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On the long journey to explore the nature and culture of Vietnam, you must visit Quang Ngai once. It is where the civilization of Sa Huynh originated in Vietnamese territory from the Iron Age.

Quang Ngai is not only a place of historic archaeological relics but also a land of national great luminaries. In addition, Quang Ngai has many immense and poetic attractions such as: Ly Son island, Thien An mountain, Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve,...

Best Time To Visit Quang Ngai

The best time for a trip to Quang Ngai is from April to August. The weather is nice and sunny, suitable for many activities: sightseeing, swimming or traveling by motorcycle.


If your location is within the appropriate distance and your personal health allows, you had better take a motorbike to Quang Ngai to enjoy the scenery. Or else, you can arrive at Chu Lai International Airport in Quang Nam then catch a coach to Quang Ngai.

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Explore Bau Ca Cai mangrove forest, Quang Ngai

About 30 km northeast of the center of Quang Ngai City, Bau Ca Cai is a mangrove forest of about 120 hectares in Thuan Phuoc village, Binh Son district. With its location near the sea, Bau Ca Cai is planned as a coastal protection forest to break waves and improve the ecological environment. Visiting this beautiful water, visitors immerse themselves in the wild and charming natural picture. According to locals, Bau Ca Cai has a unique beauty all year round. Each season, this mangrove forest has its own attraction that fascinates visitors and the artists and photographers and journalists who come here to compose. When the warm spring has just arrived, the forest of white toad trees begins to sprout, bloom, creating a vast green patch, covering an area of the sky. When summer knocks on the door, the bright green color gradually turns yellow, extremely vibrant and outstanding.  In the season when white toads shed their leaves, Bau Ca Cai dyes white like snowfall. Looking down from above, this place looks like a fairy tale painting. Visitors sit on small boats to experience weaving between the white toad forest, "slow living" among peaceful natural spaces rarely found anywhere. The mangrove forest formed and developed has attracted many species of birds, storks, especially mallards to reside, multiply and flourish. Bau Ca Cai area is planned by Quang Ngai to plant white toad trees to protect waves, improve the favorable ecological environment for aquaculture, open up a sustainable way out of poverty for people in coastal areas. This is the project "Strengthening resilience to the impacts of climate change for vulnerable coastal communities in Vietnam" in Quang Ngai funded by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in collaboration with the Government of Vietnam. According to DLTP

Nature & Adventure 23/10/2023

Explore Bau Ca Cai mangrove forest, Quang Ngai

Bau Ca Cai coastal Binh Son district brings unique beauty all year round. Each season, this mangrove forest has its own charm that fascinates visitors.

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Ly Son Jade Island is quite pristine, so there are not many luxury hotels here. However, because it is an island, some resorts have beautiful views and harmony with nature.
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Chau Me Sea, Turkey Sea, Sa Can Sea or Hoc Mo Sea... are beautiful, pristine beaches in Quang Ngai that visitors can visit.
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