About Lao Cai

Lao Cai Province is mainly known for its Sa Pa and Mount Fansipan. But there are many other marvelous cities within this province to explore such as Bac Ha with its frequent local markets, Y Ty ribboned by clouds, and O Quy Ho Pass around Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range.

Thrilling landscapes along with splendid rice terrace scenes during harvest seasons are what make Lao Cai so captivating. Tourists also have the chance to immerse in the diverse ethnic minority cultures here.

Best Time To Visit Lao Cai

The weather in Lao Cai is ideal the most from September to October, when you can watch breath-taking rice terraces in Sapa, Y Ty, and Den Sang. From June to August, the weather is cool and when the plum season begins. From December to February, the mountains can experience snowfalls. In March, the scenery is extremely beautiful with plum peach forests blooming from Sa Pa to Muong Khuong and Can Cau.

(Feb - Apr)

Scattering drizzle

Mist spreads across the pass

Plum blossoms bloom throughout Bac Ha

It's getting warmer

Going to the colorful market

(May - Jul)

Yellow sunshine and blue sky

Sunny days and cool nights

Peaches and plums hanging on the branches

The season of sweet fruits

The roads are covered in green

(Aug - Oct)

Golden sunshine pours honey

The night mist hanging

Nice and cool weather

Silky yellow rice carpet

Bustling and colorful markets

(Nov - Jan)

Extremely cold

Mist, clouds and rain blend together

Frost on the top of the mountain

Best time for trekking and cloud hunting


You can easily get to Lao Cai by bus, private car, or train. Regular buses and luxury vans from Hanoi usually take about 5 to 6 hours and drop off at the city center. For adventurous travelers, motorbikes are a great way to soak up the nature's beauty. 

Explore Lao Cai

Western tourists wading mud, diligently cultivating rice in Sapa

According to research, the person sharing the video is Mr. Vang A Croc (born in 1998), a Hmong guide in Sa Pa. Mr. Croc said that the video was filmed on May 17. The group of guests appearing in the video is a delegation of French students studying in Hanoi, traveling to Sapa. " Visitors come to my couple's homestay and I directly lead the tour. In addition to the trekking experience, yesterday afternoon I invited you to the family's field in Muong Hoa valley, try rice transplantation like the Mong people. The guests are quite young, so they are very interested in this activity. Although muddy and very tired after more than an hour of rice transplanting, everyone was happy and excited ", he said. " Both tired and hungry, so when it came to the meal, the guests enjoyed it very well. They also better understand the struggle of farmers when growing rice grains ", he added. The video attracted nearly 1 million views and nearly 2,000 comments after 24 hours of posting. Many netizens said that this was an interesting experience for Western guests, helping them better understand the life and culture of Sapa people.  " Tourism must have such authentic experiences, delving into the daily lives of the people where they go, not simply taking photos"; "This must be a memory they will never forget"; "A good way for tourists to be excited, want to go back and see their achievements" ... - a few comments from netizens. He welcomes many French-speaking delegations every year. The Hmong boy often takes guests to experience the villages and terraced fields in Muong Hoa. Only about 7km from the center of Sapa town, but many villages in Muong Hoa valley still retain their pristine and rustic features, which are likened to an original Sapa with a sea of clouds, rocky mountains, forests, traditional houses. This is a favorite destination for domestic and foreign tourists. " In addition to trekking tours, I often take guests to participate in cultural experiences of people such as rice transplantation, farming, pounding thick cakes, wrapping spring rolls ... I am very proud to share the culture of the nation with the guests and receive love from them ", he said. According to VNN

Nature & Adventure 21/05/2024

Western tourists wading mud, diligently cultivating rice in Sapa

The video "New Tourism 2024" shows groups of foreign tourists diligently cultivating rice in terraced fields. They were extremely happy and excited even though their limbs were smeared with mud.

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The plum blossom season in Bac Ha plateau, Lao Cai is at its most blooming in early February lasting about 4 weeks. At this time, throughout Ban Pho, Ta Chai, Na Hui, Lau Thi Thoi communes ... covered with a pure white hue.
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Located about 20 km from Sapa town, Séo My Ty Lake is a suitable place for those who like to explore. This is the highest artificial freshwater lake in Vietnam, blessed with beautiful scenery.
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