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The wild beauty of birds in Thung Nham

Translated by Bing
Thung Nham Bird Park (Ninh Binh) has hundreds of species of birds, especially two rare species, Hang Crane and Red Emperor named in the Red Book of Vietnam.

Thung Nham Bird Park (Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh) is located in a valley surrounded by mountains. The bird area is about 18ha, to reach this place, visitors have to go by boat, or walk through many kilometers of forest roads. The name Thung Yan is derived from the topographic features of the valley, the land located between high mountain ranges; while Lava is lava, rocky mountain, or also the name of Hai Yan village, Ninh Hai commune.

For many years, Thung Nham Bird Park has been famous because it is the largest natural bird sanctuary in the North. This bird park is also located in the core area of Trang An Scenic Complex - a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site inscribed by UNESCO in 2014.

Over the past 20 years, hundreds of birds from all over the world have flocked to live in Thung Nham more and more. The largest number must be mentioned birds such as storks, cauldrons, leopards, coal warblers, fire warblers, teals, kingfishers, crested greetings ...

In particular, at Thung Nham Bird Park, there are two rare species named in the Red Book of Vietnam: Hang Hac, and Red Emperor (Phoenix Earth). Hong Hoang is a mascot in the quartet of spirits including Long - Ly - Quy - Phoenix in Asian culture . This is a bird that often symbolizes nobility and virtue, has the power to revive, as well as brings good omens.

In addition to storks, cauldrons, cranes are one of the common species present in Thung Nham Bird Park. They, along with other wild birds, dwell here all year round, and in winter, only a small number migrate south. The rest of the population relives in the reserve and thrives when spring and summer come. 

Early in the morning every day, flocks of birds spread out everywhere in search of food. In the afternoon, they invited each other back to the nest in Thung Nham. The endemic birds here are precious wild animals, creating biodiversity for Trang An Scenic Complex.

Natural birds in Thung Yan are very close to humans. Therefore, every day visitors can visit near the place where they live, but they are not afraid. The work of protecting birds in Thung Nham is also carried out very strictly, no one is hunted, encroaching on individual birds as well as their living area.

With a terrain hidden deep among the mountains forming a limestone wall to shield the wind, Thung Nham Bird Park is known as the ideal "home" for many birds.

Each species of bird has its own beauty, they converge on the big house in Thung Nham to create a colorful wild beauty, few places in Vietnam have. Therefore, visitors are very interested when coming to watch natural birds here. In the photo is the beauty of kingfishers with colorful colors that attract all eyes.

Coming to Thung Nham Bird Park, visitors can see the wild beauty of birds. Watching flocks of birds take off flying freely in the sky or nests full of eggs, young birds are chirping waiting for their parents to bring back food.

Thung Nham Bird Park is 12km east-south of Ninh Binh city. Coming here, visitors will separate themselves from the hustle and bustle of the bustling city and be immersed in the fresh nature of the mountains and forests, the call of birds, and the echo from the deep cliffs, helping the spirit become more relaxed and comfortable.

Photo: Thung Nham Bird Park

Source: Dan Tri

Image source: Multiple authors
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