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Pleiku – The best sleeping city in Vietnam

Translated by Bing
With the average annual temperature only fluctuating around 23 degrees Celsius, the hottest in summer is also 33 degrees Celsius, the coldest winter is 8 degrees Celsius, this place is indeed the ideal place to sleep.

Sleep tourism – this phrase has skyrocketed since the pandemic and after that, many tourist facilities have focused more infrastructure to serve people who are sleep deprived.

If you intend to "join" this trend in Vietnam, visitors can consider this city in Central Vietnam: Pleiku City. The destination is worth experiencing because of its typical natural scenery, unique cuisine and especially extremely pleasant climate. Because of its ideal temperature, this place is known as the "best sleeper" city in Vietnam.

Photo: Nine Doan

With an average annual temperature of only about 23 degrees Celsius, the hottest in summer is only 33 degrees Celsius, the coldest winter is 8 degrees Celsius, this place is ideal for sleeping. It is even easier to fall asleep here because of the high mountainous terrain, so there is fresh air. Both locals and tourists who have visited Pleiku admit that the weather is hard to wake up anyone who is sleeping.

Photo: Nguyen Chi Nam

While giving us a quality sleep and fresh air, Pleiku is also attached the name "city for health".

Not too famous like Da Lat or Sapa, Ha Giang, but in the mountain town there are many special features, attracting a large number of tourists to visit. Bien Ho or T'nung Lake (Ea Nueng Lake) is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Central Highlands, worthy of the name "Pleiku eyes full of lakes".

The landscape of Pleiku also has a vertical slope, pine forest or Chu Dang Ya volcano. The best time to visit here is definitely from 12 to 3 months as this time there will be coffee flowers and wild anemones blooming in the beautiful plateau. The season of wild flowers kneeling on Chu Dang Ya volcano makes many tourists and backpackers fascinated when traveling to Gia Lai.

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Sleep tourism has flourished around the world. In stark contrast to traditional forms of tourism, sleep tourism offers visitors a very different experience. Instead of visiting, you'll focus on using services that meet your sleep needs.

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In search of a sleep, try Pleiku.


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