About Quang Ninh

Nature has given Quang Ninh great favor to the magnificient natural landscape with thousands of limestone islands, mysterious stalactite caves and fishing villages of the famous Halong Bay world heritage, and rich coal minerals. Moreover, the long history - culture associated with Buddhism here will also be an attraction to explore Quang Ninh.

★ World Natural Heritage Site Halong Bay (1994, 2000)

★ World Natural Heritage Site Halong Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago (2023)

Best Time To Visit Quang Ninh

The climate here has a distinct four-season division. Quang Ninh travel time is most suitable from spring to autumn around the end of April to September, cool and fresh air, beautiful sea, emerald water. This is also the time in Quang Ninh where many outstanding cultural activities such as Yen Tu festival, Halong Carnaval, summer music festival,... However, you should note that in summer, due to the influence of tropical storms, Quang Ninh often has heavy rain and wind.

(Feb - Apr)

Light drizzle

Sunshine and breeze

Gentle sea

Bustling spiritual new year festivals

(May - Jul)

Sunny and hot

Sudden showers

Beach season

Attractive festival at beach

Cruise on Ha Long Bay

(Aug - Oct)

Clean and fresh air

Beautiful sea, blue water

The moon glimmering in the clouds

Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

Sailing through the magnificent bay

(Nov - Jan)


Pale sunshine, gray clouds

The sea is cold

Drizzle and North wind

The boat glides on the bay


Van Don International Airport serves domestic flights and routes from China, Korea, and Japan. To visit Quang Ninh from Ha Noi, you can travel by buses, shuttles, private cars, or motorbikes. It takes about two hours one-way or an hour by seaplane departing from Noi Bai International Airport.

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Impressive seafood restaurants in Ha Long, Quang Ninh

