About Bac Kan

No fuss, no luxury, no extravagance, Bac Kan is like a gleaming jewel in the middle of the wild and will blow your mind with its graceful pristine beauty. Bac Kan has Ba Be National Park and Ba Be Lake located on forested imposing mountain as well as mysterious stalactites caves and fantastic waterfalls, best suited for adventure lovers.

Best Time To Visit Bac Kan

The best time to have a trip to Bac Kan is summer from March through August. That time, the North begins to heat up but the air in Bac Kan is always cool and fresh because it is surrounded by limestone mountains and serene lakes.

(Feb - Apr)

It's getting warmer

Peach blossoms in full bloom

Young green spring buds on branches

Ba Be Lake is dreamy in the mist

(May - Jul)

Fresh air

It's hot during the day

Trees are lushly green

Fireflies fly around

(Aug - Oct)

Cool and fresh air

The fog spreads around

Full of fresh fish and prawns

The most beautiful time of the year

(Nov - Jan)

Extremely cold

Frosty wet night

The pass is covered with clouds

Long and winding roads

Silent forest


Bac Kan is about 150km from Hanoi, so you can travel by motorbike, private car or catch a shuttle at My Dinh Bus Station.

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SUP Tour Conquering Nang River and Ba Be Lake - 2 days
Ba Be - Bac Kan - Hanoi
This tour is not an ordinary SUP tour, not an ordinary outdoor experience but a fascinating nature c
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Ba Be Lake spring to watch mandarins winter

From mid-February to the end of March is a short period of time that visitors to Spring at the beginning of the year have the opportunity to watch mandarins when taking a boat trip to visit Ba Be lake. This is a rare migratory bird in the wild in Vietnam, mainly moving from the north (southeast of China) to large freshwater lakes in Vietnam to avoid winter.  The Mandarin Duck ( Aix Galericulata) is a medium-sized perching duck, closely related to the Carolina duck of North America. With adults, the length is about 41-49cm and the wingspan is 65-75cm. In nature, mandarins breed in wooded areas near ponds, shallow lakes, swamps. They nest in hollows in trees, close to the surface of the water, distributed mainly in the lowlands of eastern China and southern Japan. The male (also called uyen) has unmistakably colorful plumage, a red beak, a large white crescent-shaped streak above the eyes, and a red face and "mustache". The chest is purple with two longitudinal white stripes, the hips are  reddish, with two clusters of feathers resembling two orange sails on the back. The female (also called a nursery) has a white annular around the eye and a stripe running backwards from the eye, but fading, with small white stripes on the flanks and pale beak tips. Characterized by its size and vibrant color, the mandarin bird is considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world today. This bird is considered a symbol of fidelity, deep fidelity. Because they live together in pairs for the rest of their lives, they sleep together, eat together, and rarely see separation (except at the time when the female incubates the eggs). During this time, visitors to Ba Be Lake also have the opportunity to see the yellow-crowned duck (scientific name Anas penelope), a migratory bird rarer than mandarin in Vietnam. Ba Be Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam with an area of 500ha, along with a primary forest of 10,000ha showing biodiversity, attracting many species of wild animals and birds to reside.  Source: Dan Tri

Nature & Adventure 07/03/2024

Ba Be Lake spring to watch mandarins winter

In the early spring days, visitors to Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan) have the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful birds in the world when mandarins migrate from the North to Vietnam to avoid winter.

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The charming natural scenery, friendly people and traditional cultural identity of the Tay people, are the beauties that make visitors stop at Pac Ngoi village to fall in love.
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Ba Be Lake belongs to Ba Be National Park, is a famous ecotourism destination. In 2011, Ba Be was recognized as a Ramsar site - a wetland reserve of world importance.
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