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Dubbed the land of fog, Y Ty is famous for its endless terraced fields and majestic high mountains. This land is also home to four main ethnic groups: Ha Nhi, H'Mong, Dao, and Kinh, so the national cultural identity is very diverse and unique.

Best Time To Visit Y Ty

* September last year - April next year: Cloud hunting season in Nhiu Co San, Lao Than, Ngai Thau

* March and early April: Wild azaleas season when flowers bloom brilliantly throughout the Y Ty primeval forest.

* May - June: The rice fields are picturesque in water season

* September-October: Harvest season when rice fields turn yellow and time for autumn festivals.

* December - January: Winter in Y Ty is likely to have snowfall.


To get to Y Ty, you need to follow 2 stages. Stage 1 from Hanoi to Sapa, Lao Cai. At this stage, you can choose to go by train, shuttle or limousine. The second stage is from Sapa, Lao Cai to Y Ty. Although the distance is only 80km, it takes a long time to go by motorbike or car, approximately 5-6 hours. TThe pass is steep and slippery in winter.


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Dragon Waterfall - foreground between Bat Xat mountains and forests, Lao Cai

Dragon Waterfall, also known as Bach Long Waterfall, is located in the area between Trung Ho village and Pu Ho Low village, Trung Leng Ho commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. This waterfall is created in a fairly high position, so the water flow down is very tight. With such a strong water, it created a white foam effect that erased the whole area where the waterfall cascaded. From a distance, Dragon Waterfall appears exactly like a "white dragon" with a proud, strong appearance mixed with a little softness. The highlight that makes Dragon Waterfall completely different from other famous waterfalls in the northern mountains is because it is located between two high steep cliffs, covered with grass, green in contrast to the pure white water. At the foot of the waterfall formed a lake with a fairly large area. The cool, clear blue water is a favorite spot of visitors every time they come here. Indeed, Dragon Waterfall is like a raw pearl that lights up the sky, this place is an ideal place for those who are passionate about exploring the nature of their country. Dragon Waterfall has been known for a long time, bringing impressive beauty, but this place is very little known. It may be because the road to the falls was difficult in the past, but now this route has been paved with flat concrete.  Video: Vemaybayvieta Especially with the majestic scenery here, it will definitely produce a magical backdrop like swordplay movies, as long as you prepare a few more outstanding clothes or wide-brimmed hats, you can win yourself thousand-like photos. The best time to explore Dragon Waterfall is in the morning or noon, it is not necessary to go in the sunny season but you should also avoid the rainy season to ensure safety as well as have the best experience when visiting this waterfall. The way to Dragon Waterfall is not too difficult, visitors just need to go to Muong Hum market and ask for directions to Dragon Waterfall to be enthusiastically guided by the people. Although there is still a certain slope, it is not too difficult to walk, both cars and motorbikes can move easily to the waterfall area. However, visitors still have to walk a distance to get closest to this beautiful, pristine waterfall. Entrance tickets at Dragon Waterfall cost 10,000 VND / person, besides there are also regulations available for visitors. In addition, visitors can also experience sitting on wooden rafts at the foot of the waterfall, visitors can ask to borrow people or rent for a fee to have the most complete experience at Dragon Waterfall. The natural landscape here is still very pristine, so when planning to eat and play in this area, visitors need to pay attention to preserve, do not litter indiscriminately affecting the general landscape. According to Cafe F

Nature & Adventure 07/09/2023

Dragon Waterfall - foreground between Bat Xat mountains and forests, Lao Cai

In the midst of the countless beautiful scenes of nature given to this mountainous region, Dragon Waterfall appears as an iridescent silver silk strip standing out among the mountains and forests.

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About 80km from Sapa town, Y Ty is full of eye-catching green of mountains, trees, and terraced fields.
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Y Ty is a 'hot' place attracting more and more tourists. But do you know which are the must-go places to go? Watch now!
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