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No fuss, no luxury, no extravagance, Bac Kan is like a gleaming jewel in the middle of the wild and will blow your mind with its graceful pristine beauty. Bac Kan has Ba Be National Park and Ba Be Lake located on forested imposing mountain as well as mysterious stalactites caves and fantastic waterfalls, best suited for adventure lovers.

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The best time to have a trip to Bac Kan is summer from March through August. That time, the North begins to heat up but the air in Bac Kan is always cool and fresh because it is surrounded by limestone mountains and serene lakes.


Bac Kan is about 150km from Hanoi, so you can travel by motorbike, private car or catch a shuttle at My Dinh Bus Station.

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SUP Tour Conquering Nang River and Ba Be Lake - 2 days
Ba Be - Bac Kan - Hanoi
This tour is not an ordinary SUP tour, not an ordinary outdoor experience but a fascinating nature c
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Poetic Pac Ngoi – Homestay village to keep visitors

Pac Ngoi village is located in Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, 50km from the center of Bac Kan province and about 220km from Hanoi. Pac Ngoi village is a stilt house village of the Tay ethnic group on the bank of the Leng River, right next to Ba Be lake. In the village, there are over 70 houses built in the style of ancient stilt architecture of the Tay ethnic group. The village has a very beautiful terrain, the back is like a cliff, the face faces the lake, creating a charming and poetic landscape of the mountainous region. Pac Ngoi village currently has a number of ancient stilt houses, roofed with yin and yang trough tiles, unique architectural designs. From the way of building a stilt house to the lifestyle, the costumes are bold with their own identity. And perhaps this is also the reason why tourists visit Pac Ngoi to explore, experience, immerse themselves in the simple life of local people. Choosing to stay at homestay in Pac Ngoi village, you will have the opportunity to experience a full day with different activities. Many visitors try on national costumes, do all the work like locals every day, and participate in fishing on the lake and grilling on the spot. Although not as luxurious as resorts, homestays are still fully equipped, comfortable space in harmony with the nature of mountains and forests. Every morning, visitors traveling to Ba Be Lake can sit and sip a cup of coffee watching the sunrise behind the peak. Coming to Pac Ngoi village, visitors can not only see the scenery of Pac Ngoi village, or experience the life of indigenous people in ancient stilt houses, but visitors also participate in night markets that take place every Friday and Saturday evening. Visitors will be able to shop for many local goods and watch many unique performances performed by the Tay ethnic people. Charming water is created from a combination of mountains and forests, rice fields, clear blue lakes. During the days of visiting the resort here, you can have fun and live according to the lifestyle of the local people. Surely the interesting experiences here will help you accumulate more knowledge about the culture of each region you have visited. The most attached to visitors is probably the specialty dishes of Bac Kan. You do not need to go to luxury restaurants or need professional chefs to still enjoy many attractive dishes with the flavor of the mountains. Coming here, you must definitely enjoy typical dishes such as grilled Ba Be lake fish, hill chicken steamed with lemon leaves, pig stealing armpits, sour shrimp ... These dishes served with sticky rice will definitely be the perfect combination. Not only enjoying but also some specialties you can also bring back to the downstream region as gifts for your family after traveling. Among them, there is kitchen buffalo meat, Northwest sausages, sour shrimp and plum jam. Particularly, sour shrimp, plum jam are packed into boxes and sausages, meat packed into vacuum bags, so it is easy to carry away. After enjoying delicious food, visitors will be immersed in the smooth rhythms of the Tay people in the Northwest. Tay boys and girls in traditional costumes raise their voices, the sound of the guitar is clear, echoing, making the space more exciting. Pac Ngoi village is one of the ideal places that tourists must visit. Nature favors this place with cool climate, charming scenery, fresh air, helping visitors have the best relaxing time. Synthesise Photo: Thien Nguyen

Getaway & Resorts 25/10/2023

Poetic Pac Ngoi – Homestay village to keep visitors

The charming natural scenery, friendly people and traditional cultural identity of the Tay people, are the beauties that make visitors stop at Pac Ngoi village to fall in love.

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Ba Be Lake belongs to Ba Be National Park, is a famous ecotourism destination. In 2011, Ba Be was recognized as a Ramsar site - a wetland reserve of world importance.
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Sour shrimp, grilled lake fish, kitchen pork, forest banana... are attractive specialties in Ba Be Lake for the majority of visitors.
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