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Explore the Phun area in Phu Yen

Translated by Bing
Vu Phut is located in the Da Den mountain range, between forests and rolling hills, clear blue water, attracting many adventurous tourists to paddle SUP.

More than 20 km southwest of Tuy Hoa city, the Phun area belongs to Hoa My Tay commune, Tay Hoa district, Phu Yen province, formed by the streams of Ca Pass in the upper reaches of the Banh Lai River. Phu Yen web portal introduces this place with clear blue and magnificent water, with vertical cliffs stacked on top of each other, recently a favorite destination for adventure tourists.

The depth of the chasm from the edge of the rock to the water surface is about 50 m. When the upstream water pours down from above, the large rocks below create a strong force, causing the water to bounce back and white. From a distance, visitors have the feeling that water is sprayed up from the bottom of the precipice.

The distance from the city to the Phun area is quite easy to walk, can be moved by car and motorbike. However, about 2 km of road from the parking lot to the close area is difficult to walk, having to follow a rough stream, many stacked cliffs and cross a large lake.

The amount of water pouring in from upstream is not fixed, depending on rainfall, so it is not always possible to explore the Phun area. The most appropriate time is from January to August. The weather in Phu Yen this season is not rainy, convenient to move. Around June, the water at the lakes in the area is filled to help visitors comfortably paddle SUP.

The spray area is still quite wild and has not fully exploited tourism services. Visitors who come here to participate in water activities must wear life jackets and follow local guides to avoid accidents.

At Phun Canyon, there are cascading water holes, nestled between rock crevices, surrounded by dense forest trees around. When you come here in summer, you will feel like you are lost in a small forest with a cool stream. "The hotter the summer, the easier it is to feel the cool and fresh water," Phuoc said.

In addition to SUP paddling, visitors can organize picnics as barbecues and trekking around the neighboring forests. After the experience, visitors note to bring garbage to the gathering point.

To get to the ravine, tourists have to hike in hot weather, carry heavy loads, wade rivers, climb rocks, so Phuoc emphasized that the destination is not for people with weak physical strength, going alone. Guests are advised to accompany a guide, hire a local guide to ensure safety.

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