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Phu Yen is a potential jewel in the Central of Vietnam, hiding its valuable beauty inside. It's the primitive mountains, the pristine cliffs and the vast blue sea that create astounding natural landscapes. If you have got a chance to come to Phu Yen then don't miss out on its poetic scenery: Da Dia Reef, Mon Beach - Mui Dien Cape, Xep Beach, Diep Son island, Nhan Tower, Ca Pass,...

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The sunny season in Phu Yen starts from January to mid-August. Especially during the first two months, there are several exciting festivals such as O Loan boat racing, horse racing and “bai choi” orchestras taking place, which is a perfect time for sightseeing.


With modern airport, train stations, and bus stations, you have various options to choose from. Among them, the fastest and most convenient form of transportation is by air. It only takes you 1 - 1.5 hours to land at Tuy Hoa airport from central cities.


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Discover the most beautiful sea route in Vietnam - from Tuy Hoa to Dai Lanh lighthouse

To explore this route, the best way is a motorbike. Large coaches usually do not pass through this road but go in the direction of Highway 1. Ca Pass is about 333 m high, about 12 km long, cutting through Dai Lanh mountain range at the border between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa provinces on National Highway 1. The top of the pass is located in Vung Ro village, Hoa Xuan Nam commune, Dong Hoa town. From the top of Deo Ca Pass looking down to the east is Vung Ro Bay in the middle of an arc-shaped mountain range. Vung Ro Bay is the natural boundary on the sea between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa, an area of about 16.4k m2 and surrounded by 3 mountain ranges including Deo Ca (in the north), Bia Rock (in the east), Hon Ba (in the west) and protected by Hon Noi Island in the south. Vung Ro Bay has been chosen as the landing point many times of the "Numberless Convoy" to support the Southern battlefield. Vung Ro Bay was named in the top 10 most beautiful bays in Vietnam announced by the Vietnam Records Organization in 2013. The bay has a total of 12 small beaches with pristine and peaceful scenery for visitors to experience and explore. Through Deo Ca, to the area of Mui Dien - Dai Lanh lighthouse. You should come to this place and in the morning, walk up to the Great Lanh lighthouse. The early yellow rays of the day fade over the blue sea, the yellowish-brown rock slopes, the white sand at the foot of the mountain and the grass at the top. In the distance is Dai Lanh lighthouse, where the first sunrise is welcomed in Phu Yen. The beautiful time to watch the sunrise here is around 5:30 - 7:00 in summer. If arriving later than the hot sun, the photo shoot is backlit. In the afternoon, from about 16h onwards, it is sunny to watch the sunset. The next destination is Bai Mon, along with Mui Dien and Dai Lanh Lighthouse in Mui Dien tourist area. Entrance tickets for out-of-province tourists are 20,000 VND, intra-provincial visitors are 10,000 VND. Bai Mon has a large, spacious sandy strip, fine sand and streams flowing down from the mountains, which is an ideal place for swimming and camping overnight. Dong Hoa town is where the mouth of the Da Nong River empties into the sea with rising sandy strips running to the middle of the riverbed. Opposite the mouth of the river is Da Bia Mountain, the highest mountain in the Dai Lanh massif of the Deo Ca mountain range. At the top of the mountain there is a huge beer rock about 80 m high that can be seen from a distance. Here, visitors can also experience trekking to the top of Da Bia mountain to see the East Sea and surrounding scenery. Steep cliffs, sedimentary rocks jutting out into the vast bay, fine white sand beaches hugging the turquoise water, ships sailing and returning to the port, idyllic fishing villages create a natural masterpiece in the heart of the country. Phu Yen province belongs to the central coastal climate zone, the climate is divided into two distinct seasons: dry season and rainy season. The rainy season is from 9 to 12 months. Around October, November there are usually storms. The dry season is from May 1 to May 8. The right time to go to Phu Yen beach is around May 2 - 8. The sea is most beautiful around 3 and 4 months, the water is blue, clear, the sea surface is smooth and the waves are not too big, creating a peaceful look for the scenery here. The coastal road from Tuy Hoa city to Dai Lanh lighthouse winds along the sea, spacious, flat, clean, beautiful, not many traffic because this is not the main road, suitable for sightseeing experiences by motorbike or self-driving car. According to VnE

Nature & Adventure 25/08/2023

Discover the most beautiful sea route in Vietnam - from Tuy Hoa to Dai Lanh lighthouse

From Tuy Hoa to Mui Dien, the distance is about 40km along the beautiful sea. This is also the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam.

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Nhat Tu Son is a small island in Phu Yen with a walking path connecting to the mainland when the tide recedes, helping visitors experience the feeling of walking in the middle of the sea.
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Not only famous by Bai Xep – "yellow flowers on green grass", Phu Yen also has Hon Noi – a clear, pristine destination, becoming an ideal destination for travel enthusiasts to explore.
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