Lan Ty expedition - The heart of the mountains and forests - 2 days

Duration: 3 Days
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Huu Lien special use forest is an attractive destination of Huu Lung district, Lang Son province with pristine and wild beauty. This place has a diverse and rich terrain with high mountain ranges, poetic rivers winding around valleys or flat meadows stretching across the savannah. Nestled in the core of Huu Lien special use forest, Lan Ty Lake is surrounded by mountains covered with clouds all year round. This place is completely isolated from the outside world, the lake water is green all year round.
Departure: Hanoi
Categories: Autumn experience
Theme: Sports - Adventure - Ecotourism
Type: Adventure Tour


The only exclusive itinerary is only available at Vietnam Expeditions: Explore the wonderland, the forgotten paradise in Shenzhen with the cup.

Conquer the challenge of swinging at the magic eye mountain: Overcoming the rocky slope, the jungle conquers the top of the mountain with a unique shape like a magic eye, the challenge of swinging at the "magic eye" on the top of the mountain.

Come to Lan Ty Lake emerald in the middle of the jungle: Admire the masterpiece of nature hidden deep among the forests and mountains.

Conquering the Magic Eye Mountain: Overcoming rocky slopes, jungles conquering the top of the mountain has a unique shape like a divine eye, rock caves through mountains create a different and interesting view.

SUP paddling at the lake in the middle of the valley: Experience SUP paddling amidst charming natural scenery.

Crossing Khe Dau Waterfall: Cross the waterfall by climbing down from the top of the waterfall to the foot of the waterfall, comfortably check-in, swim and bathe in the water, cool.

Cave Exploration: Snail Cave with beautiful stalactites, enjoy watching animals in the cave, the "snail graveyard" area with natural shells arranged extremely impressive

Explore the special-use forest: Trekking deep into the nature reserve with a rich variety of forest flora and fauna.

Local experience: Participants will have the opportunity to learn about life, culture, and enjoy unique local cuisine. 

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Tour Itinerary

Hanoi - Huu Lien (Dark T)

19h00 - 23h00: The whole group departed from Hanoi, went to the homestay to check in, put away their belongings. The whole group got acquainted to exchange, the tour guide scheduled to gather tomorrow.

Khe Dau Waterfall - Tung Mountain - Lan Ty lake (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

6h00 - 7h00: enjoy a peaceful morning at Homestay and have a relaxing breakfast, coffee.

If you are already in Huu Lien, we will pick you up at the meeting points in advance.

7h00-8h30: Tour guides gather groups, disseminate schedules, distribute items. The safety specialist guides the safety rules, how to use the device, the boot set.

8h30-10h00: Starting to trek into Huu Lien forest, conquer the love cup between the forest and Mo Ang lake with jade water, you can paddle SUP to visit the lake.

10h00-12h00: When reaching Khe Dau waterfall, visitors cross the waterfall by climbing from the top of the waterfall down to the foot of the waterfall with a height of about 20m, experiencing the magic of mountains and forests. Then trek to your lunch spot under the cool forest trees and next to the gurgling stream.

13h00-15h00: move deep into the core of Huu Lien forest to explore Lan Ty is known as the heart of the forest with charming water-painted landscape like a watercolor painting. When we arrive at the camping point in Lan Ty's valley, we will camp to rest and explore the valley area with this vast lake. Everyone will experience fishing, paddling SUP to explore the lake, spoiling the cool swimming pool at the lake.

15h00-17h00: After that, we will conquer the Magic Eye Mountain (Puncture Mountain), with the challenge of swinging Abseiling rope from the top of the mountain to the puncture cave below with a unique shape like a giant eye. From here, we admire the beautiful scenery with a 360º view on the top of the mountain.

18h00-20h00: The whole group will enjoy the extremely charming space among nature, watch the moon and stars among thousands, and enjoy the feeling of bathing in the mountains and forests. Have a campfire together and enjoy mountain specialties.

Lan Ty lake - Oc Cave - Hanoi (Breakfast, Lunch)

6h00: wake up in the morning light of the mountains and forests, and drink a cup of refreshing coffee, then have breakfast, prepare your belongings to depart to explore Oc cave.

7h00-8h00: Tour guides gather groups, disseminate schedules, distribute items. The safety specialist guides the safety rules, how to use the device, the boot set.

8h00 – 11h00: Trekking through the dense forest to find Oc cave. On the journey, you will pass the rocky slopes, luxuriant trees and follow a small trail that leads you to the mouth of Snail cave. Hidden deep in the trail you will find the mouth of the little Snail cave like the Snails hidden in their shells.

From the mouth of the cave, go and explore the areas in the cave. Here you will be extremely surprised with the large space inside, admire the amazing stalactites formed millions of years ago. In addition, you will be extremely interested when coming to the "snail graveyard" area where there are shells with extremely unique shapes covered with an extra layer of sediment outside, and small animals living in caves: crabs, snails, clones....

11h30 – 13h30: Back to the camp yard for lunch, rest.

15h00 - 17h00: Pack up your belongings and return to the homestay to wash and rest. 

17h00 - 20h00: Depart to return to Hanoi. The bus takes you to the drop-off point, ending the trip.

What's Included

High-quality new cars, vehicles in the program

Main meals and snacks according to the program.

Safety equipment, techniques for importing raw materials: belts, hats, wires, carabiners, reducers ...

Trekking equipment: trekking sticks, gloves, raincoats ...

Standard bottled drinking water 2 bottles / day.

Tickets for tours according to the program.

The tour guide, professional Porter enthusiastically served the group throughout the journey.

Travel insurance with service compensation up to VND 20,000,000/person/case

Camping Tent, Homestay 


Personal expenses and other expenses outside the tour program.

Tips for drivers and tour guides

Additional Info

CHILD PRICING POLICY: (Each couple can only bring 1 child for free or %, from the 2nd child as an adult)

  • Children from 1 – 4 years old: free service, sharing bed with parents. The family feeds the baby on their own and pays the entrance fee (if any). But not more than 20% of the total number of members of the delegation.
  • Children 5 years old charged 50% of the tour price, sit 1/2 seat, eat 1/2 meal, sleep with parents
  • Children from 6 – 9 years old: 75% of the tour price, sit 1 seat, sleep with parents,
  • Children from 10 years old in adults.
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