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There are immense sand dunes like a desert in Mui Ne, long coastlines with colorful fishermen's boats and so many resorts that they call it "Paradise of Resorts". Moreover, Binh Thuan still preserves its original landscapes in Phu Quy island, Cu Lao Cau islet, Ke Ga cape, Rom island, Rang Beach, The Poshanu Tower,...

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From September to February next year in Binh Thuan, it is a dry season, the weather is hot but not too stuffy, harsh and perfect for a memorable sea trip, while from November to January is the season of Northeasterlies, suitable for sports such as kite surfing.


From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you can buy a plane ticket to Cam Ranh airport and then catch a bus to Phan Thiet. This is the fastest and most convenient way for you.

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Follow the wind, try your hand at kitesurfing on Binh Thuan beach

Kitesurfing is no stranger to Vietnamese people when introduced to Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan more than 15 years ago, but it is probably still a sport for foreigners. The wind season here lasts and is stable from November to April along with long beaches, big waves. In winter, foreign visitors to Binh Thuan are very crowded and the beach area is also full of visitors playing sea sports. Binh Thuan beach has high winds, big waves, so playing pub or kayak is not suitable like beaches in Phu Quoc. Kites needed for kitesurfing games include Kites, Bar control, harness and boards. For those who have mastered this sport, you just need to go to the club and rent things to play. For those who have never known, have health and want to try, please take some time to study. For someone who can't swim like me or for kids who want to try, you can play with a coach. Many paragliding clubs have sprung up here with short courses. It only takes a few hours, you can try it out with professional trainers. C2Sky Kitesurfing Vietnam, Vietnam Kiteboarding School, Jibe's Beach Club and many other clubs across Binh Thuan have guided thousands of students to know and love this exciting game. To play kitesurfing, you have to learn how to play. The first is to know how to stand on a stone board with two feet fixed on 2 board positions. The belt and control bar are draped around the body. The guide will show you how to hold the controller, adjust the wind direction as well as how to stand firmly on the board. Once you understand how to play, you can give it a try. Although it has been introduced as a game for all ages, as long as you want, but to play kitesurfing, you must know how to swim and be healthy, love extreme sports. Kitesurfing requires physical strength and technical mastery, otherwise, you will drink full of sea water or get injured a lot. When all the items are available, the parachute will be helped by the coach. Although flying with the wind, players will use the wind power to surf on the waves or rise out of the water, acrobatics in the air ... The wind is very strong when the parachute wing is stretched in the sky, the player must firmly grasp the rope, stretch and control the paraglider above and the skateboard under their feet. In the sky, the parachute wings fluttered incessantly, the sun was brilliant. Beneath the ground, the surfboard ices the waves, the salty ocean waters burning its face. Occasionally, skateboards rise out of the air and people roll around. To do these beautiful movements is not simple. Parachute wings can fly too high, pulling the player up and free-dropping the player into the sea when you do not firmly grasp the parachute rope. But if you have played, it will be very much. The feeling of gliding on the vast sea with sea water, wind, and sunshine is a great feeling. Sports help release energy, bring people health, reduce stress for daily life. A surfing course for beginners usually takes about 02 hours and costs about 01 million VND. The above cost includes all tools such as boards, leash and instructors. After the course, most of you can play by yourself and can rent a game to practice. The cost of renting boards will then be 150,000 VND/h. In addition to kitesurfing, you can also learn to surf, sail or dive. When you come to school, remember to have appropriate items, hats, glasses, and sunscreen. With year-round sunny weather and high winds, Binh Thuan is introduced by Asia One's travel page in the Top 5 "paradises" of adventure experiences in Asia including: Kitesurfing in Mui Ne (Vietnam), Indoor skydiving in Sentosa (Singapore), coral diving in Palawn (Philippines), conquer Everest Base Camp (Nepal), and bungee jump in Macau (China). Spy Huang Photo: Shutterstock

Nature & Adventure 16/01/2024

Follow the wind, try your hand at kitesurfing on Binh Thuan beach

The wind blew as I followed the resort's side path down to the beach. The immensity is wind, it is sunshine, and kites of all colors are wobbling in the blue sky.

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Visitors to Mui Ne (Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan) cannot help but enjoy the image of hundreds of colorful kites flying in the blue sky. On the surface of the sea, players skillfully surf on the waves, performing movements to rise out of the water.
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On the coastal road from Ho Chi Minh City. HCM leads to Binh Thuan province exists a fishing village called Mui Ne fishing village by locals. Mui Ne fishing village is located about 23km north of Phan Thiet city center, about 1km from Mui Ne market.
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