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Famous for Phu Quoc island - one of the top travel-worthy destinations in Vietnam, Kien Giang offers its visitors heartwarming civilian hospitality, scenic islands, beautiful beaches, verdant hills, and many more. An Island-hopping trip from Phu Quoc to Nam Du, Hon Tre, Hon Phu Tu will give you access to some of over 100 islands and islets of Kien Giang. Aside from lounging on the white sand and swimming during your island-hopping trip, you can also go deep inside the U Minh Thuong National Park, discovering the floodplain primeval forest, catch a chance to see various of wild animals such as hairy-nosed otters, fishing cats or pangolins. 


Overall, Kien Giang welcomes the rain season from April to November, lashing rains may affect your outdoor plans, and the dry season from December to March is warm, with lots of sun is the best time for warm weather activities.


Traveling by plane to Rach Gia Airport or Phu Quoc International Airport is by far the best option for any visitor from Ha Noi and other further regions. Those who prefer an adventure trip shouldn’t hesitate to choose motorbikes or private cars for a fulfilling experience. Buses routes from Ho Chi Minh City or Can Tho and other cities serve travelers no matter when and from the mainland cities you can take a speedboat to your favorite islands.

Top things to do in Kien Giang

1. Snorkeling for the miraculous underwater world 

2. Lounging on the long sandbar of Phu Quoc island

3. Visit the charming untouched islands 

4. Enjoy the radiant sunset in the end of the day

5. Get to know the process of making fish sauce

6. Come for a load of must-try dishes

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South Phu Quoc itinerary 48h to welcome the most beautiful season of the year

