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There are immense sand dunes like a desert in Mui Ne, long coastlines with colorful fishermen's boats and so many resorts that they call it "Paradise of Resorts". Moreover, Binh Thuan still preserves its original landscapes in Phu Quy island, Cu Lao Cau islet, Ke Ga cape, Rom island, Rang Beach, The Poshanu Tower,...

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From September to February next year in Binh Thuan, it is a dry season, the weather is hot but not too stuffy, harsh and perfect for a memorable sea trip, while from November to January is the season of Northeasterlies, suitable for sports such as kite surfing.


From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you can buy a plane ticket to Cam Ranh airport and then catch a bus to Phan Thiet. This is the fastest and most convenient way for you.


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10 must-try delicacies when coming to Binh Thuan

Items from ink teeth The teeth are small lumps at the tip of the squid. When processing, many often discard. However, according to locals, the delicious taste of teeth is no less than that of ink bodies. This ingredient can be processed into many different dishes such as ink tooth rolls, salt-roasted squid teeth, grilled squid teeth ... In particular, baked squid teeth are popular. The ink teeth after cleaning, are seasoned and then strung into bamboo sticks, grilled on a fiery red charcoal stove. Fresh squid teeth, when baked, will be chewy and crispy. This dish is usually served with cucumbers, pickles to balance the flavor. Dragon fruit seafood salad Dragon fruit seafood salad is a blend of sweetness from Phan Thiet seafood with the cool taste of specialty fruits in South Central Vietnam. Dragon fruit for salad is a type of white intestine, with acidity, moderate sweetness, little water for easy chopping. Seafood is usually shrimp, squid, fresh, freshly caught. Seafood is only lightly boiled, cooked enough, but does not lose its fresh taste. Peeled shrimp, squid slices, carrots, chopped onions, peppers, herbs, dragon fruit mixed with sweet and sour fish sauce mixture. Then squeeze more lemon, peppers, onions, roasted peanuts. This salad is usually served with shrimp puff pastry. Bamboo shoots with pork spring rolls rolled rice paper This is a traditional dish, often seen during Tet holidays of Binh Thuan people. However, today, this dish is also on the menu of restaurants and eateries, serving diners at all times of the year. Phan Thiet people eat bamboo shoots with banh tat, or more uniquely, rice paper rolls. Rice rice paper dipped in warm water rolled with bamboo shoots, added radishes, raw vegetables, wrapped tightly and dipped with specialty ear core fish sauce, mixed with dangerous chili. Herring roll rolls Herring clean, scrape scales, remove heads, gills, gut then fillet, puree, mix with some vegetables such as carrots, cassava root with spices, then roll rice paper and deep-fry. Each crispy spring roll, with the rich taste of sea herring, mixed with the sweetness of cassava root when served with raw vegetables, sour mango and peanut sauce, will be a great appetizer for diners at parties, anniversary or family gatherings at the end of the year. A full herring roll roll tray will include deep-fried herring spring rolls, raw vegetables, mango, sour caramels, sour spring rolls, rice paper. Diners wrapped their hands tightly and dipped in a gelatinous sauce made from pure eardrum sauce mixed with chili, crispy roasted peanuts, and granulated sugar. Fish salad Fish are abundant in Binh Thuan waters. According to locals, this fish is low in meat, so only cheese drying is tasty. Dried fish meat has a sweet, fatty taste. Dried fish grilled on a charcoal fire remove skin, head, bones then mixed with basil, marigold, green mango. The stage that determines the deliciousness of this dish is the mix. A cup of standard mixed water must have enough sour, spicy, salty, sweet taste. Fish salad is available in many eateries and restaurants. Some places transform, mix other ingredients such as pork, pork ears, shrimp ... to enhance the flavor. Fatty guttered convex fish Convex fish are quite common in Binh Thuan, appearing a lot from the 7th to 9th month of the lunar calendar. Fish meat   toned, processed into many dishes by the people. The most famous is the fatty torrential convex fish. After cleaning, the fish is cut into square pieces and steamed in water. Golden fried lard, galloping with green onions. When eating, sprinkle on the fish. Convex fish sauce is often mixed with tamarind, garlic, chili, sugar, beaten with cooked steamed fish liver to create a fatty taste.  Phan Thiet cake Banh rê is a specialty that many tourists love, bought as gifts when coming to Phan Thiet. The cake is sweet, made from tapioca or shredded sweet potatoes, fried golden and drizzled with melted sugar on the surface like a centipede. This dish is sold in most specialty shops. Visitors can find it here. Baked rice paper with rice sauce Baked rice paper with rice sauce is also a popular dish on the streets of Phan Thiet. Black sesame rice rice paper spread with rice sauce, spread boiled quail eggs, spring rolls, fish cakes and onions on the face and then cook over embers. When the cake is cooked, the seller uses a small bamboo stick to roll, the cake again. Cauldron wheel This is a popular popular cake in Phan Thiet. The cauldron cake is a combination of the chewy taste of the layer made of filtered flour and shrimp filling, fresh meat. In terms of shape and structure, Phan Thiet cauldron cake resembles filter cake but smaller. The soul of this dish is Phan Thiet fish sauce, mixed with chili, which has a consistency, sweet and sour taste and is spicy. When using cauldron cakes, locals sprinkle red onion and fat to enhance the flavor. Sloppy This dish is beautifully decorated as a culinary picture that is diverse in ingredients and colorful. Particularly, the vegetable dish is very rich with basil, cinnamon, cucumber, mango, banana corn, thin omelette, cut pork belly ... Fresh fish, marinated with garlic and peppers moderately is not too spicy but also does not lose the taste and smell of the fish. Visitors can enjoy this dish in 2 ways: Eat rolls: just put the whole thing in the roll, then dip in peanut fish sauce. Hot pot style: Add each portion of the banana leaf and serve with the soup. According to VnE

Food & Drinks 27/09/2023

10 must-try delicacies when coming to Binh Thuan

Herring rolls, grilled squid teeth, dragon fruit seafood salad are dishes diners should try when coming to Binh Thuan.

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