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Binh Lieu, the journey to conquer the reed season in the border region

Translated by Bing
After many appointment errors, my family finally arrived in Binh Lieu, a destination located more than 100 km from Ha Long city, about 270 km from Hanoi of Quang Ninh province is likened to a miniature Sapa, with overlapping mountain scenery and 4 seasons climate in one day.

Binh Lieu has emerged in recent years but has quickly become one of the favorite trekking destinations among young people. Each season, this place wears its own attractive beauty, each season, guests come for new discoveries. February is drunk in the distinctive highland festivals, March blooms through the forests, October 9 stands out with terraced fields in the rice solstice season, in November the reeds bloom white on the mountain slopes and in December, the season of flowers is tenderly fragrant.

The days when Binh Lieu enters the reed season are also the most favorable days to conquer the road on the border of the Fatherland, it is fortunate to come here at this time. The weather in late autumn and early winter is extremely pleasant and dry, helping conquerors to lose strength when they have to walk long distances continuously steeply upward. Having heard a lot and seen many beautiful photos of this place during the reed season, we still can't help but marvel at the breathtaking view of this place with its medieval hills and white reeds blooming on the mountainside.

In contrast to the noisy and hurried Ha Long Harbor land, Binh Lieu welcomed us with a peaceful space. Binh Lieu journey is a journey of many emotions and joys. A pair of soft shoes, a hat, a warm shirt and jacket, light food and drink behind the backpack, we entered the world of beautiful nature. There are no car horns and no people, only us with majestic nature, with gentle sunshine, cool breezes and white reeds blooming on all roads. The smoking path ahead, lifting my head only to see the clouds of the deep blue sky, found myself too small in the middle of nature. The ramp is up, there's no hurry. We stopped to rest on the soft grass, make a cup of fragrant coffee, sit under the shade of the reeds, enjoy our own peaceful space. That wild-growing weed with a slender but strong body has not known when to become the "specialty" of Binh Liao. The color of the reeds combined with the vast natural scenery, the vast sky creates a charming beauty.

The journey to conquer the milestone is the number one "specialty" of Binh Lieu because this place is known as the "Milestone Paradise" with about 64 milestones running along the 48km long border between Vietnam and China And that journey goes on a road filled with reed flowers. Following the trail among the flowers, the road grew higher and higher, and the grass grew thicker and thicker. The walk was getting heavier and heavier because the road was quite long, but the weather favored and was not in a hurry, plus the beautiful scenery on the road, so no one felt tired. The camera in my hand shoots non-stop because the scenery is too beautiful to shoot regretfully.

Then soon we reached the hardest "dinosaur spine" to conquer in the North to reach the famous landmark 1305. This section has been built an additional stairway with a length of about 1.8 km, up to more than 2,000 steps. The road up 1305 is picturesque with a small path along the back of the mountain, in the middle of the sky covered with a white color of reeds, in the distance are majestic green hills. The road is getting higher and higher, the scenery is opening up more and more before your eyes. After going all the way to the highest peak, from here, you can see the panoramic view of Binh Lieu pristine, attractive with winding roads around hills and mountains, steppes full of white reeds and warm sunshine, on the other side is the neighboring country. Mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers. Standing in this place, in the middle of the immensity of heaven and earth, I give myself a few minutes to forget all the worries and worries of the bustling city.

Binh Lieu is peaceful with mountains, simple life of ethnic minority people. Touch the gentle reed flowers, walk among the beautiful flowerbeds of nature to see how great nature is.

If you want to see a beautiful Binh Lieu with white flower-colored mountain slopes, now is the best time. Pick up your backpack and go, experience two weekends just by yourself with rustic but majestic nature. On that road, there are flowers and reeds, sunshine and wind as companions.

The best way is to get on a car to Ha Long and then rent a motorbike to go to Binh Lieu. And if you still have time, explore Binh Lieu with many other interesting destinations such as the peak of Siam Cao – which is known as the "roof" of Quang Ninh with an altitude of 1,429m, delight in camping and playing at Khe Zen waterfall, go to the top of Poland High, visit Song Mooc village, Na Lang suspension bridge... Experience the exciting weekend in your own way.

Writer: Lam Linh

Photo: Nguyen Manh Hung

Image source: Multiple authors
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