Ngoc Phuong Nam Restaurant Ngoc Phuong Nam restaurant chain was established in 2012 with the vision of developing into a leading seafood restaurant chain in the region, constantly innovating to create a high-class product and service ecosystem, contributing to improving the quality of Quang Ninh cuisine and raising the position of Quang Ninh cuisine on the Vietnamese culinary map.  Coming to Ngoc Phuong Nam, you will experience great cuisine in a large space, designed in harmony with nature, on the shore of the beautiful Ha Long Bay. The restaurant space is airy with an extremely large area, fully equipped with a system of sound, lighting, screens... Ngoc Phuong Nam Restaurant is convenient for organizing parties, conferences, class meetings, birthdays, personal and organizational, tours... with reasonable prices depending on the needs of customers. The restaurant is known for its bold Asian cuisine, with a rich menu, a variety of specialties from 3 regions, forests – seas... prepared by the most experienced chefs. CS1: Tran Quoc Nghien Street – Ha Long City CS2: Do Si Hoa Street – Cai Dam Urban Area – Bai Chay – Ha Long City Phone: (+84) 904 290 808 Website: https://nhahangngocphuongnam.com/ Photo: Ngoc Phuong Nam Restaurant Pavilion Restaurant Pavilion Restaurant offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a menu of fresh seafood from the rich waters of Ha Long and grilled dishes carefully selected by the chef. The sea breeze brings the aroma from the dishes that will awaken the senses of diners to immerse themselves in the culinary feast in the late sunset setting. Pavilion is located in Vinpearl Resort & Spa, owning a unique sea-facing hut architecture. The interior design is inspired by the vivid breath of the ocean with wavy motifs and a harmony of warm brown and elegant creamy white tones. Large windows to receive natural light, opening up the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay like a picture. Address: Do Sy Hoa, Ha Long, Vietnam Phone: 0203 3556 868 https://www.facebook.com/vinpearlresortandspahalong Photo: Pavilion Restaurant A Dong Restaurant A Dong Cuisine is a restaurant, luxurious and has a 5* standard service that brings customers "a journey to discover the beauty of 2 Asian and European cuisines". The space at A Dong Cuisine is a great combination of luxury and breakthrough. The culinary space at Asia Dong Cuisine is not only a place for meals, but also an adventure between charming Europe and intriguing Indochine. Here, charisma and sophistication come first. The uniqueness starts from the layout of the space. The fabric drop lamp system combined with traditional materials creates warmth and shimmery. The mystique of the Moroccan lamp adds to the space of innovation and sophistication, creating the right space for both romantic dates and cozy family meals. For diners who love open spaces, the outdoor area will be an ideal destination. The combination of nature and creativity creates a new space, from the entrance with a new, innovative design and special effects - a powerful experience from the very beginning. Address: Kios C123, Sungroup Food Street, Ha Long Street, Ha Long, Vietnam Phone: 094 989 63 63 https://www.facebook.com/Adongrestaurant.halong Photo: A Dong Restaurant Ngoc Luc Bao Restaurant For gourmets of Ha Long seafood, Ngoc Luc Bao is not a strange name. Prime location on the shore of Cua Luc Bay – Ha Long Bay, in the middle of Bai Chay tourist center of Ha Long city. Ngoc Luc Bao Restaurant brings customers a very unique and diverse culinary space. The dining room under the wine cellar is minus 3 m above sea level, the dining room has a view of the Bay in Royal style, a top view space for families and friends to watch the marina, Bai Chay Bridge.   In addition to the unique seafood menu, Ngoc Luc Bao restaurant also introduces diners to Sea Crab combined with more than ten types of sauces made from more than 100 spices in the world. Address: No. 26, Ha Long Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Ha Long, Vietnam Phone: 096 915 98 88 https://vi-vn.facebook.com/nhahangngoclucbao/ Photo: Ngoc Luc Bao Restaurant Ha Long Fishing Village Cuisine Restaurant   Cuisine of Ha Long fishing village - a place to preserve the sophistication of rustic cuisine of fishermen in the sea. The dishes here are a combination of modern cuisine and traditional culture, ensuring that they are suitable for all audiences.  Restaurant   built on an open campus close to nature with a total area of nearly 1,500m2; architecture imbued with traditional Vietnamese culture such as: stone bridges, springs, banyan trees, village gates... Those simple features are also branded as the name Ha Long Fishing Village Cuisine. In addition to the luxurious VIP dining rooms, the restaurant also has dining rooms for large groups of guests, which are equipped with LED screens, stereo and stage systems to serve the needs of customers' collective cultural exchanges. But it can be said that the area that leaves the deepest impression on customers is the outdoor green space covered with shady green trees. Address: Plot No. 1, Lot 20, Hoang Quoc Viet, Bai Chay Ward, Ho Chi Minh City. Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province (next to Ha Long Palace Hotel) Phone: 02.033 848 668 https://www.facebook.com/ThucLangChaiHaLong Photo: Ha Long Fishing Village Restaurant Son Doong Restaurant The menu is diverse from the sea to the countryside, from seafood dishes such as Boring, Ruoc, and Blood Oysters,... or Roast Duck, Grilled Chicken,... and also appetizers such as Soups, Salads,... with unforgettable flavors that will bring you a taste explosion party. Coming to Son Doong Seafood Restaurant, you will have a wonderful culinary experience in the traditional space of national identity on the shore of the beautiful Ha Long Bay. Food quality is always guaranteed to be the freshest and tastiest, food hygiene is safe. The ingredients are carefully selected by the restaurant, have a clear origin and are absolutely preserved. Address: A11 – 01, 02 Monbay urban area, Hong Hai ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province Phone: 0966 957 338 https://www.facebook.com/sondoongrestaurant Photo: Son Doong Seafood Restaurant Diep Hoang

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Impressive seafood restaurants in Ha Long, Quang Ninh

Please save the addresses of some famous seafood restaurants in Ha Long, Quang Ninh to enjoy a great dining experience during your vacation.

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