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Samu - U Bo, trekking is "hot" in this year's climbing season

Translated by Bing
Possessing an altitude of 2,756 m, Sa Mu - U Bo is a "hot" trekking course in this year's climbing season because of its impressive ghostly scenery.

From October to May 4 is a good time to conquer the peaks in the Northwest region. In this year's climbing season, Samu - U Bo is a trekking route chosen by many people because of its pristine natural scenery, beautiful moss-covered primeval forests, suitable for the journey of 2D1D.

Sa Mu peak is 2,756 m high, located next to the border between Yen Bai and Son La provinces, in Ta Xua special use forest. This place owns a diverse ecosystem with many types of exotic flowers, forests that make many tourists determined to come to the place to admire.

There are two trekking routes to reach the top of Sa Mu, which are from the direction of Xím Vang and the direction of Groin Dong. Most visitors choose to start from the direction of Xím Vang, Bac Yen district, Son La province with a total distance of about 8 km. If you go fast, it takes about 5 hours to reach the shack.

Hidden in the middle of the jungle, the shack was built by local people, serving as a shelter for tourists. This shack can accommodate about 40 people and provides basic items such as pillows, blankets, drinking water and food. Guests must contact the owner in advance for attentive service. Mr. Tuyen (the owner of the shack) said: "The number of visitors climbing Samu - U Bo this year increased much compared to the previous year". On weekends the shack is not enough capacity, some groups of tourists have to set up outdoor tents to sleep.

The hiking course passes through old growth forests covered with green moss, looming overhead with brilliant maple foliage. Some tourists liken this place to a fairy world full of ghosts but no less brilliant.

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