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Quang Binh is well-known as the "Kingdom of caves" with Son Doong cave, En cave, Phong Nha cave,... The beaches here still remain primitive: Nhat Le, Da Nhay, Vung Chua. Quang Binh has a peaceful city called Dong Hoi lying on the bank of the Nhat Le River. It also has spiritual attractions such as the grave of General Vo Nguyen Giap, the Hoang Phuc Temple aged more than 700 years.

★ World Natural Heritage Site Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park (2003, 2015)

Best Time To Visit Quang Binh

* January - March: This is the time when natural forests sprout, trees are green.

* April-May: The change of seasons, light sunshine but not severe, rain often rarely appears, is a great time for you to trek

* June-July-August: This is the most beautiful time to swim and take part in exploring attractive cave tours.

(Jan - Mar)

Sunny and warm

Trees wake up and spout

Light drizzle

It's chilly at night

(Apr - Jun)

Sunny clear sky

Cool and pleasant

Gentle waves lapping the shore

Best time for trekking

(Jul - Aug)

Hot and dry

Gentle waves lapping the shore

Crowded with tourists

Sunbathing squid and cool beer

Best time to explore magnificent caves

(Sep - Dec)


Temperature drops sharply at night

Sudden rainstorm hits the land

Flooded cave


If possible, try to experience railway because this type of travel is not only safe and reasonable, but also gives you the opportunity to see the scenery completely throughout the journey.

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Ba Cave Deep Forest Exploration Tour - 6 days
Quang Binh
Hang Ba Tour is a completely new product, drawn from Oxalis's 10 years of experience in adventure tourism combined with conservation along with the consultation, inspection and evaluation of the representative of UNESCO in Vietnam. Nam, representative of IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature and representative of the management board of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.
Tour Operator: Oxalis
From US$ 2,100.00 /Pax

Overwhelmed Kong Collapse, the deepest "super sinkhole" in Vietnam

Kong Collapse or Kong Sinkhole is located deep in the Tiger Cave system, Phong Nha - Ke Bang area, Quang Binh province. Kong was first found in 1997 by a British royal cave expert during an annual exploration in Phong Nha - Ke Bang. At that time, this sinkhole was only accessed by swimming through the bed of Dai Arabia Cave, also known as Tiger Cave. It all stopped there and this sinkhole was temporarily called a closed sinkhole because it could not find an exit. Cave experts left a big question mark on the cave map. More than 20 years later, Mr. Le Luu Dung (CEO of Jungle Boss) a cave explorer in Quang Binh discovered an eye socket of this super sinkhole, thanks to a drone. When flying the drone to the full range, this super sinkhole appeared with a peculiar shape of King Kong monster, a very famous character in the blockbuster Kong Skull Island filmed in Quang Binh earlier. With curiosity, Dung and his team planned to explore the mysterious rock niche. The group had to walk for 6 hours, swimming through the Tiger Cave. After that, people followed the direction of the drone by opening the forest road themselves, crossing a steep slope, without human footprints, tracing the path to follow the footsteps of the chamois. "The members who went up to Kong's sinkhole said the way to Kong's peak was as difficult as going to the sky because the path was full of sharp cat-eared rocks. The slope is vertical, one side is the cliff, the other is the abyss. But Kong was so beautiful, I couldn't believe I was standing in a giant sinkhole," Liu recalled. According to experts, Kong Collapse is a big surprise in the limestone mountain system of Phong Nha - Ke Bang. Because this type of cave is very strange and miraculous that nature has created for millions of years. Most of the caves have a vertical height, no different from huge skylights, and the slope is very little. The process of measuring the depth of the Kong sinkhole has given unexpected results of up to 450m. At the same time, 3 paths to be able to enter the sinkhole are swimming through Dai A cave, swinging overhead from the crater or being able to walk, although it is a bit difficult. Kong Collapse is recognized by cave experts from the American Cave Society NSS as the deepest sinkhole in Vietnam, and has become one of the deepest sinkholes on the planet. Reaching the Kong sinkhole is the most difficult cave adventure tourism journey in Vietnam today. With many harsh challenges such as trekking, swimming in dark caves, exploring 3 caves in succession. Especially swinging from a vertical height of 100m, from the eye socket of Kong Collapse sinkhole to the bottom. U.S. cave experts conducted surveys, assessed safety, and developed their own operating formula for the sinkhole rope swing. With extremely strict requirements such as load-bearing rope anchoring system, 3-seat belt system including main swing rope, safety rope controlled by safety team and rescue rope in case of unforeseen circumstances. All safety equipment must be imported from international standard manufacturers such as Petzl, Kong, CLimbing Technology ... Safety staff and guides must be qualified and fully meet the skills of handling rescue and responding to unforeseen situations. Participants must meet the criteria set forth such as: Mandatory age from 16 to 65, no symptoms of fear of heights, high blood pressure, bones, joints, cardiovascular diseases ... Currently, Kong sinkhole has been put into tourism operation with the support of experts and porters. Guests need to pay about 35 million VND/tour/guest, with about 60 hours of exploring. However, only those who pass the medical examination and safety skills test will be allowed to join this rope swinging journey. Photo: Le Luu Dung Source: Dan Tri

Nature & Adventure 02/04/2024

Overwhelmed Kong Collapse, the deepest "super sinkhole" in Vietnam

To reach Kong Collapse sinkhole (Quang Binh), trekkers have to walk more than 20km of forest roads, penetrate 6.5km of caves, swim through underground rivers about 500m with a water temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius.

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