Orivy Local Cuisine Restaurant

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1,132 Reviews
576/1 Cửa Đại, Hội An, Quảng Nam
12h - 21h30
(+84) 90 964 70 70
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Orivy Hoi An Local Food is a famous small family-run restaurant located on Cua Dai Street, Hoi An. It uses fresh ingredients from Tra Que, the local market to offer healthy food at reasonable prices. The menu at Orivy is quite extensive, including dishes made with poultry, pork and beef, accompanied by broths, salads and rice, as well as traditional Vietnamese dishes.
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884 Reviews

We liked this place so much, we ate here twice. The food was great, the staff very nice and very reasonable prices. It s slightly out of the main busy touristy area, but well worth it! We especially recommend the local pancakes with shrimp and pork that you wrap up in rice paper. The lemongrass chicken was also great.

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Very Good

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Restaurant was close to my hotel . Had dinner on consecutive nights . It was quiet on one night and very busy the second night. The restaurant has an airy open plan and is quite attractive . No table cloths . The menu are all tatty and torn and doesn’t give a good impression . We chose to order dishes rather than one dish meals. For the first dinner , we ordered white rose as an entree. It’s a small dumpling with a small round of minced pork and steamed which resembles a white rose . Not bad albeit a tad chewy . The texture of fried shallots elevated this dish . For the mains , The grilled eggplants with an oil and soya sauce dressing was exceptional with a nice smoky flavour . The grilled beef with lemongrass and chilli a good tasty dish with the lemongrass imparting a citrus taste to the grilled beef .
The baked banana leaf wrapped mackerel was a disappointment. The fish was dry although tasty . I have eaten this dish in another restaurant in hoian which was great . In my opinion, mackerel is not suitable and other types of fish is more suitable. The ubiquitous fried morning glory ( Kang kong , water spinach ) with garlic was good with young tender morning glory. It can be better if the garlic is lightly fried first . The garlic tasted raw .
The tea we ordered came in a big pot . We finished the meal with a Vietnamese steamed lotus leaf wrapped dumpling with a sweet nutty filling banh it la Gai . Quite nice .
For the second nights dinner we ordered the fried spring rolls as entrees . These looked very different to other Vietnamese spring rolls and tasted very good . We chose a stir fried beef with lemon grass and chilli instead of grilled and it was very good as well but the grilled beef with lemongrass and chilli is slightly better. We ordered the grilled eggplant again because it was so good . The Stewed pork in clay pot was a bit disappointing. The cubes of pork too small and the pork too lean and not soft enough. When I gave feedback, I was told western patrons don’t like fatty pork . This surprised me as in my experience in australia westerners love pork belly ( with layers of lean meat and fat ) which is more suitable for this type of stewed clay pot dish . The beer is cold and the Long Island cocktail just okay.
My rating is 3.5 . Many enjoyable dishes and with minor tweaks can be 4/5 . Recommended with some reservations .

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576/1 Cua Dai, Hoi An, Quang Nam
12h - 21h30
(+84) 90 964 70 70