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5 grills for a trip to Dalat at the end of the year

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The last months of the year are the dry season in Da Lat (Lam Dong). With favorable weather, little rain, this is the ideal occasion for you to have fun, cloud hunting or check-in with wild anemone flowers, rose grass ...

Chill in Dalat Grill

The shop is hidden at the top of the alley slope, the location is a bit difficult to find. The space owns a view of the valley on the hillside. From here, diners have the opportunity to watch the mist, clouds, sunset or blend into the breath of mountains and forests. Groups of friends can gather by the embers, grill meat, sip some drinks to warm the body. The atmosphere is open, cozy and pleasant. The yellow lights at night enhance the romance.

Appetizers include french fries, egg salad, deep-fried boneless chicken legs, lemongrass pickled chicken legs. Dishes from pork, beef, seafood are varied in many flavors. Chicken hotpot, passion fruit beef, tom yum seafood are also suggestions not to be missed. The beverage menu has fermented fruit wine, soju, juices, soft drinks. Grilled satay with tamarind sauce, young tree ribs in passion fruit sauce or BBQ grilled, beef with passion fruit sauce or beef with green pepper pate sauce dipped in bread are the signature dishes at the shop. The marinade is not too special, compensating for the strange dipping sauce. Rations are quite small for the price.

Address: Dang Thai Than, Ward 3

Opening hours: 10-22h30

Price: 50,000-239,000 VND/dish

Page: https://www.facebook.com/quannuongchillindalat/

Photo: Chill in Dalat Grill

Anne's Grill

Central location, convenient to travel. The café design is similar to Nordic country style. It has a romantic setting and many beautiful check-in corners. Guests can choose to sit in the classic bungalow or outdoors. Seats are arranged at a reasonable distance, convenient for couples or large groups.

The grill menu is diverse from seafood to pork, beef, oven-baked chicken, chicken with green pepper sauce. They have 4 typical sauces including cheese, salted egg, tamarind, green pepper pate.  Hot pot cooked with exotic milk.

Address: Han Thuyen, Ward 5

Opening time: 15-22h

Price: From 60,000 VND/dish

Page: https://www.facebook.com/annedalat/

Operating hours of the shop: - from 10h to 16h: pure Vietnamese house rice

- from 16h to 22h: BBQ & dinner

Photo: Anne's Grill

Ú Nu Grill

The grill is located in a rather steep alley, the access road is difficult to access. The space is spacious and airy. The interior is mostly made of wood. The outdoor BBQ area is decorated rustic. The indoor space is quite warm. The open-plan design brings a comfortable feeling when enjoying cuisine. The evening scene shimmers.

The menu is quite rich with grilled dishes from ribs, beef, chicken, seafood ... A variety of dishes with young eggs or charred pork cartilage with garlic, lemon recycled shrimp, grilled chicken with green pepper sauce, pan-fried gold-plated beef ... Attractive hot pot dish with chicken hot pot é leaves, giang leaves or Thai hot pot, ribs and tower ribs. The drink highlights fruit teas, milk glutinous wine, soju. Relative culinary quality. You should go in a group of 4 people to conveniently enjoy many dishes. The grill is traditional, so the space is quite overwhelmed with smoke, especially at the time of large number of customers.

Address: Tran Khanh Du, Ward 8

Opening hours: 14h-21h30

Price: From 60,000 VND/dish


Photo: Ú Nu Grill

Grill in the forest

It is located on Robin Hill, covered with pine forest. The location is somewhat difficult to find. At the small bungalow under the old pine canopy, you have the opportunity to enjoy barbecue while watching the valley from above.

The menu features tenderloin, ribeye tenderloin, oven-baked pork, grilled salmon, salted roasted chicken cartilage, grilled lamb chops, grilled shoulder, grilled goat. Raw salad has octopus in Thai sauce, wasabi shrimp, wasabi oysters. You can also sip crab spring rolls, tré rolls, duck spring rolls or french fries. The filling dish includes fried rice with salty fish, stir-fried noodles at the shake, mushroom ginseng hotpot, Thai hot pot, and sour bamboo shoot hotpot. Drinks do not have many options.

Address: Bis Dong Da, Ward 3

Opening time: 10-22h

Price: From 76,000 VND/dish


Photo: Grill in the forest

May May Grill

The space is spacious and airy. The first floor has an indoor barbecue area and private rooms, convenient for people to eat barbecue while watching the pine forest valley. The second floor is an outdoor barbecue space with cloud view.

The menu is rich with baked goods, fire pans, salads, salads, hot pots. The special menu includes beef tenderloin and tenderloin, lotus salad with shrimp meat, salmon salad, spaghetti, seafood soup, shrimp in Thai sauce, raw salmon in wasabi sauce. BBQ stands out with many grilled marinades such as salt, chili, honey, satay, five flavors, sweet and sour.

Address: 3/4 Street, Ward 3

Opening time: 10-23h

Price: From 48,000 VND/dish

Page: https://www.facebook.com/tiemnuongmaymay/

Photo: May May grill

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