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Nhiu Co San - steppe in the clouds

Translated by Bing
Nhiu Co San is the 9th highest mountain in Vietnam with an altitude of 2,965 m, located in Nhiu Co San village, Sieu Ma Suo commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai. This mountain is one of the unspoiled places with primeval forests and rich vegetation that brings many different landscapes.

Climbing Nhiu Co San is not too difficult, but it is not easy if you are a beginner.

Nhiu Co San is also known as Buffalo Horn Mountain, because it has another mountain almost as high next to it. These two mountains stand side by side looking like buffalo horns. Therefore, the world in the clouds here is different from other mountains. Standing here, you can see a huge cascade of clouds flowing thanks to a buffalo horn next to it.

The road to Nhìu Co San village is only 7km but the road is very difficult, most of them are dirt, rock, gravel roads, many steep passes up and down winding. But you will witness the daily life of the Hmong people here. The view of mountains and terraced fields retracting into the eye makes us even more eager to conquer the long distance ahead.

Picking you up ahead will be continuous interconnected slopes, testing the supple legs and endurance of trekkers. There are slopes that look up and can't see where the next road is, there are also sections of wind that blow so loud that they want to fly.

The strenuous but romantic trek of Nhiu Co San

The maple trees turn a vibrant color when collected

Crossing the slopes, suddenly the fiery red color of the maple trees caught the eye, looking at the red color of the maple leaves and the green of the forest trees suddenly felt no longer tired. Sitting under the maple foliage, watching the old leaves flutter in the wind, listening to the murmur of the foliage is enough to make the heart feel peaceful.

Although the journey is arduous, the scenery along the way will not disappoint. It is the green hill, the dry trees posing on the side of the road, or the tea blossoms, peach blossoms blooming red on a hillside or the big winds rushing past to beat the cool feeling to ward off the heat.

The higher you go, the bigger the wind, the more majestic the scenery, you start to step into the primeval forests, green moss on the old trees, the rows of lele trees on both sides of the road. The next stage you have to cross bald hills mixed with old trees, dense fog. There are steep cliffs, deep trenches through which only a tree can be traversed.

Queen Bee Waterfall on the road

The seas of clouds of the October cloud season

Finally, after many challenges and many times telling yourself to try harder, standing on the top of Nhiu Co San, touching the tip will make you quickly forget the fatigue and pain you just experienced. Memorable photos, songs ringing on the top of the mountain, and the joy of conquering the arduous journey will be unforgettable experiences that Nhiu Co San brings to you.

This place has a very beautiful waterfall like a silk strip dropped from the sky. It is easy to be amazed by the wool trail in the dense forest with layers of mossy rock underfoot, wide views with majestic mountains. Nhiu Co San deserves to be one of the mountains in the north to conquer.

The joy of conquest

Article and photo: Lekima Hung

Image source: Multiple authors
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