About Binh Thuan

There are immense sand dunes like a desert in Mui Ne, long coastlines with colorful fishermen's boats and so many resorts that they call it "Paradise of Resorts". Moreover, Binh Thuan still preserves its original landscapes in Phu Quy island, Cu Lao Cau islet, Ke Ga cape, Rom island, Rang Beach, The Poshanu Tower,...

Best Time To Visit Binh Thuan

From September to February next year in Binh Thuan, it is a dry season, the weather is hot but not too stuffy, harsh and perfect for a memorable sea trip, while from November to January is the season of Northeasterlies, suitable for sports such as kite surfing.

Dry Season
(Jan - Mar)

The whirlwind season

Melaleuca flowers are brightly yellow

Light sunshine, chilly weather

Kite surfing on the windy sea

Dragon fruit blooms light up the garden

Dry Season
(Apr - Jul)

Sudden thunderstorms

Hot and dry

Crowded with tourists

The hottest days of the year

Remember to bring sunscreen and hat

Rainy Season
(Aug - Oct)

Weather changes suddenly

Gentle breeze

Storms sometimes occur

Ripen dragon fruits are bright red

Dry Season
(Nov - Dec)

The whirlwind season

Mild sunshine

Gentle breeze

Fast winds and high waves

Kite surfing competition on the sea


From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you can buy a plane ticket to Cam Ranh airport and then catch a bus to Phan Thiet. This is the fastest and most convenient way for you.

Explore Binh Thuan

Bau Sen - a wonderland among the sands

Located in the midst of smooth white sand, Bau Sen will surprise you when climbing up the high sandy slopes, encountering a vast lake sparkling with silver under the bright sun, low pink lotus petals behind the green leaves creating a beautiful romantic scene Bau Sen, also known as Bach Lake , is divided into 2 areas: Bau Ong and Bau Ba due to the presence of two large and small lakes located next to each other. Bau Ba is also known as Bau White. The lake is 3km wide, with an average depth of 5m with a total area of 70ha, surrounded by pure and smooth white sand caves. Standing from the top of the hill looking down, you will be able to admire the panoramic view of the vast lagoon, deep blue water, stretching beautifully. This is a natural freshwater gourd created by the geological structure of the semi-desert area. Bau Sen is a place that supplies fresh water to the surrounding residents. In summer, the lotus blooms in full bloom, covering 1 strip of lake, very beautiful. But if you don't go right during the lotus season, don't be in a hurry because those beautiful lotus flowers that grow naturally bloom all year round on the surface of the lake. Under the blue water in it, there are many types of freshwater fish, especially grass carp.    Coming to Bau Sen - Bach Ho, you can rent a canoe of fishermen along the area to walk, or sail by yourself to pick fragrant lotus flowers, walk on the sandbanks, admire the scenery on the lake or fish in small huts are all very interesting. If you like to take a shower, the water here is clear, cool, and clean. Next to it is a cool poplar forest, you can hang in a hammock, relax under the green forest foliage and the breeze.   Bau Sen is located 40km south of Phan Thiet city. To get to this natural lake, you can go in two ways Option 1: From Phan Thiet city, visitors walk along National Highway 1A to Luong Son town, see the town junction, turn right, then continue to walk another 18km to Bau Trang. Option 2: From Phan Thiet city, you follow Vo Nguyen Giap street then to Xuan Thuy street to Hon Rom, then continue to move to Mui Ne market. From the market, go along the sea about 12km to Bau Trang, Mui Ne.  Interesting activities here:   Walking in Bau Trang, you will fully enjoy the magical beauty of nature when on one side is a desert wilderness, on the other side is a clear blue lake full of living "plastic".   Immerse yourself on a unique road with white sand, golden sunshine and brilliant sky on both sides will help you get "artistic" photos when you come here.  Riding on off-road vehicles, crossing sandy slopes, descending hills and capturing the beauty of nature will help you have interesting and unforgettable experiences here. With only the tool of a board, you can slide on the sand as much as you are sliding on a giant slide full of fun. Around May - August, you will be amazed by the beauty of Bau Trang when the water surface is covered with the gentle and poetic pink color of lotus flowers. Visitors can embroider boats around the lake to fully feel the wonderful beauty of this "oasis" with a large lake surrounded by white sand dunes, clear blue sky and trees stretching out in the wind. After having interesting experiences, visitors can visit specialty shops near Bau Trang and Mui Ne tourist areas to enjoy popular but very attractive snacks in Binh Thuan such as filter cakes, banh can, grilled rice paper with fish sauce, grilled spring rolls,...  Diep Hoang Photo: Shutter Stock 

Nature & Adventure 11/07/2024

Bau Sen - a wonderland among the sands

Just went on the honeymoon, by the way, I took photos to make a wedding album. Convenient two-in-one, what's better than...

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With a beautiful wild scenery, although tourism services have not been developed, there is a lack of motels and hotels for guests to stop, but this island has still become a favorite destination for many travelers, flocking to change the wind and camp overnight.
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In addition to attractive names such as squid one sunny, hot pot of sea bream, cake of cauldron,..., visitors to Binh Thuan sea also enjoy many other famous dishes, in which it is impossible not to mention sloppy.
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