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Your journey to explore the "Capital of the West" will not be fulfilled without visiting the colorful southern orchards, touring Phong Dien, Cai Rang floating markets in the early morning or looking for old houses covered in moss and unique Khmer pagodas.

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With its pleasantly warm and mild weather, Can Tho is an all-year-round travel destination. Every season has its own beauty. From June to August, it is the time when fruits are ripe, fresh and sweet. From September to November, the water rises slowly not rushing in the fields. Water lilies and sesbania sesban flowers are in full bloom.


The distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho is approximately 170 km. Travelling by bus, taxi or your own vehicles will take you 3 - 4 hours. Daily flights from Hanoi and HCMC to Can Tho are extremely convenient, saving you about 1-2 hours of moving.

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RV Mekong Princess Cruise Upstream 3 days: Saigon - Can Tho
Ho Chi Minh City - Can Tho
Visit a local coconut candy workshop. Visit the fruit orchard. Explore variety of local cultures
From US$ 712.00 /Pax
Mekong Delta with Floating Market - 2 days
Can Tho
The Mekong Delta is a vast territory with several minor rivers, islands, and islets, but what distinguishes it most is its water-based lifestyle: the river is the region's lifeblood and the source of everyone's livelihood. Joining our Mekong Delta tour for 2 days allows you to see what this area is famous for as we cruise through the canals, rivers, floating market and visit a local factory. Time to learn about the native's daily life and interact with them.
From US$ 230.00 /Pax

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Hot pot fish sauce - Typical Western cuisine

Hot pot fish sauce is not only an everyday dish, hot pot fish sauce also clearly shows the unique characteristics of gentle and hard-working Western people. This is a land blessed with shrimp and fish full of rivers, fruit trees full of branches. Only Western fish sauce (especially Chau Doc - An Giang region) can be processed into such a delicious and attractive dish. The strong aroma of fish sauce mixed with herbs and other spices has created a unique and unmistakable feature of this dish. Hot pot fish sauce has a rich, delicious, irresistible sweet taste. The commonly used fish to make fish sauce hotpot are spirit fish and choke fish. This new type of fish does not cause a fishy and unpleasant smell for people to eat. Fish sauce is processed in many complicated stages. After cooking the bones, strain the bones and retain the water. To reduce the fishy smell, using fresh lemongrass root is essential. When it comes to hot pot, there must be vegetables and so must fish sauce hotpot. The difference in Western fish sauce hotpot is that the vegetables used to eat hot pot grow under the water and have a bold flavor here. Many people who travel to the West will be surprised with their names such as pinch vegetable, bitter vegetable, crazy, gunshot, hyacinth, trusses, basil, chopsticks,... Besides the abundance and diversity of vegetables, fish sauce hotpot can also be seafood such as shrimp, crab, squid, pork bones, pork belly ,... When enjoying this dish, you will feel the strong aroma of fish sauce, the spicy taste of chili, the sweetness of pork and seafood. All together create the irresistible characteristics of the Western fish sauce hotpot.  Tourists coming to this land also cannot forget the delicious taste, The appeal of the fish sauce hotpot as well as the love of the people here. Although life changes, people have enough material, this dish still follows Westerners throughout the long journey. Enjoying hot pot fish sauce needs to be slow because this is not a hurry. People gathered around the hot pot waiting for the water to boil and talk about distant memories. Then when the water is boiling with smoke, you can put the vegetables in and enjoy this wonderful dish with your dearest ones. Synthesise Internet artwork

Food & Drinks 24/10/2023

Hot pot fish sauce - Typical Western cuisine

Referring to Western cuisine, many people will immediately think of fish sauce hotpot. With a unique and attractive taste, hot pot fish sauce has captured the hearts of many tourists near and far when traveling to the West of the river.

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Hamsters, barnacles, coconut palms, if you just look, you will not dare to eat, but when concocted, these are the perfect delicacies for a drink. The floating water season is also the best season for these three dishes.
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Can Tho specialties are known for many delicious dishes, attractive flavors but affordable prices such as Sa Dec dried noodle soup, roasted pork cake, silkworm cake, drain cake, grilled glutinous banana,...
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