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On the long journey to explore the nature and culture of Vietnam, you must visit Quang Ngai once. It is where the civilization of Sa Huynh originated in Vietnamese territory from the Iron Age.

Quang Ngai is not only a place of historic archaeological relics but also a land of national great luminaries. In addition, Quang Ngai has many immense and poetic attractions such as: Ly Son island, Thien An mountain, Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve,...

Best Time To Visit Quang Ngai

The best time for a trip to Quang Ngai is from April to August. The weather is nice and sunny, suitable for many activities: sightseeing, swimming or traveling by motorcycle.


If your location is within the appropriate distance and your personal health allows, you had better take a motorbike to Quang Ngai to enjoy the scenery. Or else, you can arrive at Chu Lai International Airport in Quang Nam then catch a coach to Quang Ngai.


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Top super beautiful Homestays in Ly Son

Athena – Camping Homestay As a beautiful little house that only one step has touched the blue sea, Athena will surely make you satisfied at first sight with such a prime location. Homestay built on a very unique tree, is an ideal place to live in harmony with nature. Homestay located on high can overlook the sea is an interesting virtual check-in location. There is also a full range of services for visitors. If you do not want to stay in rooms or tree houses, you can choose to camp on the beach is also an interesting experience. Address: Be Island, An Binh Commune, Ly Son District Alabin Homestay A great space for those who want to fully enjoy the nature of Be Island. Alabin homestay is located in a beautiful location with the sea in front of the sea, behind the mountain. The spacious campus is impressively decorated, filled with greenery. Currently, the homestay has just upgraded the room spaces to become more comfortable and modern but still retain its own character, attracting visitors. Coming to Alabin, you can choose to stay in a sea view room with a lovely balcony, a private hut for two people or a family house with a green campus. In the evening, do not forget to participate in the experience of fishing, fishing, crab scanning with Mr. Minh the friendly host! Address: Be Island, An Binh Commune, Ly Son District Phone: 034 586 7676 Sea breeze Homestay A creative homestay, rooms are fully equipped to meet the needs of 2 people, 4 people and 6 people. Alternatively, guests can sleep in a tent at the beach with full bedding. Outside the sea-breeze homestay, there are hammocks, chairs, campfire parties, music speakers, lighting systems. Rest in the tent or evening to organize a campfire with a toast, grill squid, fresh seafood right on the beach, what is better, right? Especially, you can use the laundry service and swimming life jackets completely free provided from the homestay. Address: Be Island, An Binh, Ly Son Phone: 037 223 9290 Li Son Bungalow Hostel Ly Son Bungalow hostel has a beautiful location when in front of the pristine beach with a unique Love Bridge check-in location. It also has different accommodation levels to choose from, 1 dorm room, 1 single room for 2 people and 1 tent for those who want to experience. There will also be interesting fishing and fishing activities with the host Ginseng. Address: Be Island, An Binh Commune, Ly Son District Phone: 098 174 95 35  Kitchen's House Homestay True to the name of this Quang Ngai homestay, coming to this place, you will enjoy a quiet space, beautiful view, comfortable as you are at home. Moreover, the hostess is extremely funny, extremely hospitable and caring about her guests. She will advise and guide you to have interesting days exploring Quang Ngai. Along with that, you can delight in preparing dishes according to your preferences and you can enjoy completely free cups of coffee. Address: An Vinh Commune, Ly Son District, Quang Ngai, Vietnam Phone: 097 581 11 17 BeEcolodge Li Son The quiet space under the coconut shades, the tall straw roofs will give you a feeling of spaciousness, airiness and comfort. Offering sea views, BeEcolodge Homestay in Ly Son offers accommodation and dining. Homestay is extremely cute with gentle decoration, bamboo stem style, coconut roof. Rooms are clean, fans are full, green plants are cool. The evening with the sea breeze blowing in will be colder, so please remember to keep warm while here. Address: Ly Son Island, An Binh Commune, Ly Son District, Quang Ngai Province, Quang Ngai, Vietnam Phone: 078 227 7540 Source: General

Getaway & Resorts 18/09/2023

Top super beautiful Homestays in Ly Son

These simple and lovely homestays have a million dollar view when right in front is the windswept sea.

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Located about 3 nautical miles from Ly Son Big Island - the central area of the island district, Be Island still retains its peaceful, rustic character, an attractive destination for tourists.
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The receding tide reveals colorful "coral forests", creating a unique picture of the landscapes of Ghenh Yen, Binh Son, Quang Ngai fascinating tourists.
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