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Nui Chua National Park, ideal discoveries for people who love to exercise

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Nui Chua system belongs to Thai An village, Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province, about 30 km from Phan Rang city.

Amazing natural world

Nui Chua National Park has an area of ​​over 29,856 hectares, and has just been recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve by the end of September 2021 by the World Commission of Man and Biosphere (MAB) of UNESCO. This national park is the convergence of three regions: forest, sea and semi-desert, including many rich and diverse ecosystems with more than 1,500 species of plants, more than 750 species of wild animals, over 350 species of corals and hundreds of sea animals. Here is also a rare place on the mainland where sea turtles come to lay eggs every year and are strictly protected.

Nui Chua is also known as "shrub meadow" in Vietnam. This place is evaluated by scientists as a harsh climatic region with low rainfall and hot all year round, forming a typical semi-arid ecosystem.

Trekking in the national park

Nui Chua has a height of over 1,000m, but the path to conquer it is not that easy. You need to pass 6 different mountain peaks: Chua Chau Mt., Chua Chat Mt., Chua Anh Mt., Chua Em Mt., Chua Vo Mt., Chua Chong Mt.. The highest peak is Co Tuy with an altitude of 1,039m. On the trekking path, you also have the opportunity to admire the beautiful mountain scenery.

The Lo O stream is a rare wild stream, almost untouched, so the nature here is very intact.

Stone Park, located close to the coast, in the middle of the coniferous forest. There is a ranger station here, so you need to register in advance to be able to visit. In particular, there are rocks protruding that have become a familiar check-in spot for many young people.

Exploring Hang Rai

Hang Rai is considered as the only magical "waterfall on the sea" in Vietnam, a beautiful place like "paradise" when possessing impressive natural beauty.

The beauty of Hang Rai in Ninh Thuan changes over time. At dawn, the whole sea seemed to glow, reaching out to welcome the brilliant and lively yellow color. And in the romantic sunset, Hang Rai put on a poetic look, waves gently patting the shore with clear foam whispering. Hang Rai has a breakwater mountain terrain, is an ancient coral reef millions years old, calcified to form a rocky beach high above the sea.

Admire corals in Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy is the most crooked sea in Vietnam with coral reefs of all shapes and sizes, mysterious caves that attract tourists who love exciting adventures.

You can watch coral by boat with transparent glass at the bottom or scuba dive to see firsthand the magical coral reefs, schools of colorful fish swimming in the clear water. Vinh Hy Bay is one of the eight most beautiful bays in Vietnam.

Bathing in pristine Bai Hom beach

There are so many beaches in Ninh Thuan. However, if you are a lover of wild and natural beauty, Bai Hom will definitely be a destination not to be missed. This is also a very beautiful overnight camping site on the beach.

Looking for Da Vach Lake

You can only go to Da Vach lake on foot, so this place is almost for those who love to explore. The cliffs grow jagged, running along the mountains. Large and small rocks stacks like a solid wall.

The lake surface has many rocky outcrops interspersed with thorny bell trees, Khirni trees,...

An Hoa sheep field

This interesting place once appeared in the famous movie "Footsteps of a Nomad", An Hoa sheep field has a strangely attractive wild landscape with thousands of naive and gentle sheep. In the middle of immense space, the poetic lake blends in with the lush green meadows.

Note these things when visiting

  • You must bring water and food, a hat and climbing shoes when mountaineering.
  • Should wear comfortable and sweat-absorbent clothes and for convenience.
  • Prepare a swimsuit and sunscreen for diving.


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