The last months of the year are also the time when "Phu Quoc tourism" becomes the most sought-after keyword throughout the forum. Golden sunshine like pouring honey, gentle breeze, high sky clear and blue sea beckoning. That is also the time, the festive season in the South of the Pearl Island officially begins with countless experiences and interesting "date" spots to the point of not being bored.  During the 48-hour journey to explore the South Island, visitors will experience all levels of emotions, walk through all the landscapes that are considered the most impressive in Phu Quoc. Resort by romantic Bai Kem Catching a flight to Phu Quoc, waiting for visitors will be the typical blue sea of white sand and sunshine of the tropics. As one of the "capitals" of the most beautiful and unique resorts on Pearl Island, the South Island has countless accommodation options for visitors of all ages, all segments of Kem beach - "top 50 most beautiful beaches on the planet". Young groups of people who prefer dynamic space but still "virtual" enough to check-in with can choose Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay. Meanwhile, New World Phu Quoc Resort will be a suitable resort for families with spacious villas, private pools with very Vietnamese design when inspired by Western fishing villages.  In addition, visitors prefer luxurious resorts and any corner can have beautiful photos, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort will be a more suitable name.  Enjoy fresh seafood  Coming to Pearl Island without enjoying seafood is a big shortcoming, because this island is famous for fresh seafood dishes, notably crabs, humus, herring, abalone, snails ... In the South Island, visitors can dine right at restaurants by Bai Kem; while enjoying sea urchin, abalone, cumulus shrimp or herring salad... just watching the clear blue sea. Or you can also move to local restaurants in An Thoi town to enjoy meals like the real Pearl Islanders, with fresh seafood and full to the stomach. Get lost in Sunset Town "360 degrees without dead corners" Many tourists agree that "coming to Phu Quoc without watching the sunset is like not going to Phu Quoc". Sunset is a specialty of thousands of lovers of the Pearl Island. And one of the most sought-after sunset viewing spots recently is Sunset Town - Sunset Town. Likened to the Vietnamese version of Mediterranean town, Sunset Town is full of art with brilliant houses; the slopes dotted with pink confetti trellises or vivid 3D murals; the corner of the poetic ancient balcony overlooking the ocean and also the Kiss Bridge - the bridge on the sea is as beautiful as a sculpture... Sunset falls, the whole town will be covered with all shades of pink and purple that are both romantic and magical, enough to attract all visitors. Here, wherever you are, you just need to hold up the camera to get the "lost in Europe" photos like the magazine cover.  Enjoy the Kiss The Stars show Staying in Sunset Town in the evening, do not miss Kiss The Stars - Asia's leading multimedia show on the sea screen at 20:30. Especially, from now until December 22, with only 150,000 VND; Visitors will be immersed in a fantasy love story across the galaxy, bursting with emotions while listening to majestic music mixed with incredible laser, fire and water effects.  On the 4th, 6th and 7th of every week, at the end of the show, visitors are also treated to a "party" of eye-catching fireworks and exploding emotions. "Dance" hard at Sorrento nightlife If you want to find a place to "spend the night" in Phu Quoc, the "food and night entertainment street" Sorrento at Sunset Town is ready to open to visitors from 18h00 daily. This is a brand new busy entertainment gathering place with 26 restaurants and bars, giving visitors many attractive options. These are 5-star seafood buffet at Sunset Seafood Restaurant, Japanese cuisine at Jushima restaurant, Vietnamese cuisine at Rice Nieu Viet, Draft Beer "drink" restaurant along the coast ... and particularly attractive is the lively beach bar Teatro Club. Fly across the ocean on Hon Thom cable car Start the next day, fly across the ocean on the longest 3-rope cable car in the world - Hon Thom cable car is a "must-try" choice when coming to the South Island. From the cable car, visitors will be able to see the vivid picture of the ocean. There is the blue of the emerald sea, there are colorful dots of fishing boats, there is the blue of small islands and waiting for visitors in the distance is a colorful entertainment "paradise" at Sun World Hon Thom. Here, visitors can break 21 games at Aquatopia Water Park or challenge yourself with adventure at Exotica village. Hon Thom cable car will reopen in the next 12 months, after routine technical maintenance with international experts to ensure the safety of visitors. Experience the most "expensive" island tour of Pearl Island From Hon Thom island, visitors can continue to travel by boat or canoe to experience the "3-island tour" diving to see corals and explore May Withdraw Trong island, Gam Ghì island, Mong Tay island... This is also a favorite tour for young people when exploring the South Island.  The cost of the trip will range from 500,000 VND to more than 3 million VND, depending on the means of transportation and the form of private or joint tour rental of visitors. The cost is inclusive of shuttle bus to the harbor, filming service, SUP paddle drone photography, lunch. Experience the tour, visitors will be fishing, swimming, diving or taking free photos with the vibrant coral reefs. Happy to forget the way back to Bai Sao In the afternoon, visitors can visit Sao Beach - one of the most famous beaches in Pearl Island to swim or participate in sports. With a clear blue beach, fine white sand, leaning coconut trees or a "legendary" swing; Bai Sao is the scene of thousands of "million like" photos on social networks.  Here, visitors can try their hand at surfing, water skiing and especially paragliding. The feeling of letting yourself fly freely in the air; Watching the majestic sea and sky of your country will definitely be an unforgettable memory. At the end of the day, you can treat yourself to glasses of coconut water or cool cocktails on the beach of Bai Sao Beach and watch the purple afternoon sun on the sea surface and space creating a dreamy beautiful scene, worthy of a memorable end to the 48-hour journey in the South Island. According to VTC

Nature & Adventure 06/12/2023

South Phu Quoc itinerary 48h to welcome the most beautiful season of the year

Phu Quoc is entering beautiful days, with the addition of a series of new experiences such as inviting visitors to enjoy quickly lest they regret it.

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Located in Ong Doi Cape, at the southern tip of the Pearl Island, Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort is proud to be a hidden gem between the turquoise beauty of the sea and fresh nature. Surrounded by the sea on both sides, the resort offers stunning views of the brilliant sunrise and sunset.
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Enjoy the most typical experiences of the pearl island in the most beautiful season of the year, full sunshine and blue beaches beckoning with a series of attractive entertainment experiences.
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