About Quang Nam

Located in the central region of Vietnam, Quang Nam still retains unique cultural resources, recording imprints of the brilliant ancient time. Pay a trip to Quang Nam, visitors will be dazzled by the relics in Tra Kieu, Khuong My, Bang An, mingle with the crowd in Hoi An that was once the busiest port in Viet Nam, rest on boast stark white sand beaches, or explore the World Biosphere Reserve of Cu Lao Cham Marine Park.


Quang Nam is the intersection of Vietnam's North and South climates, divided into two seasons year-round: the dry season from February to August, the rain season from October to December. The best time to travel here is from February to April when the weather is overall breezy and fills in lots of sunshine.


Chu Lai Airport offers flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for approximately 1.5 hours. You can also land at Da Nang International Airport and transfer to Quang Nam by taxi or public transport such as buses, ride-hailing apps, or rented private cars. If you prefer to enjoy the scenery, the train or private vehicles are other options with the time ranging from 15 - 18 hours.

Top things to do in Quang Nam 

1. Explore the handicraft villages

2. Visit the ancient Champa relics

3. Lounge on the pristine beach

4. Hop on a bike to Tam Thanh mural village

5. Experience the local food

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Mot - A rustic drink that everyone who visits Hoi An wants to try

Before being recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Hoi An developed tourism a few decades ago, so there is no shortage of shops selling delicious food and drinks. Coming to Hoi An, visitors have countless options, from affordable to high-end and luxurious, it is not difficult to satisfy their preferences. In the past few years, there is a drink so famous that almost everyone who goes to Hoi An wants to try it once, which is a glass of herbal water decorated with lotus petals, sold on Tran Phu street. Coming from a small street vendor, up to now, Mot has a more spacious place on Tran Phu Street but still maintains a rustic layout with rattan mats, ceramic cups, and seasonal vases. The glass of herbal juice with a selling price of 18,000 VND was cleverly rejected by the owner of the restaurant, in line with the photography tastes of tourists. This rustic drink is a combination of many natural ingredients such as lemongrass, lemongrass, licorice, and aloe vera,... should be collectively called herbal water, lemongrass juice or often called by tourists by the name of the restaurant: Mot water. Mud has a cool taste, a faint aroma from natural herbs, suitable for cooling off after wandering around Hoi Chi Street in the sweltering summer. In addition to the cool taste, the minimalist but no less eye-catching decoration is also a plus point that makes this drink a "must try" in Hoi Chi Street. Mot water is stored in a fairly simple white takeaway paper cup, decorated with a pair of dark green tea leaves and a rustic lotus petal, adding bamboo straws to contribute to environmental protection. In front of the door of the Mot water shop, there are always many customers queuing up to buy, regardless of whether it is sunny or evening. Although the glass of water is rustic and simple, when placed in the background, the golden walls or confetti trellises blooming along the road are extremely suitable. The 'virtual life' team also often jokes that they know where they are just by looking at the glass of water. Perhaps because of this, most people who come to Hoi An want to enjoy it once as well as hold a glass of cool Mot water leisurely to take pictures and check in around Hoi An street. Address: 150, Tran Phu Street, Hoi An Ancient Town, Hoi An, Vietnam Phone: 090 191 33 99 According to VnE Photo: Mot

Food & Drink 17/07/2024

Mot - A rustic drink that everyone who visits Hoi An wants to try

A glass of cool, herb-scented water costs less than 20,000 VND, decorated with petals and rustic tea leaves, gradually becoming a 'must try' dish when coming to Hoi An ancient town for tourists, especially young people who like to check in.

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Located between the sea road and the old town, the resorts in Cam Thanh all have a charming scenery, overlooking the peaceful Thu Bon River.
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Tran Phu Street in Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam) with a series of heritages and brilliant confetti trees on both sides of the road, has just entered the list of the most beautiful streets in the world.
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