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Cat Ba Island is a perfect combination of green forest ecosystem on limestone mountains, mangrove forest on high mountain, coastal mangrove ecosystem and marine and cave ecosystems.

★ World Natural Heritage Site Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago (2023)

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From April to October, the weather is cool, suitable for relaxation and swimming. The peak season starts from May to July. From November to March, the island is quite deserted. This time is ideal for exploring nature and relaxing.


You can rent a car or take bus straight to the island, about 100km from Hanoi to Haiphong, then continue to Cat Ba for about 2 hours.

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2 days 1 night on Lan Ha Bay with Indochina Sails

Indochinese architecture Vietnamese architecture partly intersects Western architecture, specifically French classical, with the sophistication in colors and materials of the East. The culmination of this combination creates the Indochinese architectural style - French architecture in harmony with the climate, landscape and culture of Vietnam. The yacht named Indochine, meaning Indochina, clearly demonstrates this style. Overall, the yacht has a superficial appearance, exuding European luxury, but every detail is bold traditional Vietnamese. The decorations, objects and pictures on the yacht are all colored with cultural history. Most of them are handmade, originating from traditional Vietnamese craft villages. The yacht consists of 43 light luxury cabins of four categories: Junior Suite, Suite, Executive Suite and President Suite. Each cabin is made of seasoned oak, has tall windows and private balconies so visitors can make the most of the stunning views. Designed by passengers, it encapsulates the artistic period of Vietnamese history throughout the colonial period full of recalls. Schedule Day 1: Hanoi - Tuan Chau Port - Lan Ha Bay - Morning and Dark Cave In addition to sitting on the yacht and admiring the view of the bay, visitors can also participate in activities such as kayaking, visiting caves - one of which has an interesting landmark called Morning and Evening cave. Sang Dark Cave is located in the area bordering Lan Ha Bay and Ha Long Bay with beautiful limestone mountains and rich natural ecosystem. The entire area is divided into two parts: the Light Cave and the Dark Cave. The Dark Cave is quite long, flooded and has a lot of bats, so visitors are not allowed to move here. Meanwhile, the Cave of Light is short and illuminated by the sun. Passing the stone archway of Sang Cave on a kayak, I admired the tranquil round lake nestled among the limestone mountains with rich vegetation - where I really found myself returning to the most pristine nature. On the way back to the yacht, dusk began to fall, the sun began to set over the bay. The poetic scene with yachts anchored in the middle of the sea, surrounded by young water. We sat on our kayak and marveled at the beauty of the afternoon, so much so that we forgot the task of quickly rowing to get back in time before darkness swallowed everything. In the evening, we took the time to enjoy a meal on the yacht, enjoying wine. The night on the bay was still, the wind blowing gently with every wave crashing against the side of the boat. If you want a more immersive experience, you can try night squid fishing with the help of the staff on the cruise. Day 2: Trung Trang Cave - Tuan Chau Ship Port - Hanoi Early in the day, sunlight crept through the windows of each cabin. It dawned quickly, waking up visitors who were still slightly soaked in the intoxicating yeast of alcohol. Visitors board the ship, practice Tai Chi to kick off a new day. I took a deep breath of this air, which I thought was rare to enjoy in the city. Then we move to Trung Trang cave. In the past, this cave was called the Bat Cave because the inside of the cave is home to many colonies of bats. Trung Trang Cave has undergone millions of years of geological tectonics, so the cave has countless natural stalactites, extremely sparkling. At the end of the tour, we returned to the yacht to return to Tuan Chau, enjoying the warm sunshine. For the best experience when cruising in Lan Ha Bay, you should bring appropriate clothes for overnight activities on the boat, kayaking, visiting caves ... In addition, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, swimwear are recommended. In winter, you need to bring warm clothes. Do not forget personal documents such as national identity card, citizen ID or passport to check in and check-out procedures. According to VnE Photo: Indochina Sails

Getaway & Resorts 03/10/2023

2 days 1 night on Lan Ha Bay with Indochina Sails

Walking along the corridors, sitting at the classically designed dining tables, I feel like I am going back in time to the past with the smell of deep wood, the tranquility in every architectural line. The yacht carried us temporarily parting with reality to nostalgic, past marks.

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Ha Long Bay - Cat Ba archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it contains areas of natural beauty including vegetation-covered limestone islands and limestone peaks rising above the sea along with related karst features such as domes and caves.
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If you intend to visit Cat Ba archipelago with crystal clear blue beaches or picturesque Lan Ha Bay, let's take a look at some luxurious-fine resorts here with Migo!
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