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Lao Cai Province is mainly known for its Sa Pa and Mount Fansipan. But there are many other marvelous cities within this province to explore such as Bac Ha with its frequent local markets, Y Ty ribboned by clouds, and O Quy Ho Pass around Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range.

Thrilling landscapes along with splendid rice terrace scenes during harvest seasons are what make Lao Cai so captivating. Tourists also have the chance to immerse in the diverse ethnic minority cultures here.

Best Time To Visit Lao Cai

The weather in Lao Cai is ideal the most from September to October, when you can watch breath-taking rice terraces in Sapa, Y Ty, and Den Sang. From June to August, the weather is cool and when the plum season begins. From December to February, the mountains can experience snowfalls. In March, the scenery is extremely beautiful with plum peach forests blooming from Sa Pa to Muong Khuong and Can Cau.


You can easily get to Lao Cai by bus, private car, or train. Regular buses and luxury vans from Hanoi usually take about 5 to 6 hours and drop off at the city center. For adventurous travelers, motorbikes are a great way to soak up the nature's beauty. 

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Explore Wuzhi Mountain - The mountain known as the First Hung Son of the Northwest

Located in Ta Giang Phanh commune, Sapa town, Lao Cai province, Ngu Chi Son mountain is 2858m high, considered the first hung son of the Northwest because of its majestic beauty and diverse rich vegetation. The name of Wuzhi Son comes from the shape, looking from afar 5 mountains lying close to each other like five fingers spreading straight into the sky, creating a majestic and mysterious scene. The 15 highest peaks in Vietnam are: Fansipan (3,143 m), Pusilung (3,083 m), Putaleng (3,049 m), Ky Quan San (3,046 m), Khang Su Van (3,012 m), Ta Lien Son (2,996 m), Ta Lead Nhù (2,979 m), Pu Ma Lung (2,967 m), Nhiu Co San (2,965 m), Chung Nhía Vu (2,918 m), Lung Worship (2,913 m), South Port Ho Tao (2,881 m), Ta Xua (2,865 m), Lu Than (2,860 m), Ngu Chi Son (2,858 m). This mountain is quite easy to climb, but contraindicated to those who are afraid of heights. Apart from Wuzhishan Mountain, Liangzi White Jupiter or Wonder San is the most impressive mountain. The highest of the five peaks of the new Ngu Chi Son was opened by locals at the end of 2017 by installing some wooden stairs and ropes to help visitors reach here safely. The stainless steel spire on the top was also newly plugged in late 2018. If fast, you can only take 8 hours to trek Ngu Chi Son, but if you go slowly to gain strength and admire the scenery, you can spend 2 days to conquer this mountain. There are no tall trees at the top of Wuzhi Shan, so you can see around a long way. From here, you can clearly see the peak of Fansipan, Nhiu Co San, White Jupiter and Lu Thun. The scene at the top is very beautiful, like lost in a fairyland, difficult to describe in words or pictures. Trekking experience - Firstly, it is necessary to choose an experienced companion, do not go solo if you do not have many skills. - The second is to bring just enough, not too much, but mainly light clothes, windbreakers and thermal sheets. Trong Cung often uses a raincoat, not a disposable type to keep warm and not unsanitary the surroundings. - Thirdly, it is necessary to note the issue of physical training before trekking, can perform exercises such as walking, climbing stairs, running endurance. During the trekking, it is necessary to rehydrate enough, eat just enough, do not eat too full. - The fourth is to save strength and keep safe during trekking, visitors when going up, they mainly use their toes, when descending, they use their heels. - Fifth, mountains in Vietnam are characterized by a lot of soil and mud, so shoes and boots are the two best and safest items. Visitors should also wear hoods, long sleeves, gloves to keep out insects and bring trekking sticks. According to Vietnamtravel

Nature & Adventure 06/11/2023

Explore Wuzhi Mountain - The mountain known as the First Hung Son of the Northwest

Located in Ta Giang Phanh commune, Sapa town, Lao Cai province, Ngu Chi Son is a famous trekking destination, attracting tourists by its majestic natural scenery and extremely diverse and rich vegetation.

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Thanks to the architecture kept almost intact after a hundred years, Hoang A Chiang Mansion - the "Cat King" of Bac Ha on the top of the "white plateau" is an attractive stop for tourists every weekend.
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Den Sang is a beautiful and peaceful destination with terraced fields and beautiful golden sunny roads, on the way to Y Ty of Bat Xat province.
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