About Lang Son

Lang Son is a mountainous province based in north-eastern Vietnam and has a long history that is closely connected with the process of building and defending the country. With famous historical relics and beautiful natural scenery, Lang Son will be an exciting place for you to explore.

Along with Muc Nam Quan Pass, Chi Lang Pass, Mac Dynasty Wall and beauty spots such as Tam Thanh - Nhi Thanh Cave, To Thi Mount, Mau Son Valley, Lang Son is also known as the most bustling trading area.

Best Time To Visit Lang Son

Except for the time between May and July when storms and landslides usually occur, you can go to Lang Son at any time of the year.

From August to November, the Bac Son paddy fields are ripe with alluring fragrance. September is the season of Chi Lang "swinging" custard apples. In the last months of the year when it gets cold, you will have a chance to watch the snow falling on the summit of Mau Son Mountain. By January in the Lunar calendar there are many interesting festivals such as Tam Thanh Pagoda Festival and Ky Lua Festival.

(Feb - Apr)

Spring brings sunshine and warmth

Flowers in full bloom

Bustling new year festivals

Markets are crowded with customers

Explore mysterious caves and waterfalls

(May - Jul)

Sudden showers

Sunny and hot

Mountains covered in green

Unique cuisine, plenty of delicacies to take home

Climbing and abseiling on cliffs in Huu Lung

(Aug - Oct)

Golden rice is fragrant on Bac Son fields

Enjoy Chi Lang "swinging custard apples"

Trekking Huu Lung

Cool and pleasant

Explore Lang Son Geopark

(Nov - Jan)

Summit of Mau Son blanketed in white frost

Extremely cold

Fog spreads the way

Visit the historical relics of Chi Lang Pass, Citadel of the Mac Dynasty


Lang Son is about 180 kilometers from Hanoi and connected by the Hanoi - Lang Son Highway, therefore transportation is convenient and easy. You can choose to go by motorbike, car, coach or train.


Time zone

GMT +07:00


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Lan Ty expedition - The heart of the mountains and forests - 2 days
Lang Son
Huu Lien special use forest is an attractive destination of Huu Lung district, Lang Son province with pristine and wild beauty. This place has a diverse and rich terrain with high mountain ranges, poetic rivers winding around valleys or flat meadows stretching across the savannah. Nestled in the core of Huu Lien special use forest, Lan Ty Lake is surrounded by mountains covered with clouds all year round. This place is completely isolated from the outside world, the lake water is green all year round.
Tour Operator: Vietnam Expeditions
From US$ 265.00 /Pax

Yen Thinh Valley - green nature in the middle of Lang Son sky and earth

Located about 130km from Hanoi city, Yen Thinh valley (about 18km from the center of Huu Lung town, in Huu Lung district, Lang Son province) has become a destination loved by many travel lovers because of its green natural scenery, fresh air, pleasant all year round. Around the valley is surrounded by a rich system of hills and caves with all kinds of terrains such as lakes, streams, meadows ,... Thanks to the convergence of ideal natural conditions, this place is considered very suitable for exploiting experiential tourism, attracting visitors to participate in outdoor activities, immerse themselves in nature. Many tourists compare the landscape in Yen Thinh valley as "miniature Mongolia" because of the endless stretch of green grass, peaceful space, somewhere are the tents of families and large groups of people coming here to camp. Coming to Yen Thinh valley, in addition to sightseeing, visitors also have the opportunity to experience some interesting picnic activities such as setting up tents, organizing outdoor barbecues, boating, kite flying, soccer or climbing, bathing in streams, fishing,... The best time to visit and experience here is from 9 to 4 months every year, when the weather enters spring or turns into autumn, the air is fresh and cool. Around the Yen Thinh valley area is also inhabited by relatives of the Kinh, Tay, Nung, and Dao ethnic groups,... Therefore, coming here, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in campfires, cultural exchanges with indigenous people. In particular, visitors should not miss enjoying specialties, traditional local dishes such as pancakes, stitched nutmeg, wormwood leaf cakes, gio cakes, grilled spring rolls ,... In Yen Thinh, it still retains its pristine beauty, has not promoted too many commercial and exploitation activities  travel . Therefore, visitors to the amusement park should pay attention to maintaining hygiene and protecting the landscape, limiting the use of loudspeakers or making loud noises that affect people's lives. In addition, you can combine visiting some nearby tourist destinations such as Bac Mo Dam, fiancée tree ,... or experience picking persimmons, picking na Lang Son mountain, picking chestnuts at gardeners,... Photo: Hung Vi According to VNN

Nature & Adventure 10/04/2024

Yen Thinh Valley - green nature in the middle of Lang Son sky and earth

Coming to the valley, visitors not only enjoy the fresh air, green nature but also have the opportunity to experience some interesting activities such as camping, boating,... or enjoy delicious local specialties.

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Sprawling on a bed suspended along a cliff, reading your favorite book, sipping beer and watching the clouds in Lan Ty valley, Lang Son, is an experience few people have.
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Weekend climbs to the beautiful limestone cliffs of Huu Lung district, Lang Son, a two-hour drive north of Hanoi have been chosen by many young people and foreign tourists recently.
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