fragrant onion fat, served with a plate of greasy boiled pork yolk and crispy rice paper, raw vegetables of all kinds and spicy chili fish sauce. Ninh Thuan apricot fish salad Apricot fish is a typical small-bodied marine fish of the Central Coast Sea, the appearance is quite similar to anchovies, the white meat is clear and fishy-free, very suitable for making salads.  Although the mixed dishes are usually prepared simply, Ninh Thuan apricot fish salad that wants to be delicious must undergo elaborate processing. The meat after preliminary processing and bone peeling will be washed through table vinegar to cook the meat again. Then combined with roasted peanuts, peppers, green bananas and caramel to create a salad that is both sour, sweet and sweet, boring and slightly spicy... making it difficult for many diners to forget. Ninh Thuan fish cake soup Besides pork yolk cake and apricot fish salad, fish cake soup is also a dish that many tourists near and far appreciate when traveling to Ninh Thuan.  The fish cake in the dish is made from fresh sea fish such as tuna, mackerel, dugong... The rice flour for soup cake fibers must ensure softness and smoothness. The bowl of large, round, soft and soft fiber soup mixed with sweet broth stewed from bone marrow, along with chewy fish cakes makes Ninh Thuan fish cake soup brand make many people fall in love. Banh Canh Nhuong, address: 284 Ngo Gia Tu – Tan Tai ward – Phan Rang city – Thap Cham. Ba Ba Ba soup cake, address: 75 Ngo Gia Tu – Tan Tai ward – Phan Rang city – Thap Cham. Cay Da soup cake, address: Cay Da market – Du Khanh – Khanh Hai town. Source: General

Food & Drinks 07/09/2023

Delicious food to try when coming to Ninh Thuan

If you have the opportunity to visit Ninh Thuan, definitely try the following 5 delicious dishes.

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Located in one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam, Hon Tai possesses unspoiled beauty. With white sandy beaches, bumpy cliffs and clear blue sea water but not much exploited for tourism, Hon Tai is a newly discovered point of Ninh Thuan sea.
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Located by the sea, close to Vinh Hy Bay and Lord Mountain, Bai Hem (or Turtle Beach) is chosen by people to forbid camps. The green color of trees, fresh air, floating along with the clouds in the air make Bai Hom even more tranquil and strangely peaceful.
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