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Gia Lai is a vast region of the Central Highlands and has abundant tourist potentials with spectacular landscapes. When you explore Gia Lai, you will be immersed in the cool flowery atmosphere, and be able to capture the irresistible natural beauty.
Gia Lai Province has Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Kon Chu Rang Nature Reverse with primitive forests and a variety of endangered animals, plants. Streams, lakes and waterfalls such as Phu Cuong Waterfall, Bien Ho T'nung Lake; hills and mountains such as Chu Dang Ya Volcano, Ham Rong Mount,... There are also artificial landscapes such as rubber forests, immense coffee and green tea hills.


Gia Lai is divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy and the dry, which is rich in humidity and heavy rainfall. It is mainly the red basaltic soil in Gia Lai, so roads become muddy during the rainy season, which is not suitable for travelling.
The best time to visit Gia Lai is the dry season from November to April next year. In November, the wild sunflowers begin to bloom and March is the season of white coffee flowers.


There are many ways to travel to Gia Lai, however, the most common means of transportation are bus and airplane. The bus from Saigon to Gia Lai normally takes about eight hours and departs at night. You should get a ticket on the shuttle bus to be comfortable during your long journey.
Gia Lai has Pleiku Airport about 4km from the city center. The flights depart from Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City are quite frequent.


Top things to do in Gia Lai
1. Go sightseeing on Sea Lake - the “Pleiku eye” 
2. Ecotourism travel at the Tea Sea Lake
3. Watch the wild sunflowers in bloom on Chu Dang Ya Volcano
4. Contemplate Phu Cuong, Xung Khoeng and K50 Waterfalls
5. Visit Minh Thanh Pagoda and Buu Minh Pagoda
6. Climb onto Ham Rong Volcano
7. Trekking Kon Ka Kinh National Park 
8. Try walking over the legendary rope bridge at Yaly Hydropower Plant
9. Take nice photos at the pink grass hill


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Trekking K50 Gia Lai waterfall, where you must visit once in your life

Kon Chu Rang Reserve is a primeval forest spread over the land of 4 provinces of Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh. K50 Waterfall (also known as Hang En Waterfall) in K'bang district of Gia Lai, is likened to a princess hidden deep in the sacred forest of poisonous water in the Central Highlands. K50 Waterfall is ranked among the most beautiful natural waterfalls in Asia. The waterfall is 54m high, cascading down in the midst of majestic nature. In recent years, K50 Waterfall has been one of the "must visit once in a lifetime" spot for trekking and photography enthusiasts. Especially, from January to June is the most beautiful time of the year to conquer K50 waterfall because this is the dry season, the weather is warm, dry roads are easy to walk, there are not many squeezes and insects. In the rainy season, the forest road is not too difficult to walk, except for the last section that takes effort due to having to cling to ropes to climb inside the falls. The rainy season is a lot of squeezing, insects, visitors should prepare long-sleeved clothes, non-slip shoes. Many young people choose to conquer the dry season for comfort, but this place is very interesting when experiencing the rainy season. This season water is plentiful. Standing inside the waterfall listening to the rumbling and splashing of water, it felt really good. There are 2 roads that can reach K50 waterfall: From Binh Dinh and from Gia Lai. If from Binh Dinh, you find An An village, An Lao district, then hire local people here to lead the way through the forest to the waterfall. From Pleiku (Gia Lai), you have to travel along Highway 19 for about 80km to reach An Khe commune and continue to K'bang junction then turn left and move about 30km to K'bang district. From K'bang district, you go another 60km to Kon Chu Rang sanctuary. Here, you send your vehicle back and start the trekking journey to conquer the K50 waterfall. After 14km of motorcycling and 4km trekking through the forest, up and down many slopes, crossing many streams, sometimes not daring to breathe hard to avoid deviating from the steering wheel and plunging into the depths, the magnificent K50 waterfall will appear before your eyes. If you're brave enough, take a hiking rope deep into En cave to take photos of the K50 waterfall from the cave overlooking it. At this time, the majestic waterfall seemed to fall from the eyes of the cave. It is called Hang En because there are always flocks of swallows flying out from the cave, wobbling on the top of the waterfall. You also need to prepare good physical strength and stamina because the days in the forest conquering the K50 will be the days of "three no's": No electricity, no clean water, no phone signal (and of course, no internet). You can hardly even have a flat back because you will have to sleep in a tent under the bumpy stone brick floor... In return, the impressive wild scenery. In particular, they can watch the starry sky - a difficult moment to admire in the crowded city, smog and traffic jams. Photo: Nguyen Trong Cung Article: Summary Video: Discovery Kontum

Nature & Adventure 25/07/2023

Trekking K50 Gia Lai waterfall, where you must visit once in your life

Located in the Kon Chu Rang forest reserve of nearly 15.5 thousand hectares, in K'bang district (Gia Lai), K50 waterfall falls from a height of 54m, creating a beauty like Penglai.

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Pleiku! That land has something to disturb, inviting many legs to wander in four directions to find the unspoiled land of the Central Highlands. Then the moment of capturing the eyes of pines, tea ladies, and infatuation with the scent of wine needed was the answer to all.
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Not only the brilliant yellow of wild anemone or the poetic pink of the meadows, the dry season of Gia Lai also has rubber forests transformed into picturesque leaves.
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