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Vinh Hy Bay - The sun-drenched blue sea

Translated by Bing
Vinh Hy Bay is a small bay of Ninh Thuan, surrounded by mountains and blue water. Thanks to the position of Nui Chua National Park, this is the only place in the province that is less affected by natural disasters, storms and floods. Not only that, but nature is also blessed with many beautiful scenes that make everyone flinch.

Located about 35km northeast of Phan Rang – Thap Cham city, Vinh Hy Bay is considered a mountainous area with tides, bringing in the wild and majestic beauty of the sea and vast mountain forests. The terrain is partly sea, three sides are mountains. To the west is the peak of Chua Mountain 1040m above sea level and the Giant Oh stream all year round cascading into the bay. This sea has coral reefs of all shapes, mysterious caves that attract adventurers. Looking down from above, Vinh Hy Bay seems to be embraced in the calm mountain, the Giant Oh stream flows from above like a strip of silk. Looking out into the distance, is the vast ocean mixed with mountains and forests.

Photo credit: Zing

The most beautiful time to come to Vinh Hy is around 5 to 8 months, because this time, Ninh Chu sea is very beautiful, the water is turquoise, clear, white sand, smooth sea, calm waves. 

Along the route of Vinh Hy pass, you will admire the beauty of Banana Beach, Bai Barrel, Bai Kinh and admire the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam. At golden times of the day such as sunrise and sunset, try riding your motorbike along this coastal road. Enjoying nature in front of you, you will feel your soul like lightheaded, ecstatic in the middle of heaven and earth.

If you love to explore, you must once visit the clear Giant O stream flowing through Nui Chua National Park. In the middle of the fresh space, the peaceful stream flows. There is also a suspension bridge, surrounded by a forest of green trees.

Taking a cruise to visit the bay, watching corals is another interesting option for you. You can book a tour or boat in the bay area, traveling about 3-4 km to come. Especially if you go by glass-bottomed train, you can see the beauty of colorful coral reefs with your own eyes.

Tourists often say that coming to Vinh Hy Bay without admiring the waterfall on the sea - Hang Rai is a huge shortcoming. Rai Cave is considered by many people as a marvel of nature, is an ideal place to see the scenery and take mesmerizing "virtual life" photos.

Photo credit: Trinh Quang Minh

Photo credit: Zing

In Vinh Hy Bay, you can experience many interesting activities such as renting a boat to fish, climbing mountains at Ba Mad beach, check-in sheep fields, Thai An vineyards or go to Round Rock beach to see the rocks with many unique shapes and colors.

Photo credit: mievatho

Photo source: Nhat Truong

After visiting all the famous attractions, you can fill your hungry stomach with famous delicious seafood dishes such as grilled prickly bridge with onion fat, fish sour hot pot of all kinds, steamed onion squid, lemon squid ,... A day here like that was complete.

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