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Yen Thinh Valley - green nature in the middle of Lang Son sky and earth

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Coming to the valley, visitors not only enjoy the fresh air, green nature but also have the opportunity to experience some interesting activities such as camping, boating,... or enjoy delicious local specialties.

Located about 130km from Hanoi city, Yen Thinh valley (about 18km from the center of Huu Lung town, in Huu Lung district, Lang Son province) has become a destination loved by many travel lovers because of its green natural scenery, fresh air, pleasant all year round.

Around the valley is surrounded by a rich system of hills and caves with all kinds of terrains such as lakes, streams, meadows ,... Thanks to the convergence of ideal natural conditions, this place is considered very suitable for exploiting experiential tourism, attracting visitors to participate in outdoor activities, immerse themselves in nature.

Many tourists compare the landscape in Yen Thinh valley as "miniature Mongolia" because of the endless stretch of green grass, peaceful space, somewhere are the tents of families and large groups of people coming here to camp.

Coming to Yen Thinh valley, in addition to sightseeing, visitors also have the opportunity to experience some interesting picnic activities such as setting up tents, organizing outdoor barbecues, boating, kite flying, soccer or climbing, bathing in streams, fishing,...

The best time to visit and experience here is from 9 to 4 months every year, when the weather enters spring or turns into autumn, the air is fresh and cool.

Around the Yen Thinh valley area is also inhabited by relatives of the Kinh, Tay, Nung, and Dao ethnic groups,... Therefore, coming here, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in campfires, cultural exchanges with indigenous people. In particular, visitors should not miss enjoying specialties, traditional local dishes such as pancakes, stitched nutmeg, wormwood leaf cakes, gio cakes, grilled spring rolls ,...

In Yen Thinh, it still retains its pristine beauty, has not promoted too many commercial and exploitation activities travel. Therefore, visitors to the amusement park should pay attention to maintaining hygiene and protecting the landscape, limiting the use of loudspeakers or making loud noises that affect people's lives.

In addition, you can combine visiting some nearby tourist destinations such as Bac Mo Dam, fiancée tree ,... or experience picking persimmons, picking na Lang Son mountain, picking chestnuts at gardeners,...

Photo: Hung Vi

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