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Khau Lan - Pristine waterfall that few people know about in Ha Giang

Khau Lan Waterfall is located in the valley of Quyet Tien commune, Quan Ba district, surrounded by green tropical forests, not much affected by humans and still retains its wild and majestic beauty.

From the center of Ha Giang City, visitors can travel more than 40 km to reach the center of Quyet Tien commune, Quan Ba district. From here, continue 10 km to the trekking point down to the falls. Because the falls have not been located on the directions app, if you go on your own, visitors need to regularly ask locals to avoid getting lost.

Khau Lan Waterfall can be explored during the day because the trekking distance to the waterfall is only about one kilometer, not too laborious. The direction from the entrance road to the falls is steep down. Therefore, the afternoon will be harder. However, the path is in the forest, many trees, so the air is quite cool and fresh, can both trekking and sightseeing.

From the main road the sound of rushing water could be heard. After about 10-15 minutes of walking, the waterfall appears in front of you. On both sides of the waterfall are climbing trees, old trees "standing like a wall, making the space seem to be narrowed in the middle of vast mountains and forests", according to travel blogger Ta Ba Lo, an ethnic Bo Y who was born and raised in Ha Giang and made a trekking trip to the waterfall in August 8. In the middle is a cascade with a large flow of water, pouring into the lake at its feet, throwing white foam.

Because it is a pristine waterfall, few people know, so there is no exact figure on the height as well as the length and width of the falls. Ta Ba Lo estimates the waterfall to be about 20 m high and more than 10 m wide. The length cannot be estimated because the waterfall, after emptying into the lake, flows further downwards.

The point that creates the majesty of the waterfall is the strong current, which weaves through the large rocks located on both sides of the edge and then empties into the lake. Across the lake are large tree trunks, creating a wild and unique beauty. "You have to look directly, hear the sound of the water rushing down to fully feel the majesty of the waterfall," Ta Backpack said.

The waterfall is located at the headwaters of the water flowing out of the mountain cave, so the water is clear, cool and clean. The lake is suitable for a waterfall bathing experience. Next to the waterfall, there are small sandy beaches for visitors to set up tables and chairs, grills, organize small parties and rest, enjoy the cool air. However, the gaps are not wide and located near streams, visitors should not camp overnight because there may be heavy rain, high water, fast flowing.

The weather at the beginning and end of the year in Ha Giang is quite cold, so to be able to bathe the waterfall, visitors should come here in summer and early autumn, from 6 to early 10 months. Khau Lan Waterfall few people know, so to be safe, avoid getting lost, visitors should go with the local porter. When coming here, in addition to tools to bathe the waterfall, organize barbecues, visitors should bring insect repellent spray, sunscreen. Avoid going on a rainy day because humid jungles are prone to poisonous insects and reptiles.

When exploring the waterfall, visitors can visit and learn about the indigenous culture of the Bo Y ethnic community living in a small village not far from the falls, creating opportunities for tourism here to develop.

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