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Vibrant spring colors in Ha Giang

Translated by Bing
If you have the opportunity to come to Ha Giang in spring, you will be immersed in the golden color of mustard blossoms, the deep pink color of peach blossoms, the pure white of plum blossoms, apricot blossoms. The spring picture on the rocky plateau seems to be skillfully painted by someone with brilliant patches of color. What a fresh, bustling Ha Giang!

Photo: CafeF

From the moment of transformation to spring, Ha Giang seems to shake off the murky, dark gray shell, instead wearing a generous green color of earth, sky, mountains and rivers. The weather was less harsh, no more cold winds cutting the flesh but warming up. Mist and clouds flew around the high mountain, not only could not hide the majestic appearance of the thousand mountains, but on the contrary also added a lyrical and fantasy feature to the scenery. Standing from Ma Pi Leng pass, you can see the panoramic view of the beautiful Nho Que River like a strip of silk that the sky drops on earth. 

Photo: Internet

Spring in Ha Giang attracts travelers with the pink color of cherry blossoms in full bloom. The full moon of January, after the Lunar New Year, is the most splendid time. Peach blossoms are often concentrated in Sung La valley, Fox Street, the road to Dong Van, the road to Ha Giang city in Mau Due way. In addition, you can go deep into villages such as Lao Xa, Lo Lo Chai to "hunt" photos of cherry blossoms. These are villages that still retain their inherent rustic features, bold unique cultural identity and beautiful scenery that can hardly take your eyes off.

Photo: shutterstock, Nina May

No less graceful is the color of mustard flowers. Yellow cabbage, white cabbage grown on rocky mountains are even more prominent. When the afternoon sun is warm, each streak shines down on the cabbage, giving the flowers a strangely splendid and brilliant yellow. 

Those who have seen the movie "The Story of Pao" will surely be amazed by the beautiful fairytale-like setting in Sung La Valley. The fields of mustard blossoms dimmed in the morning mist motivated many "moving" hearts to pick up their backpacks and go. 

Photo: Internet

Plum blossoms in Ha Giang are not as many as in Moc Chau, but they still have their own unmistakable love. Snow-white plum blossom branches bloom by the folds of the walls, on the dark yin-yang tile roofs, by the gray smoke kitchen attic. 

Photo: Afamily, Cafef

Spring in Ha Giang is not only the colors of flowers, earth and sky, even more brilliant than the floral shirts and dresses of boys and girls rushing to the market - colorful markets stretching from Quan Ba to Dong Van, Meo Vac are held weekly or the romantic Khau Vai love market for couple love. They went to the market to drink a cup of warm corn wine together, eat a sweet pie, blow a cheerful music and then spring grace them, so that they would form a couple. 

Walking among the rolling hills and mountains, standing among thousands of splendid flowers, you will feel that many worries and sorrows seem to disappear, leaving only the feeling of being stunned as if you have been intoxicated with the love of Ha Giang. A spring full of vibrant colors awaits a full and warm new year.


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