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Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Con Dao

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You are preparing to go to Con Dao, let's find out the best beaches in Con Dao.

Bai Nhat 

People call Bai Nhat the "underground charm" of Con Dao, perhaps not coincidentally. Bai Nhat is only a few hundred meters from Shark Cape with a beautiful view. Here is a mixture of wild, pure beauty mixed with a bit of modernity, clear as morning light. 

The most beautiful time to visit Bai Nhat or Con Dao is from 11 to 6 months, which is when the climate and weather here are also extremely favorable and the atmosphere is peaceful.

Con Son Beach makes a strong impression on visitors by its clear blue water and fine white sand. If you have never walked on the golden sand and once enjoyed the splendid sunset stretching to the horizon of Bai Nhat, perhaps your Con Dao travel experience is not enough.

Betel Dam Beach

Dam Trau Beach is likened to a green oasis in the heart of Con Dao. This beach is located in Con Dao National Park, near Co Ong airport, and it was recently honored to be listed by the US newspaper in the Top 25 most beautiful beaches in the world. With blue water and pristine white sandy beaches, this place is extremely popular with tourists and attracts the most tourists in Con Dao.

The name Dam Betel started from the story that folk tell. It is said that in the past, a boy named Cau fell passionately in love with a girl named Betel Nut. But this predestined relationship could not bear fruit because Betel Nut was the daughter of the three Cau boys and her mother Betel Nut. Perhaps heartbroken, Cau came here and decided to end his life. Betel Nut, too, decided to sow herself here and since then, this beach has been called Dam Betel beach.

Watching the sunset on Dam Trau beach is the most interesting and unique experience that visitors cannot ignore when visiting here. Because of its proximity to the airport, from here we can look up at the sky and watch electronic birds flying, a very interesting image.

An Hai Beach

Compared to the two beaches mentioned above, An Hai Beach is somewhat busier because it is located near resorts and central areas. Whether it's sunrise, sunset or sunny midday, this beach has visitors strolling, bathing and capturing beautiful moments on this pristine island.


Although it is a place where many people often gather, An Hai Beach is quite clean, the sea water is clear. When the sun rises, the waves become sparkling in the sun. Along the coast are rows of green old poplars lying on their sides on the sandy shore, cheering with each wind. What could be more wonderful than sitting under the cool trees and relaxing into the picturesque Con Dao seascape?


In particular, coming to An Hai Beach, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the pier located above the beach. This is where fishermen's boats gather to anchor. If you wake up early and this beach watches the sunrise, you will see the image of fishermen busy preparing for the fishing activity. 


Hot Springs Beach 

What is the attraction of Hot Spring Beach that everyone checks in here once? The first special feature is that this place owns warm water, on average about 50 degrees. You will feel like you are going to a sauna in the middle of a clear, peaceful open beach. Behind this beach is a mangrove ecosystem, verdant trees and exudes something mysterious. 


If you look down from above, you will see a beautiful picture with 3 main colors. It was the green leaves of the woods, the fresh blue and pure white of the curved sand. Because this place is quite far from the center, few people know, so it is often deserted. That immense space will belong to you, will be a place for you to delight in taking photos.


Not only is it a paradise for swimming and photography, but Hot Spring Beach is also considered a great place for camping. Visitors can find a high and clean corner to pitch a tent with friends, light a campfire at night, have a BBQ party and sing to the sound of the murmuring waves.

Dat Doc Beach

Dat Doc Beach is considered one of the most charming beaches in Con Dao. The beach has a gentle, wide sandy shore and clear blue water. Like other beaches, Dat Doc beach has a pristine natural scenery and is covered with green areas of forests and rocky mountains.

Dat Doc Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Con Dao. It has a resort with a unique design, which is a great resort for visitors. Coming to Dat Doc beach, visitors can delight in immersing themselves in the cool water or relaxing for a walk ...

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