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"Drunk" the red dirt roads of the Central Highlands

Translated by Bing
In the 12th month, I took my car back to the sunny golden season of the Central Highlands, where the red soil blends behind the wheel, the rubber forests ring in the sun and the scent of coffee lingers all over the roads.

In the Central Highlands, one year is two rainy and sunny seasons.

The rainy season lasts from May 5 to 11, rain rots the rotten soil, rain waters thirsty coffee gardens. The rain makes all basalt red dirt roads slippery and difficult to walk, but makes another beauty for the Central Highlands – Majestic waterfalls splashing white foam. The sound of rain mixed with the sound of waterfalls rumbling night and day is like the harmony of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands.

After months of heavy rain, the dry season runs from November to May 4 of the following year. The beautiful days of this place begin with a marked transformation with a cloudless blue sky and warm rays of sunshine. This time period is also the best time to explore the Central Highlands. The air is pleasant, it is brilliantly sunny during the day and chilly in the afternoon and very cold at night.

The Central Highlands sun warms everything, ripening the coffee fruits. From Kon Tum to Dak Lak, there are sunshine, coffee trees with ripe red fruits on the branches. The fragrant aroma of coffee lingers, holding back passers-by. As the coffee capital of the country with export volume ranked in the top 3 largest coffee exporting countries in the world, delicious Central Highlands coffee is famous for its basalt red soil and suitable height, in harmony with the sunshine and wind of the Central Highlands.

Coffee harvest days are bustling all over the villages near and far. Coffee is an economic tree that brings stable income to ethnic minority people. Coffee trees are grown everywhere. In the garden, in the slash field, in the alley, on the edge of the fence. Everywhere is ripe red. The harvested coffee fruits are dried, until sunny enough, will go through many stages, before becoming a cup of fragrant coffee in the hands of a certain guest. Coffee in the Central Highlands is warm, containing enough sunshine and wind, enough love of Highlanders.

Walking among the coffee gardens, I was lost in the aroma, intoxicated in the rich flavor. I followed the Edean girls carrying their sticks to the rafters, picking ripe coffee fruits with their own hands. Coffee-scented fingers, tanned cheeks, the crunching laughter lurking here.

The Central Highlands red soil was tested to grow more new fruit trees. Among the numerous types that have been grown, passion fruit trees, avocados and durian trees and coffee are fused, creating outstanding fruits for this land.

Then the Highland road floats in the beautiful season of wild anemones. I don't know when, that bright sun-colored wildflower has become the true beauty of this place. Wild kneeling with intense vitality, growing wild on the hillsides, into flowerbeds, into fences, into walls of flowers. Wild anemone flowers race with the sun, showing off their wild beauty with the vast green forest. The flower season becomes the dating season for Highland lovers. They returned to this land, who flew directly by plane, who took the car at night, quietly basking in the golden season of sunny flowers, enjoying a splendid Highland. After the days of March filled with white coffee flowers like clouds, in November 11, the Central Highlands once again put on the most beautiful golden dress.

The autumn days in the Central Highlands are most pronounced when the rubber forests change new colors. Without haste, the green leaves in the smoked rubber forests gradually turn yellow, mixed with red on the branches. Just waiting for a gust of wind is a shiver to shed leaves. The rubber leaf changing season creates a beautiful natural picture for the Central Highlands. At this time, rubber does not give latex, the rubber forest is also so quiet and empty of people. Only the trees were straight, tall, strewn with streams of pus that had dried up. Only the sound of the wind rustling and the swaying sunlight dancing incessantly along the foliage.

Drive in the red dirt roads, through straight rubber forests, leg chairs, lie on a thick carpet of leaves like a soft carpet, close your eyes, let your heart be calm, let the wind ring and the sun dance, to fully enjoy the golden and sunny dry season of the Central Highlands.

May 12, pack your backpack and go to the sunny and windy Central Highlands. There are so many great things waiting for you in that place.

Spy Huang

Image source: Multiple authors
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