About Lam Dong 

The highland Lam Dong has been popular with mild weather year-round with a diversity of landscape, national parks, ethereal lakes, waterfalls, pine forests, and cultural-artistic architecture. Visitors can easily find themselves enjoying a cozy cafe while enjoying the pleasant blue sky and fresh air. 


Bright. Crisp. Lovely -- are the words that you might continually compliment on the weather from November to June while flowers are blooming across the province. Exciting activities like hiking or white-water rafting are perfect, or simply taking a walk around Da Lat. Some drizzles and rains are expected from time to time during the months of July and October.


You may either choose the buses, shared luxury van or your own vehicle for a trip to Lam Dong from Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces. Lien Khuong Airport offers flights from Korea, Thailand, China and all other domestic lines, making it easy for any departure from anywhere in Viet Nam.

Top things to do in Lam Dong 

1. Trekking at Bidoup Nui Ba National Park

2. Visit the historical architectures

3. Learn about ethnic minorities cultures

4. Be stunned by the splendid Pongour Waterfall

5. Dare to try some thrilling activities

6. Go sightseeing in the misty highlands

7. Try as many local dishes as possible

8. Join in a trip to a coffee farm

Explore Lam Dong 

Go to the forest chill music, SUP rowing, archery in the heart of Da Lat

Reo As a chill Dalat experience point in the middle of pine forests, here you will feel like you are entering a different world - where car horns, smoke and bustling life are left behind. Visitors can paddle SUP to hunt dew on Tuyen Lam lake, check-in Purple stream, sip coffee to watch the forest view, gather by the campfire and experience grilling potatoes, corn or enjoy BBQ party in the Central Highlands mountains and forests with specialties of lam rice, grilled chicken, grilled pork ... The venue also offers overnight tent camping tours with prices from 795,000 VND / person, starting from 15h to 7h30 the next day. Address: Hoa Hong Street, Ward 4, Da Lat, Da Lat, Vietnam Phone: 097 887 17 65 Image:  Reoreodalat. Smart The café, dining, camping, picnic complex attracts young people with its wide green lawn, pine hill back and large stream face and rustic scenery. With prices from 660,000 VND / pax, you can join overnight camping. The program starts from 14h to 9am the next morning with activities such as visiting the rainforest, wading streams, swinging, fishing, archery, enjoying evening BBQ, campfire, watching movies outdoors... In addition, there are activities that stimulate creativity such as statue painting, candle making, stone paintings. Camping services by the stream are suitable for large groups or families. Meanwhile, hillside camping service is ideal for couples or couples who prefer quiet space. It uses brown domed tents. The tent is pre-set up and fixed on a wooden or pallet floor. Address: Mimosa Pass Image:  Echotuhop . The Camp Inn The destination is located in the middle of Dalat valley, in a cactus garden. It features an outdoor movie area. The yard with many lovely animals such as Alpacas, goats, sheep ... for guests to check-in and play together. They serve coffee during the day and BBQ in the evening. Guests book in advance to prepare a European-style banquet table with a shimmering view next to the lake. The menu is not too diverse but has its own highlight with dishes such as grilled chicken with macadamia seeds, grilled pork with five flavors, grilled beef with ant salt, grilled tuna breast with teriyaki sauce, smoked beef kale salad ... You can choose a combo of 490,000 VND for 2 people or a combo of 790,000 VND for 4 people. Address: Foot of Mimosa Pass, Dalat, Vietnam Phone: 084 422 5455 Photo: The Camp Inn Sunken - Party In The Forest The tents embracing nature, the clear stream, gurgling like soothing melodies are what this camping place offers. Fully equipped space with outdoor cooking area, campfire area for the whole family. Archery, cloud hunting, trekking, lunch under the stream, chill with DJ in the pine forest, enjoy evening BBQ, acoustic socializing, gathering by campfire... is a series of interesting experiences that you have the opportunity to enjoy when coming here. Address: Lat Commune, Lac Duong, Da Lat, Lam Dong, Da Lat, Vietnam Phone: 091 374 32 22 Image:  Truxngcamping . Forest Scent Forest Scent owns a view of the valley on the side of pine hills. Airy space, the interior is mainly made of wood to bring warm colors and create a feeling of closeness for visitors. View watching the beautiful sunset. The venue offers glamping, coffee and BBQ services. You can choose a camping package of 2-6 people with prices ranging from 500,000-1.4 million VND. Guests also have the opportunity to experience archery, campfires, outdoor movies, enjoy mountain town specialties, sip sand coffee or soak afternoon tea. In addition, this glamping area also offers a chill space with live acoustic music. Address: 86 Khe Sanh, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Da Lat, Vietnam Phone: 093 365 47 77 Image:  ForestScent.Dalat. According to Zing

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Go to the forest chill music, SUP rowing, archery in the heart of Da Lat

Camping and glamping services in the mountain town are expanding to multi-experience attracting young people to find entertainment and connect with nature. Many young people choose to go to the forest to de-stress and enjoy their vacation in a unique way.

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In the land of a thousand flowers, spring seems to have endless charm for wandering souls. In mid-March, the purple phoenix blooms, staining the space with savagery, savagery and dreaminess.
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Located near the old train station, Accor's only resort in Dalat has 131 rooms, along with a restaurant, bar, gym, sauna, outdoor pool, children's playground and banquet hall,... promises to be an attractive destination for tourists.
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