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Fascinated by caving, conquering the heights in Lan Ty valley

Translated by Bing
About 120km from Hanoi city, Lan Ty valley (located in Huu Lien special-use forest, in Huu Lung district, Lang Son province) is an attractive destination for tourists thanks to its beautiful, green and fresh landscape.

Each season, Lan Ty valley has its own beauty. In summer, this place is filled with water, becoming a large, clear blue lake. In winter, the water in the lake gradually recedes, revealing a wide valley with green grass stretching out. In addition to possessing diverse terrain from high mountains, caves to rivers, lakes, and grasslands, this place also attracts followers who like to move to experience physical training activities such as: Rock climbing, abseiling, SUP rowing, swimming...

At the beginning of summer, the weather is fresh and cool, suitable for visitors to participate in outdoor exploration activities. Here, visitors have the opportunity to participate in attractive outdoor activities such as: Thong climbing, abseiling, SUP rowing, swimming, trekking, caving and camping in the middle of the old forest. In addition, you can also explore Oc cave, where there are beautiful stalactite blocks, see animals in the cave or visit the "snail graveyard" with extremely impressive natural snail shells...

Thong Mountain (also known as Mat Than Mountain) is a special mountain located in the Lan Ty Valley, with the highlight being a large hole through the two sides of the mountain, like a giant "eye" looking down on the mountains and forests of Huu Lung Province. To experience these activities, requires good endurance and physical fitness.

To get to the swing position on the top of the mountain at an altitude of 500m above sea level, the expedition team had to trek and climb a fairly long distance with vertical slopes. After that, they continued to swing from the top of the mountain to the eye socket about 40m.

All fatigue seemed to disappear when completing the conquest of the high cliff. The distance to travel to the swing position was quite hard, but what was received was completely worth it. It is to overcome your own limits to conquer the heights, admiring the panoramic view of the beautiful valley below that everyone has never known before.

To have a safe trip with interesting experiences in Lan Ty valley, visitors should book tours from reputable and professional units instead of self-sufficient travel. Throughout the exploration journey here, the expedition members are closely followed and supported by safety experts, so they are very assured. The ideal itinerary for tourists to experience in Lan Ty valley is 2 days and 1 night. 

Coming to Lan Ty Valley, visitors also need to pay attention to fully equip themselves with all necessary personal items, serving for adventurous activities such as: Specialized hiking shoes, clothes (it is recommended to choose a long-sleeved T-shirt that is easy to move and pants made of lightweight, quick-drying fabric), Swimwear, high-neck socks, backpack (preferably with a power belt to ease the burden), sunscreen, and medication.

Visitors should only bring necessary items to reduce the load, making it easy for themselves to move throughout the journey. In addition, you should also pay attention to weather and terrain conditions to have the most suitable preparation.

Source: Na Lay Adventure

The journey to explore Lan Ty valley is like an expedition. In particular, with the experience of abseiling from the top of Mat Than mountain to the eye socket with a distance of about 40m, visitors have the feeling of floating in the air. Before swinging, visitors will be instructed by a professional guide on safety rules when participating in climbing and abseiling activities as well as how to use safety equipment... When participating in the experience, at the point of changing wires and manipulating the equipment, visitors are always stopped by safety assistants to guide and support closely.

Each time, the Lan Ty valley has its own attractions. If you come here from February to April, you can admire the scenery of many species of forest flowers in bloom. At this time, the weather is also pleasant, sometimes chilly.

From May to August, although it is summer, the weather in the valley is still cool, suitable for visitors to participate in water activities. This is also considered the most beautiful time of the year when the valley is flooded with water, forming a large blue lake hidden among the mountains and forests.

In the dry season from September to November, this place becomes an ideal picnic destination and visitors can watch the golden and picturesque rice season.

Besides activities such as climbing, swinging, camping, cave exploration, SUP paddling, swimming... visitors here can also stay, explore the culture and daily life of ethnic minorities at Huu Lien Community Ecological Village or explore Khe Dau waterfall...

In terms of cuisine, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy fresh dishes raised and produced by ethnic minority people and imbued with local culinary culture such as: Stream fish, buffalo meat in the kitchen, steamed pork, grilled, stir-fried ...

Source: VNN

Photo: Tran Nhat Hoang

Image source: Multiple authors
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