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The most attractive orchards for tourists

Translated by Bing
In any season, the delta treats tourists far and wide with sweet fruits, visitors can pick and enjoy ripe fruits in the garden or bring them back as gifts for relatives and friends.

Garden of Thoi Son Islet – Tien Giang

Thoi Son Islet (Thoi Son Commune, My Tho City, Tien Giang), also known as Lan Island, is shaped like a dragon worship in the Hue royal court, owning the 4 best: the oldest age, the largest area, also considered the most beautiful and harmonious in the Four Spirits Island" (Lan, Long, Quy, Phung). From My Tho city, it only takes about 15 minutes to cruise on the Tien River, visitors will come to Thoi Son Island Eco-Tourism Area. Or you can also travel to Tien Giang to Thoi Son Island by road via Rach Mieu Bridge.

Cai Be Fruit Garden – Tien Giang

Cai Be garden in Cai Be district, Tien Giang province is located along the north bank of the Tien River, surrounded by rivers and canals filled with fertile silt, suitable for growing fruit trees. Coming to Cai Be garden, you can enjoy four-quarter durian, lettuce durian, Nam Roi pomelo, sugar grapefruit, pink sugar grapefruit, grapefruit with smooth skin, milk breast... If you like to eat longan, you can enjoy longan, cowhide pepper longan, or orange, there are crank oranges, honey oranges. In particular, the most famous fruit in this region is Hoa Loc sand mango and many other mango varieties such as grapefruit mango, fragrant mango. You can also enjoy unique types of mangoes such as mango with grapefruit, mango with durian...

In addition to the fruits mentioned above, you can also taste guava, sapoche, tangerine, jackfruit, plum, peach... The aroma and sweetness of Tien Giang fruit trees will make you remember forever. Picking ripe fruits by yourself and enjoying them right in the garden is an exciting experience that you cannot miss.

Vinh Kim Fruit Garden – Tien Giang

Vinh Kim fruit garden has the rustic and quiet of a quiet countryside. Coming here to visit, tourists are really interested in what it brings to them. The land of Vinh Kim is famous for many delicious and sweet fruits such as durian, mangosteen, guava, mango, longan... However, the most famous fruit cannot be ignored which is known as the "queen" of Vinh Kim fruit country, creating a "private brand" associated with the land of Vinh Kim, which is Lo Ren milk breast.

Chau Thanh – Long An Long Thanh Fruit Garden

The dragon fruit orchards are indeed an attractive attraction of Chau Thanh district, Long An province. Currently, there are nearly 1,500 hectares of dragon fruit cultivation applying high technology combined with the process according to Viet Gap standards to bring high profits. Dragon fruit here is planted in a straight line. The dragon fruit branches are released on the tree and bend like green dragons sucking ripe red berries, which is very attractive to visitors. Chau Thanh dragon fruit has a sweet and cool taste, visitors who taste it once will find it difficult to forget the taste when leaving the land of Long An.

Cai Mong fruit garden – Ben Tre

It would not be an exaggeration to use the word "overwhelmed" to describe the feelings of tourists when they first set foot in this Ben Tre orchard. Cai Mong fruit garden is located in Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach district, about 40 km from Ben Tre city, heading along National Highway 60. This place attracts tourists because of the beauty of a pure Southern countryside with poetic village roads winding around green gardens and thousands of fruits.

Tan Phu – Ben Tre fruit garden

Come to Tan Phu, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre to discover the uniqueness of the fruit trees of the Western garden. Down provincial road 884 from Ben Tre city towards Chau Thanh district, to the end of the road, the path gradually narrows, only two motorbikes pass by, more than 10 km long with dense rambutan orchards full of fruits. Coming here, in addition to all kinds of fruits such as jackfruit, durian, rambutan... You can also eat dishes such as fish and chicken in the garden.

An Binh Island – Vinh Long

Tourists are rowed by the people of the three villages to take the core wool through the canals to see the red rambutan garden or the longan garden full of fruits on both banks; or cycling on the tree-lined village roads, breathing the peaceful and fresh garden air. Nature has endowed An Binh islet with four seasons of sweet fruit trees and the people of the island have been creative, taking advantage of rivers, canals, orchards as tourist attractions, homestays to attract a large number of visitors near and far.

Phong Dien Fruit Garden – Can Tho

Phong Dien is likened to the "fruit kingdom" of the capital Tay Do is an indispensable destination on the list whether you go on a Can Tho tour or on your own. Currently, there are many tourist attractions and garden houses concentrated mainly in Phong Dien town, My Khanh commune, Nhon Ai, Nhon Nghia. The famous Phong Dien fruit garden has many delicious fruits, such as: Ha Chau strawberries, Lo Ren milk breasts, durian with golden rice with lentils, honey oranges, mangosteen, longan... Traveling to Can Tho, coming here, visitors are greeted with green orchards, full of fruits, just reach out and pick fruits to your heart's content.

Phong Dien garden not only has a variety of fruits but also has many activities for visitors to experience, especially enjoying Western river cuisine.

An Phuoc Cuoc Plum Garden, Tan Loc Island – Can Tho

Tan Loc Islet on the Hau River, in Tan Loc Ward, Thot Note District, Can Tho City is known as Plum Island.

An Phuoc plum trees brought here to be planted show that the soil is suitable, lush, and achieve high economic efficiency, so the area of plum orchards is spreading more and more. Up to now, Tan Loc islet has over 490 hectares of plum planting, accounting for the largest plum growing area in Can Tho City.

Hong Lai Vung Tangerine Garden – Dong Thap

Lai Vung, a district located in the south of Dong Thap province, has long been known as the "kingdom of tangerines" in the West because everywhere you can see red tangerines lining the garden, every tree is full of fruits, full and juicy. As soon as you set foot in the garden, visitors feel like stepping into a fairy garden. The reason why the pink tangerine tree (also known as tangerine lipstick) in Lai Vung is famous, partly because the climate and adapting soil have helped the fruit tree to be prosperous, and the quality is delicious and few places can catch up.

Walking around the tangerine garden, guests can not only breathe fresh air, but also pick and enjoy freshly picked specialty tangerines, a very interesting experience.

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Image source: Multiple authors
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