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Grape season in Phan Rang land

Translated by Bing
5 km from Phan Rang city center towards Vinh Hy and Nam Cuong sand dunes, everywhere you see vineyards at times. This sunny and windy land is entering a new harvest season.

Phan Rang has seemingly year-round weather at extreme temperatures compared to other places. You will always feel dry because the sun is always shining, so much so that the wind also brings with it the heat.

But such weather is suitable for vines, famous products grown in Phan Rang for many years. Looking from National Highway 1A or roaming on the road to Vinh Hy Bay and Ninh Chu Sea, everywhere you can see vineyards, immense throughout the fields. If the season hits, you will be extremely interested in visiting the juicy vineyards and enjoying the fresh ripe fruit that has just been picked on the trellis.

Unlike the famous vineyards in the South of France, the grapes in Phan Rang are grown in an overhead trellis. The grape variety produces fruits with seeds, a slight sweetness and a pinkish-purple color when ripe. Grapes are only used to eat fresh, make wine, not raisins.

Passing through ripe vineyards, when ripe on the branches, you will be happy to skip without stopping. Taking photos comfortably, buying a pound of grapes is what you should do when stopping here. Phan Rang people are cute and hospitable but remember to ask the garden owner for permission before visiting. Following the farmers pruning fruit in the garden, they will show you how to choose bunches of grapes that can be picked and eaten immediately.

Walking under such beautiful vineyards knows that viticulture is arduous. The vines are abundant and pest-rich, and to grow and care for them well requires grape growers to take care of the garden non-stop for three or four months under the fierce summer sun. The grapes in the 8-9th crop are the juiciest because they have absorbed the sun and wind of summer to ripen fruit on the branches.

The most delicious, pest-free, fruit-free grapes are chosen as wine. The way to make grape wine is also not fussy: the grapes are washed, drained and then crushed both fruit and seeds, spread a layer of 3 kg of grapes and then 1 kg of sugar, layer after layer, about 2/3 full. Seal the mouth of the jelly and brew for a few months enough to allow the grapes to decompose, mixed with sugar will create a rich taste of wine.

The longer the grape wine sits, the better it is. When you open the lid, the aroma of the wine makes you blush your cheeks. Naturally fermented wine blends grapes and cane sugar. The way to make grape wine is as simple as the quality Phan Rang people. Taking a sip of wine, the salty sea aroma, the burning smell of sunshine, the dry wind taste roasted and light acrid of grape seeds blend evenly.

Coming to Phan Rang in the grape season, remember to buy a few bottles of wine as gifts. The price of wine is about several tens of thousands of VND but full of sunshine and wind of the land and the simplicity of the people here.


Ninh Thuan vineyard is open from 7 am to 6 pm. You can visit the vineyard in combination with popular tourist attractions recently.

When visiting and picking grapes at the garden, use the scissors and baskets provided by the gardener. Absolutely do not use your hands to pick grapes because it is easy to cause the grapes to be damaged and can no longer grow.

The most ideal time to enjoy fresh grapes is at least 1 hour away from the time of picking. In the gardener's words, this is when the grapes are sugary, so the fruit will be sweeter than when it was just picked.

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