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Unique colorful stones in the Ancient Stone Sea

Translated by Bing
It is said that in Binh Thuan there is an "alien" sea with colorful stones and rocks with strange shapes, every Tet is green in a large area, attracting people to move and photographers everywhere to hunt moss. That is the Co Thach Sea with "the most colorful rock beach in Vietnam".

A unique ancient rock beach

Co Thach Beach is located in Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province, about 300km from Ho Chi Minh City. Walking along the coast for a while, you will encounter a large rocky beach, gathering thousands of stones and pebbles with all kinds of round and flat shapes, large and small sizes, blue, red, white colors, Various gold is called the seven-color stone by the locals.

Originally rocks deep in the sea eroded by ocean currents and tides over hundreds of years, rock chips pushed ashore have formed colorful rocks with distinct ridges. Under the sun and the waves of the sea continuously rushing to the shore, the rocky beach glows with colored dots that sparkle like pearls. These stones are constantly being pushed up from under the sea, seemingly never stopping.

Standing in front of the seven-colored rock are rugged rocks stretching towards the sea with all kinds of bizarre shapes, hidden in many mysterious anecdotes that have not been solved. These are strongly eroded sedimentary rock ridges mixed with pebbles that form a special attraction unique to this place.

Throughout the length of the South Central coastline, only the Co Thach Sea in Tuy Phong - Binh Thuan has such a unique rock. Perhaps in the past, a poet when visiting the sea here could not help but be amazed and amused by this scene and gave it the name "Ancient Stone" (ancient stone).

Fall in love with the "moss hunting" season

After the Lunar New Year, around February and March every year, the Co Thach sea is covered with moss and a green color, waiting until the bright sun shines on it to gradually turn yellow. This time is the most ideal time to start the journey of "hunting moss".

The moss body is as soft as long loose hair that hugs the rock, and when the tide recedes, it gently winds along with the water. The clear Gu Shi Sea, in the middle of the blue sky, blue water further highlights the beauty of the mysterious moss beach. As long as you have a soul that loves nature, you want to see the heartwarming spectacle with your own eyes.

The blue moss of Gu Shi Sea has created a lot of inspiration for amateurs and professionals alike to produce many surreal photo series. However, not everyone who comes here is lucky enough to capture beautiful moss images. Moss only appears when the tide has just receded, if the water is too large, it will be difficult to capture and the water is shallow, the moss is dry, not shiny, smooth. Beautiful mossy beaches are often in places with many rapids, moving out quite slippery and dangerous.

In addition to the beach and Co Thach rock, you should not miss the visit to other famous landmarks here such as Co Thach Pagoda, Binh Thanh commune sand dunes, Nam Hai Mausoleum (also known as Ong Fish Mausoleum), Vinh Hao mineral mud bath. Each place has its own charms and uniqueness, which will surely please you.


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