About Cat Ba

Cat Ba Island is a perfect combination of green forest ecosystem on limestone mountains, mangrove forest on high mountain, coastal mangrove ecosystem and marine and cave ecosystems.

★ World Natural Heritage Site Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago (2023)

Best Time To Visit Cat Ba

From April to October, the weather is cool, suitable for relaxation and swimming. The peak season starts from May to July. From November to March, the island is quite deserted. This time is ideal for exploring nature and relaxing.

(Feb - Apr)

Spring drizzle

It's getting warmer

Turbid sea, cold water

Fog spreads on ground at night

(May - Jul)

Sunny and hot

Gentle waves lapping the shore

Summer showers

Kayaking on Lan Ha Bay

Trekking in Cat Ba National Park

(Aug - Oct)

Full moon rising over the sea

Cool and windy

Nice and pleasant

Sailing through the magnificent bay

The most beautiful time of the year

(Nov - Jan)

Drizzle and North wind

Rough sea

Fog spreads on ground at night

Cruise on Lan Ha Bay

Year-end festive activities


You can rent a car or take bus straight to the island, about 100km from Hanoi to Haiphong, then continue to Cat Ba for about 2 hours.

Explore Cat Ba

Cross the jungle, explore the hundred-year-old village in Cat Ba

About 140km from Hanoi, Cat Ba Island – the largest island in the Cat Ba archipelago (Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city) is an interesting destination for travel lovers because of its beautiful natural landscape, including the road through Cat Ba National Park known as the most beautiful road in Northern Vietnam. Photo: Dam Quoc Khanh Cat Ba National Park is also the trekking coordinates that many tourists love and choose to conquer when visiting this place with an interesting journey through the primeval forest, admiring the unique ancient trees and encountering rare animals and plants in the forest,... Photo: Dam Quoc Khanh To participate in this trekking through the island, visitors depart from the gate of the National Park (11km from Phu Long ferry) with an entrance ticket price of 80,000 VND / person. Depending on physical strength and desire, visitors can choose to trek 6km or 10km, take about 4-5 hours to move with the final destination is Viet Hai village, located deep in Cat Ba National Park, about 10km from the center of Cat Ba town. Photo: Le Thanh Hien, Dam Quoc Khanh The 10km palace is more popular with tourists because of its many beautiful sceneries and rich experiences. With this trekking course, visitors will cross 6 rocky slopes, cross many primeval forests and in turn conquer craggy and rugged peaks such as Ang Vat, May Bau, Ang Mill,... In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to explore some attractive destinations in the itinerary such as Musketeer Peak, Frog Pond ,...    Photo: Dam Quoc Khanh During the journey to conquer the road through Cat Ba National Park, visitors will pass the cat's ear rocky mountains covered with moss and very slippery. There are difficult passages but in return the landscape is very beautiful, covered with green colors, encountering animals such as butterflies, birds and a lot of large storks," Quoc Khanh shared. Photo: Le Thanh Hien, Dam Quoc Khanh For a safe and enjoyable trekking, National Day suggests visitors to Cat Ba Island this season to bring mosquito spray, insect spray and food, water, electrolytes (to compensate for the salt lost when climbing and food to avoid hypoglycemia). In addition, visitors should equip anti-slip shoes, gloves because the trekking distance passes through many spots with slippery moss and sharp cat ear rocks. Photo: Dam Quoc Khanh At the end of the trekking through the forest, the group of friends stopped and rested at Viet Hai ancient village, combining visiting many destinations around the island and participating in interesting outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, watching the fireflies glowing at night,... As the last stop of the trekking course through Cat Ba National Park, possessing fresh and green space, Viet Hai village has also become a tourist destination attracting tourists, especially foreign tourists. On average, Viet Hai village welcomes 700-800 foreign tourists every day, especially in the summer it can reach more than 2000 visitors / day, not including domestic visitors. This also helps with food and accommodation services,... In this locality, it is more active, creating jobs and raising incomes for indigenous people. Viet Hai currently has 87 households and more than half of them participate in tourism and services. In the commune, there are also many tourist and accommodation facilities in the form of homstay with their own unique features. Photo: DL Black Here, visitors can visit around the village, try the experience of cooking rice with a wood stove, growing vegetables, harvesting rice ..., camping in Union Valley or enjoying some typical delicacies such as "jogging" chicken, organic clean vegetables and attractive Cat Ba seafood. According to VNN

Nature & Adventure 05/06/2024

Cross the jungle, explore the hundred-year-old village in Cat Ba

At the end of the trekking trip, crossing the primeval forest in Cat Ba island, visitors stop at Viet Hai village, enjoy the green scenery, experience scenic cycling, foot masage fish,... or enjoy delicious local specialties.

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Longzhou Lighthouse is located on the island of the same name in Haiphong. This building was built in 1894, has played a guiding role for ships and boats for more than 100 years.
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Trekking more than 10 km in Cat Ba National Forest is an interesting experience for explorers, when immersed in the primeval forest with unique ancient trees, and sometimes encountering animals.
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