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Lang Son is a mountainous province based in north-eastern Vietnam and has a long history that is closely connected with the process of building and defending the country. With famous historical relics and beautiful natural scenery, Lang Son will be an exciting place for you to explore.

Along with Muc Nam Quan Pass, Chi Lang Pass, Mac Dynasty Wall and beauty spots such as Tam Thanh - Nhi Thanh Cave, To Thi Mount, Mau Son Valley, Lang Son is also known as the most bustling trading area.


Except for the time between May and July when storms and landslides usually occur, you can go to Lang Son at any time of the year.

From August to November, the Bac Son paddy fields are ripe with alluring fragrance. September is the season of Chi Lang "swinging" custard apples. In the last months of the year when it gets cold, you will have a chance to watch the snow falling on the summit of Mau Son Mountain. By January in the Lunar calendar there are many interesting festivals such as Tam Thanh Pagoda Festival and Ky Lua Festival.


Lang Son is about 180 kilometers from Hanoi and connected by the Hanoi - Lang Son Highway, therefore transportation is convenient and easy. You can choose to go by motorbike, car, coach or train.

Top things to do in Lang Son

1. Worship in Tam Thanh Pagoda, Fairy Pagoda, and Majesty Dong Dang Temple

2. Visit Ai Chi Lang and Mac Dynasty Wall

3. Discover the mysterious caves and waterfalls.

4. Go to Dong Kinh Market and Ky Lua Night Market

5. Explore the Bac Son Valley

6. Sightseeing at Na Lay, Phai Ve, To Thi Mountain

7. Watch the sunset on Bac Xa reeds hill

8. Welcome the first snow falling at the top of Mau Son Mount

9. Relaxing in community ecology tourist areas

10. Enjoy specialities Chi Lang's custard apples and Mau Son wine


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Lang Son
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Lang Son
Huu Lien special use forest is an attractive destination of Huu Lung district, Lang Son province with pristine and wild beauty. This place has a diverse and rich terrain with high mountain ranges, poetic rivers winding around valleys or flat meadows stretching across the savannah. Nestled in the core of Huu Lien special use forest, Lan Ty Lake is surrounded by mountains covered with clouds all year round. This place is completely isolated from the outside world, the lake water is green all year round.
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8 delicious dishes not to be missed when coming to Lang Son

Sticky rice This is a typical dish of Lang Son, made from palm leaves and fragrant glutinous rice. Depending on the region, the third ingredient is ash of rice straw and dried banana leaves. The processor will mix the pounded leaves and ash, then crumple with clean water and filter the residue, then add glutinous rice to soak for about 6 hours and then remove it. The rice grains at this time are the same color as pea flowers. Then, put the rice in a sticky rice bowl and cook it after mixing the rice with a little white wine. Cook for about an hour, the dish will be finished, both supple and fragrant with glutinous rice, and purple. It is more delicious if visitors eat sticky rice with chicken or peanut salt. In the steppe area of Dong Lam in Huu Lien, Huu Lung almost every house grows rosehip trees. Not only serving daily meals, Tet holidays, but sticky rice is also used to treat guests far away. Huu Lien carnation has both the fragrant gummy taste of glutinous rice and the beautiful purple color. Stitches of humiliation Be   traditional dishes of the Tay and Nung ethnic groups, stitched humiliation are indispensable when entertaining guests or on important occasions such as weddings, weddings, banquets. Ingredients for humiliation stitching include pork belly, shiitake mushrooms, myrrh, minced lean meat, five flavors ... through the skillful hands of the people of Lang has produced a rich, fragrant and soft stitch, eating the meat as if melting in the mouth. There is a sophisticated processing process, so to make this dish, the cook sometimes takes half a day. Many restaurants in Lang Son serve this famous dish such as Minh Quang, Trung Xuan, the food court of Dong Kinh Market ... Pumpkin pie Pumpkin pie has pumpkin and glutinous flour as its main ingredients. In addition, depending on the taste of each region, pumpkin pie has green bean filling added for a more delicious taste. How to make a cake is not too complicated. The pumpkin is steamed, peeled, pureed and kneaded with glutinous flour, the longer it is kneaded, the smoother and tastier the cake. Then squeeze out a handful of flour that fits your hand, wrap it with banana leaves and then take the cake to steam. Lang Son pumpkin cake is not only attractive with its eye-catching golden appearance but also very delicious with the cool sweetness of pumpkin, the fatty taste of green beans. Black pancake As a specialty of Lang, black rice cakes are eaten the most by people during Tet. The cake is made from glutinous rice and ash of glutinous straw, creating a special delicious flavor. The difference of black rice cake is that there is more cardamom in the filling, creating a typical aroma of mountains and forests. In addition to the usual boiled black rice cakes, visitors can enjoy black rice cakes grilled on a charcoal stove until the aroma of glutinous rice, cardamom and fatty meat appears. Rock snails Stone snails are available only in the rainy season, in the range of 4-8 months. Stone snails live in high mountains, eat leaves, moss and even herbs, therefore snails contain many nutrients. To talk about delicious stone snails in Lang Son, Huu Lien must be mentioned, every season, people here climb high mountains to catch stone snails to make dishes. Huu Lien snails are large and beautiful, the meat has a fragrant, crispy and chewy taste served with a very delicious chili ginger dipping sauce. This ingredient can prepare many attractive dishes such as boiled, steamed ginger, steamed lemongrass, stir-fried leaves ,... But lemongrass steamed stone snails are still the most popular. Sour noodle soup Pho chua is a delicacy Lang Son loved by many tourists, with extremely attractive taste. Lang Son sour pho consists of 2 main parts: dry part and water part. The dry part includes supple, chewy pho cakes, char siu, cucumbers, roasted peanuts, sweet potato chips, dried onions, herbs; The water part consists of semolina, garlic, vinegar, sugar. 2 parts are mixed well for a delicate, sweet flavor to eat without feeling cloying.  Egg rolls Egg rolls are a specialty in Lang Son city, different from rolls in other places in the filling and broth, the maker will break an egg in the middle of the steamer, cover and wait for the egg to cook before using a bamboo stick to take the cake and put it on a plate, sprinkle some delicious minced meat on top.  Roast duck, roast pig The specialty of Lang Son roast pig and Lang Son roast duck has become a famous culinary brand, with its own unique flavor due to being processed with macadamia leaves. Biting the meat will feel the sweetness of the richly marinated meat, the aroma of macadamia leaves. Synthesise

Food & Drinks 08/08/2022

8 delicious dishes not to be missed when coming to Lang Son

Sticky rice, stitched humiliation, pumpkin pie, stone snails, black rice cakes are must-enjoy dishes when traveling to Lang Son.

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On the night of February 19 and 20, in the high mountains such as Phja Oac (Cao Bang), Mau Son (Lang Son), Meo Vac (Ha Giang) appeared frosty due to the temperature dropping below 0 degrees Celsius. This is a rare weather phenomenon, so it attracts many tourists despite the cold, to admire the natural beauty.
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As a strange name in the trekking map, but Phia Pò (Cha mountain) in Loc Binh district, Lang Son also has its own beauty next to the famous peaks of the Northwest with pristine landscape, terrain and diverse vegetation.
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