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Go to the 3-storey waterfall to cool off in Tuyen Quang

Translated by Bing
The waterfall consists of continuous cascades with 3 large floors is a tourist attraction in Tuyen Quang in recent years thanks to its beautiful and green landscape, with many interesting experiences such as camping, waterfall bathing, SUP paddling or trekking,...

More than 70km from the center of Tuyen Quang city, Ban Ba waterfall (in Ban Ba village, Trung Ha commune, Chiem Hoa district, Tuyen Quang province) is an attractive destination for visitors to experience, especially in summer, thanks to owning a green natural landscape with interesting outdoor activities such as camping, SUP paddling, trekking,...

Ban Ba Waterfall is located in Ban Ba Waterfall Eco-tourism Area, which has been certified as a National Scenic Site since 2007 but has only been put into tourism  operation a few years ago. Ban Ba Waterfall is also one of the longest waterfalls in the north with a length of about 3km.

Ban Ba Waterfall consists of continuous cascades with 3 large floors, including: Tlap, Tlap Cao, Slap Wind, at the same time pouring vertical water from a height of tens of meters into the waterfall bed and there are many small cascades around.

The first cascade – Tlap is considered to have the most majestic and poetic appearance. The area at the base of the falls is often referred to as the "Dragon Abyss" by locals because of its dragon-like cliffs and underground geysers that spew out like the image of a dragon spraying water.

The second cascade that is more difficult to conquer is Slap Cao, divided into two branches that fall down, like two strips of white silk winding between mountains and forests. At the foot of the waterfall there is a clear blue body of water called the "chasm". This is the ideal place for visitors to experience and relax on the uniquely shaped stone slabs.

The last floor is also the most difficult place to conquer is the Slap Wind layer that flows along the limestone slabs into the abyss called the "Spiritual Abyss" (sacred abyss). At this waterfall, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool green water, listen to the sound of the cascade and the song from forest birds...

Because the waterfall has a large length, visitors who want to explore all the waterfalls often choose to trek in a day with many activities such as: walking along the waterfall, exploring the waterfall, bathing at the foot of the cliff, enjoying a meal among the cool water,...

Visitors can also prepare their own food and drinks when experiencing at the falls, but note not to litter, preserve the landscape and surroundings.

The waterfall has 3 floors, but the journey to conquer will go through two floors of Slap and Slap Cao. Particularly Slap Wind - the highest cascade has its own discovery route.

Due to the capacity and limited impact on the environment and ecosystem at Ban Ba Waterfall, the tour here has a limited number of participants every year. Most tours are open on a fixed schedule.

Here, in addition to trekking to explore the waterfalls, visitors can combine to participate in internal activities such as: SUP rowing; natural foot masage fish, natural jacuzzi; learning manhood, tickling, cooking indigenous dishes; enjoy ethnic arts (singing then, Hmong flute, stall dancing, Dao dance) or soaking herbs, cycling, experiencing the "compatriot kitchen",...

The right time for visitors to visit and experience at this waterfall is from May 4 to the end of September 9. The ticket price is 70,000 VND/person. The ideal itinerary is 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights with costs ranging from 850,000 VND / person or more, which includes accommodation costs of about 400,000 VND / person / night and food services from 150,000 VND / person / meal.

Here, visitors can choose to stay at community stilt houses or Mongolian tents with full facilities and enjoy many delicious dishes and local specialties such as vegetable noodles, spring fish, native pig/chicken, sticky rice/five-color thick cakes, Tay cakes,...

From Chiem Hoa, visitors move along a small road turning into the waterfall about 25km long. The road is convenient and clean, there are many stilt houses located along both sides of the road. 

If you have the opportunity to come here, in addition to Ban Ba waterfall, visitors can visit some other attractive tourist destinations in Chiem Hoa district such as: Lua Waterfall (Hoa Phu commune); Kim Binh Special National Monument; Bao Ninh Sung Phuc Pagoda; Dam Hong temple; The Hundred God Temple... 

According to VNN

Photo: The Ban Ba Jungle Lodge

Image source: Multiple authors
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