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Top 4 exciting adventure experiences in Mui Ne

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Have you tried all the exciting adventure games in this place? Here's a list of typical games for you.

Speed challenges on sand dunes

Mui Ne is famous for its "specialties" of sand sliding. If you want to try a surfing like flying on the sand dunes, go to Golden Sand Hill or also known as Cat Bay Hill. Here, the sand dunes are not only slightly reddish-yellow, but the shape also changes constantly with the wind. With the skateboard, you will be instructed to slide speed while still ensuring the safest. There are many feelings when playing this game, from fear and screaming to excitement when conquering the higher sand dunes.

If you want to conquer the sand dunes in specialized vehicles, go to White Sand Hill or White Bau, there are 4-wheel terrain vehicles, jeeps ... suitable for those who like to feel strong when pouring people, overhill through bumpy dunes. You can choose a car with a driving or self-driving car to experience challenging quicksand roads.

Location: White Sand Hill (White Bau) is 15km from Mui Ne. From here go another 8km will reach The Golden Sand Hill, near Hon Straw beach.

Ticket price: Sand skiing: 20,000 spills/board/2 slides. Off-road motorcycles, jeeps: 350,000 - 800,000 VND / car / 10-30 minutes.

Fly over the water with kitesurfing

Mui Ne is the capital of extreme sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing thanks to the ideal wind conditions. To play this sport, you must be physically fit and need to take a short course for 2-10 hours. There are many kitesurfing clubs that teach and rent out experiential planks.

Like surfing but with a colorful kite, players will use the wind, control the parachute rope to surf on the waves or fly out of the water, acrobatics in the air. That will give you not only a sense of freedom, comfort when surfing the ice on the sea surface, but also moments of thrill, relieve stress after hard working days.

Places to register to study and play: C2Sky Kitesurfing Vietnam, Vietnam Kiteboarding School, Jibe's Beach Club, Phi Kite School...

Cost: 500,000 - 700,000 VND/hour of study, 150,000 VND/hour board rental

Flying hot air balloons watching Binh Thuan from above

This is one of the experiences that make up mui Ne - Binh Thuan's tourism brand. Depending on the wind direction, the hot air balloon will fly over mui Ne white sand dunes or fly closer to the sea. In the dawn, from the hot air balloon, you can see deserts, ponds, rivers, fields, villages, seas, forests to the crowded urban areas of Binh Thuan within nearly an hour of flying.

Hot air balloons offer a novel and stunning view of the landscapes. You are immersed in the clouds at a height of a few hundred meters, enough to find yourself free like a flying bird. In particular, at the end of the journey, there will be a celebration of the first time flying a hot air balloon, a glass of champagne in the morning like real nobles.

This service must be booked in advance and remember to bring a hat.

Imaging and video equipment should have a container or bag to keep safe during landing.

Location: Nguyen Tat Thanh Square, the center of Phan Thiet City or Hoa Thang petrol station in Hong Lam - Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district.

Cost: From VND 3.8 million per person, including shuttle bus from the city center to the starting point.

Red Canyon Climbing - Red Rock Canyon by the Sea

Located in The Lai Picnic Area, Red Canyon - Red Canyon is a wonder formed from the erosion of nature, so the pristine sand mountains are covered with bright red.

Stepping on a small path located among the red sand mountains nearly 100 meters high, you will have the feeling of being lost to the Grand Canyon - Grand Canyon in the US. Although not as large, but Red Canyon in Mui Ne is not inferior in terms of uniqueness as well as the attractiveness of the striking red-orange color, becoming an impressive backdrop for many visitors who like to take photos. You can also capture the view of nature in harmony between the sky, the sea and the sand mountains when following the Red Canyon to the top. On one side is the scenery of the forest and mountains, on the other side is the clear blue sea.

The ideal time of day for you to explore Red Canyon is early in the morning or dusk because the weather is quite cool, you will not be sunburned, making your body tired, uncomfortable.

Location: Penglai picnic area is 1 km from Mui Ne towards Hon Straw.

Ticket price: 50,000 VND/person

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