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48 hours of playing out of Vinh Hy

Translated by Bing
Ninh Thuan is located between two famous tourist attractions nationwide, Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) and Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan), in the South Central region. The big city of this land is Phan Rang - Thap Cham, far from Ho Chi Minh City. HCM 340km.

Traffic is convenient, so in recent years, Vinh Hy has become a very popular place on weekends. Visitors can reach Phan Rang city by bus or fire. If you choose to fly, you will fly to Cam Ranh (Khanh Hoa), which is the nearest place, 62 km from Phan Rang. From Ho Chi Minh City In HCMC, there are many night buses running to Phan Rang city, the ticket price is 180,000 – 300,000 VND / person. You can choose to depart at night, dawn to the hotel rental place.

Yongxi Bay

This is a small bay located in Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, northeast of Ninh Thuan (42km from Phan Rang-Thap Cham city). To the west of the bay is the peak of Nui Chua with a height of 1,040m, with the Giant Oh stream flowing all year round. From above, Yongxi looks like giant turtles lying with their heads facing the sea. 

In the calm waves, boats shelter safely whenever there is a storm. Next to it is the Vinh Hy oasis with a rugged terrain, on the one hand is the sea and three vast mountainous forests. Unlike many bays in Vietnam, the Vinh Hy natural complex is both majestic and unspoiled. In recent years, this place has had the appearance of large investors exploiting tourism.

Cape Dinh

Mui Dinh belongs to Son Hai village, Phuoc Dinh commune, Thuan Nam district, about 40km south of Phan Rang. This place is located in a rather remote location, where few residents live, so it is not too famous. Over the past few years, thanks to the discovery of young people, this tourist spot has gradually become famous.

In Mui Dinh, some restaurants use plows for transportation work because other vehicles cannot move on very thick sand. Visitors who are afraid to walk can rent this service for 100,000 VND / time, each turn can carry from 8-10 people. The geology of Mui Dinh is originally boulders and sand dunes.  Rainfall here is very low, annually only about 600mm, in drought years down to 300mm, the land becomes arid.

Rai cave tourist area (in Nui Chua National Park)

Experienced people say that this place is most beautiful at dawn, when the sunrise creates magical patches of color and light. Here, there are stones carved by nature, stacked on top of each other to create special shapes. At 5:30 every day, the sun begins to rise, blushing red on the distant horizon, which is the time when Otter Cave is most beautiful. 

The sea water miraculously changes color with the sun. In the position adjacent to the sea with the foot of the mountain, each wave alternately rushes against the rock to splash water up, creating a reverberating sound in the quiet scenery of the morning. Rai Cave is also special in that there is a waterfall located just off the sea. Undulating slabs of rock submerged in clear water, see the bottom. At high tide, the water flows down to form a small well or an enchanting waterfall. 

Nangang Hill

This hill is located in the Tuan Tu village area of the Cham people, spread over an area of nearly 700ha. For those who do not like the noise and bustle, this tourist area must be a reasonable choice for both relaxation and exploration.

PôKfur Garai Tower

This is one of the unique sculptural architectural works of the Cham people. The tower was classified as a national monument by the Ministry of Culture in 1979 and classified by the Government as a special national monument in need of conservation. PôKfur Garai Tower consists of a whole of three towers: the main tower (21.59m high), the fire tower (9.31m high), the gate tower (8.56m high).

The highlight of this monument is the meticulous carvings by ceramic motifs, stones with dragon tails, leaves, god cows ... fully expresses the meaning of art and religion of the Cham people. The work was built in the late XIII and early XIV centuries, located on Betel Hill in Phan Rang city - Thap Cham.

Turtle Island

Hon Turtle, also known as Hon Tai, is located in Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province. This place is located about 15 minutes from the center of Vinh Hy canoe, possessing wild beauty with white sand, bumpy cliffs, jade sea. There are no people living here, no electricity, no phone signal or wifi.

The cost of renting a canoe to Hon Turtle is 200,000 VND per turn (ticket price divided by number of people). Diving is available, but visitors should pay attention to hire a guide and safety equipment. October – 12 is the rough sea season, while May 2-5 is the most beautiful time to visit Hon Rua. 

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Binh Tien coastal road

The Vinh Hy - Binh Tien coastal road is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam with the terrain on one side is the sea, the other side is the majestic Chua Mountain.

Dam Complaint Wind Power

The wind power field in Phan Rang attracts many young people to visit and take photos thanks to the picturesque scenery. The area is about a 20-minute drive from the city center. Each time, this place has its own beauty, when green, when golden with ripe rice, when desolate. The ideal time to visit this place is early morning or late afternoon. 

Bai Barrel and Banana Beach Camping

You should experience camping right on the beaches in the shore to watch the starry sky, wait for the sun to come out, rising "from the seabed" at dawn. Banana Beach is nicer, cleaner and less rocky but the road is more difficult than Bai Barrel. 

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