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Impressive windsurfing at Suoi Chiang lake, Son La

Translated by Bing
Suoi Chieu Lake, one of the recent new tourist destinations of Son La. With peaceful and poetic beauty, the landscape combines mountains, hills, lakes, villages, creating the scene as in pictures.

Ban Mat, Muong Thai commune, Phu Yen district, Son La where there is a clear spring flowing through the rocks in the middle of the forest, the blue lake bed, looming on the banks of the stilt houses of the Muong people in the afternoon ... That is the simple, rustic beauty of this place.

Suoi Chieu Lake, Chieu village, belongs to Muong Thai commune, Phu Yen district, Son La province, with an area of 51 hectares, with a capacity of 4,130,000m3 of water. Suoi Chieu irrigation lake has the effect of watering rice fields of communes below the basin and especially Muong Tac field, one of the four famous fields of Northwest tourism.

Video: Tran Cao Son

In addition to the task of providing irrigation and domestic water for the downstream area, Suoi Chieu irrigation lake also has a lot of potential to develop ecotourism by boat on the lake bed, develop cage fish farming in the locality. Along with that, there are also natural hot mineral springs in the area, which is a favorable condition for people to develop hot mineral bath services, associated with food services.


From Phu Yen town center to Suoi Chiang about more than 10km, the hilly road has a pass, but it is not difficult to go. Remember to bring food in there because nothing is sold in there, there are only a few shacks available along the stream for people to rest.


There are no restaurants and eateries serving tourists, so people can prepare ready-to-eat food, chicken, pork skewers in it grilled, firewood and bamboo quite a lot in the forest, in the town there are sticky rice nuggets (sticky rice taken from young nuggets) quite fragrant and pliable, wrapped in banana leaves, bought ready-to-bring very convenient, fruits and cakes, beer brought into it marinated in the spring very cool, very interesting for those who want to experience at Suoi Hao

Play at Suoi Hao

Hidden among the mountains that coincide with the message, the village still retains its pristine appearance. Standing on the ridge with our eyes on four sides, we felt an enveloping blue. The clear blue water blends with mountains and hills, deep forests. The scattered village is located on both sides of the lake. This is the largest village in Muong Thai commune with the majority of residents being Muong people.

The stilt houses of the Muong people appear from the water's edge up to the middle of the mountain. The Muong people in Mat village on the lake bed still retain their unique culture and traditional practices.

Please rent an iron boat to explore the lake bed, the price ranges from 150k-200k, can seat 15-20 people, the time lasts 60-90 minutes, sitting on the boat you freely enjoy the scenery on the 2 sides of the lake.

Coming to Phu Yen - Son La quite a lot of tourist destinations, if you want to stop here, people can schedule to go during the day such as pine hill, Hao stream, A Phu cave ... & visit the village of ethnic groups living near the town, here are multi-ethnic groups, from Muong, Thai, Mong, Tay ...


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