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Pu Luong - paradise among thousands

Translated by Bing
Each season, Pu Luong has a different beauty, whether it is the green color of young rice or the iridescent yellow color of rice in harvest.

A place with rivers, mountains, streams and terraced fields combined to create an extremely rustic and idyllic scene. The beauty of Pu Luong is very special, suitable for you to put aside the chaos of life and immerse yourself in nature.

When coming to Pu Luong, in addition to the areas with terraced fields, people should go to the deep points in the village, the streams and waterfalls, the mountains and caves ... Beautiful natural scenery, peaceful villages will bring you a feeling of great enjoyment. Pu Luong is really an ideal "healing" place for young people.

Every season, Pu Luong seems to be changed into a new shirt. Especially, in the ripe rice season, the terraced fields are bright yellow covering the hillside. Looming in the distance are the stilt houses of the Thai ethnic people nestled under the shadow under limestone mountains mixed with lowland mountains, making the scene more unique.

Although located in the sunny and windy Central region, Pu Luong has quite mild and pleasant weather and climate. Even on the hottest summer days, the weather here is always cool because it is surrounded by mountains and trees.

The most beautiful season to visit Pu Luong is the 6th and 10th month. This is the time when Pu Luong is beautiful because of the golden color of ripe rice, successively forming a brilliant area. In about 2 weeks, the rice will ripen yellow and in the harvest season, so people can arrange plans to go to Pu Luong to watch the golden season, take photos with the vast sea of rice.

In this season, local people will set up huts to create a stop to serve visitors to watch and rest. Here, visitors can enjoy specialty dishes such as Co Lung duck, stream fish and stone snails for the people to cultivate. 

Coming to Pu Luong this season, everyone should follow thin jackets, because the temperature in the evening decreases, so it is quite cold. In addition, this restaurant is also quite few, so it is necessary to plan to choose a homestay in advance to conveniently rest and explore the next places.

To get to Pu Luong is not difficult. If traveling from Hanoi, visitors can choose by car or motorbike. If you are a person with a stable steering wheel who likes to experience, you can ride a motorbike to admire the majestic passes, enjoy the panoramic view of Pu Luong valley. However, this road is quite steep with many passes, so care should be taken to ensure safety.

Source: VietnamTravel

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