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Phu Yen is a potential jewel in the Central of Vietnam, hiding its valuable beauty inside. It's the primitive mountains, the pristine cliffs and the vast blue sea that create astounding natural landscapes. If you have got a chance to come to Phu Yen then don't miss out on its poetic scenery: Da Dia Reef, Mon Beach - Mui Dien Cape, Xep Beach, Diep Son island, Nhan Tower, Ca Pass,...

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The sunny season in Phu Yen starts from January to mid-August. Especially during the first two months, there are several exciting festivals such as O Loan boat racing, horse racing and “bai choi” orchestras taking place, which is a perfect time for sightseeing.


With modern airport, train stations, and bus stations, you have various options to choose from. Among them, the fastest and most convenient form of transportation is by air. It only takes you 1 - 1.5 hours to land at Tuy Hoa airport from central cities.

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Dreamville Beach - A healing house on the beach of Phu Yen

At Dreamville Beach, visitors will be immersed in the peaceful and friendly space of the fishing village. Dreamville Beach was renovated from an old house with rudimentary and rustic features of coastal people. This place is a combination of the characteristics of the country and the modern look. Dreamville Beach has a large garden with traditional red-tiled roof houses. In the garden, you will find a pool area and an extremely chill outdoor seating area. The main pavilion in Dreamville Beach is designed as a common room with a living area, dining room and minibar built together. In particular, this pavilion has no doors, providing a cool space and close to nature. Guests are free to cook and make morning coffee here. The kitchen and living room are the areas that bring the most "home" feeling. This area was renovated from the old fish sauce warehouse and became a unique and creative space. The doorless design helps make the most of natural light and wind entering the home. Here, you'll find a full range of equipment to show off your culinary skills. Dreamville Beach owns a total of 4 bedrooms with 4 unique names: Boat room, Sea room, Fish room and Sand room. The rooms are bold in the style of South Central coastal house architecture. At the same time, it still has modern, youthful features, suitable for young people. In addition, Dreamville Beach also offers a variety of services and free amenities, making you feel at home. In the bedrooms, there will be a mini-freezer instead of the usual refrigerator. In addition, the unit also prepared life jackets, bicycles and karaoke systems for borrowing guests. Address: Phu Tho 3, Dong Hoa, Phu Yen Phone number: 0865665603 Average room rate: 850,000đ/night  Spy Huang

Getaway & Resorts 25/10/2023

Dreamville Beach - A healing house on the beach of Phu Yen

Dreamville Beach is a homestay that fully converges the beauty of the coastal city of Phu Yen and the generous character of the indigenous people.

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Tuna eye or "Ocean floodlight" is a unique specialty of Phu Yen sea – which is likened to the "tuna capital" because fishermen from Phu Cau beach village (Tuy Hoa) were the first to develop fishing for this type of fish since 1994.
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Not only attractive at first sight by the uniquely shaped rock formations, Disc Rock rapids also impresses visitors by the constantly changing colors of the day according to sunlight.
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